Monday, December 28, 2009

Make good of it boy.

A waste?

Went to Toa Payoh Hub after school today… AND I BOUGHT NOTHING!!! Wasted my trip! Zzz. I mean, hold on man. Remember what Leroy said in the camp? Mindset determines your outcome. So it's a waste ‘cause YOU think it's a waste! Think of the good things out of it! Well…

Firstly, the trip gave several things to think about. For one, there are 3 shops to find a bargain. In addition, they are just next to each other. So we just need to comb one at a time to find the sweetest deal. Ooo yeah. Secondly, there are many things you could buy. Shampoo, face wash, moisturiser, toothpaste, cologne and many more. The list just goes on. But, I do have to admit. There are several caveats. When going through the shelves, I could only find a limited range of brands for a specific product. For instance, I originally wanted to purchase an oil controlling toner. To my surprise, I could only find the Clean & Clear product in a single shop. I did not really checked through the other shops. I simply could not find another brand that do the same thing. But hey, the price beats the last time I saw that very same product! At my neighbourhood mini-mart. I saw the bottle going for about 3 bucks. AND I SAW IT AT $1.35!!!!!!!

Forgive my indulgence in such a debate. Somehow, I kinda found the need to at least get rid of the pimples on my face. GOSH, they are irritating. Also, my face tends to be ‘shiny’ moon in the afternoon. And especially when I have a bald head, I will look like the moon! HAHA. Looking at the arsenal of facial/body products my brother has in his cupboard just amazes me. I mean, it is quite an investment you know! A facial cleanser costs about $8. Then, you have the facial moisturizer. Don’t forget about the toner! Followed by pimple cream and if you can’t seem to get your itchy hands from scratching them, you’ll need the pimple scar cream. AND quoted from my friend, that could cost as much as $30! WHATTTTT??? Oh, and I’ve yet to start on the hair products! Shampoo, hair moisturizer, hair gel/wax. THAT’S ALREADY A LOT HOR!!! Bringing the total costs to about… near $100? Oh my.

I think it’s cool that my brother has all these stuff. I mean, I could just pop by his room and ‘borrow’. Hehe.

On a serious note, keeping good hygiene is just essential for everyone. Don’t ever say that the girls are just so beauty conscious. I mean, for men too, we do have a dress/look code to reach. Oh c’mon, would the ladies look at an oily, sweaty, pimple-full and lethargic face OR will their eyes befall upon the complexion of a man that truly shows his confidence and might; Sharp, smart, smooth and clean? Think. Buuutt… I still need a solution to my oil field face. I’m sure some Abu Dhabi investor would be interested in my black gold. Pure disgusting man. My nose would shine in the afternoon like some… ugh. I can’t even explain!

Anyway, I thought of getting my physique back. Maybe do a set of 2.4 runs everyday. My trip to today’s gym was pretty insightful. At the end of the day, the best way to shape your body is to, well, run. Not that hard. As you run more. Your body and mind seems to synchronise to develop a kind of sports orientated lifestyle. You’ll begin to work your muscles and more than ever, run and run some more! Running is cool. I focused on my upper body build, doing bicep curls, seated pull downs and concentration plus hammer curls. There’s a lot to learn when heading down to the gym. It will be beneficial since you learn more about the development of the body muscles. Pretty cool.

Currently, I need my back to be in tip top shape. Then slowly, I’ll develop my biceps, triceps and forearm muscles. At the same time, I want to get my quadriceps in a better. But that will require more cutting. So more running! Haha. It’s good la. I mean, I’m working towards a goal here! Maybe her too? Hmm.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


FINALLY, I got something I wanted. I had to come back for a second round before my parents finally gave the green light. Maybe due to the fact that my holidays are ending in a weeks’ time and so they think that it’s enough time to re-grow? Hmm, good point. At the end of the day, I got it. Fellas, I am officially BOTAK.

I actually planned to have my head shaved a while back. Since like a week before my common tests, I had thought of getting a fresh new look. Well it wasn’t the freshness that made the decision. I had always wondered how I’d look being botak. And in addition, being botak has this perception of total discipline and control. Stereotype? Nah. If it is, why do balding people tell me that they are getting old? (And in some cases, they have a flashy sports car parked beside them.) Just wow.

I mean at the end of the day, there’s no harm. My hair will simply grow back. I could gauge how fast my hair is growing ‘cause when I was in SA, had to visit the barber every 3 weeks or so. If not, I will be seeing the Discipline Master instead! Also, like I’ve said earlier, it gives a sense of discipline and demands a great something. And it probably is good. I am, after all, LAGGING in my assignments. So it’s a great thing to have an extra motivational source. Wheee-eow.

Being bald isn’t that bad actually. For those who said that you get a lighter and cooler head, give them a pat on the back. It IS feeling lighter and cooler. And for the record, I still look handsome!!! : P

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It’s 12:52 am now. AND I’m at Loft@94! I’m currently having a training workshop which is suppose to aid me in the “stressful situations arising from constant competition pressure”. Hmm. Nice.

Normally, I would just laugh all the stress off and cut all ties to it. I mean c’mon! It’s just stress! It’s just there to poke fun of you. AND if you blame it, you will not get things done! But you see, the essentials of a great person still bares down to it’s positive productivity.At the end of the day, people still want to see things done. Result orientated; Majority tend to initiate when the initiated product brings results. Thus, that is why we generally have a ‘see how’ attitude to most things. And even though it seems unfair, that’s what the MAJORITY are feeling. Which brings all the important debate of majority vs minority back into our arms. But nah, let’s do things slowly will ya?

I took part in the WorldSkills Singapore Competition a while back. Received an email about some extra module that will aid me in the diploma plus selection ‘CAUSE honestly, I just wanna the dip+. : P

I wouldn’t even cared to do much research about WorldSkills. Googled that name and it didn’t garnered much results. So yeah, I thought it was some unknown competition. Or so I thought. I wasn’t too keen in much joining competitions at first. After all, I had Leo Club in my things-to-do list. I had hoped to really push for community service in my years in NP. It was kinda a win-win situation anyway. I love helping others and others want to be helped.

But the 1 week crash course evolved to a 1 month training stint in Industrial Control. The instructors and teachers briefed us more of the much-recognised competition where Singapore will be sending a team down for my batch. Hmm… WorldSkills is firstly held nationally in Singapore. WSS makes up of pretty much 20-25 skills/categories where participants can compete in but we call them ‘trades’. The champions of the trades will represent Singapore in WorldSkills Competition (WSC) which is held every 2 years. Here, it houses over 100 trades and participants from all over the world come together and test their skills with pride. The victor becomes the best in the world in that trade. NICE.

And for my trade, NP and SP will be the only 2 that will fight for the top in WSS. ITE does take part but they have a weaker foundation in programming. WHICH brings us to a whole new conclusion, I’ve just typically increased my chances in representing Singapore. WOW.

Nice la Zul. Talk about NLP’s reframing.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Monday, December 07, 2009

Hey Superman!

Wake up yo! It’s nearing 1am right now. I’m still wide awake. I was actually doing my CommT’s CQ Analysis of several advertisements. I was suppose to deduce the consequences or wonders of CQ applications in such areas. My task was just to look at failed advertisements that instead of advertise the product at hand, insults a lot of people. Boohoohoo.

I’m not a big fan of analysis since I’m much geared to Mathematics and Sciences. Analysis comes hand to hand in Humanities, which I entirely lack thereof. And that’s why my syllabus included Interdisciplinary Studies where I learn some are of study that is… outside of my study! Haha. After all, a well sought-after employee is someone that can do many things. Oooo.

But that, later. I had to burn the midnight oil. The presentation is on Tuesday! And I’ve yet to do my slides! What’s worst is that I’ve stumbled a slight hiccup in our chosen ads. I can’t really apply much CQ in the ads. There’s one that especially talks about prejudice and racism and all. BUT so what? What does that ad discuss about that involves CQ? Did it offend people? What faux pas did it commit? What? WHAT?

Yeah yeah, you can safely say that I should have started earlier. But I couldn’t. My mind has been sketchy. It’s sometimes here and sometimes there. I lost my only focus. ZZZZ. Assignments began pilling up. Datelines missed. I am being stretched to my max as I tried to salvage all I could. I told myself, “Wake up, this’ no time to slumber!” I don’t know. I just lost my edge. Ahhh, that made me such a fool. Was I too optimistic? Was I too cavalier to let my ego burst into it’s own form and take me to a roller coaster ride? Where was my focus? Where was my discipline? Where was my self?

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

As my assignments build it’s own kind of “roller coaster ride” for me, it’ll be a shame to ride it and  see it go at the same time. Sigh. Hey, what’s life with no action?

Speaking of which, I am interested in what you think. Though you barely speak to me and will hardly listen to my thoughts, at least know that I will keep a pair of ears for you. Whenever. : D

for you, i will say yes.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Extreme Need for Focus (1)

Who would have thought, that she would react this way. I did not anticipate that. Maybe I should have seen it coming. How could I see it pass me? How could I just stood there and do nothing? It’s just unacceptable.

I saw her struggling. And in my hopes to drag her out of the ‘slumber’, I thought it would be best if I took her mind off such obstacles. But I was just too self-centred. Never have I thought of her personal reactions and to say I knew her. Bleagh.

I should have known. If I am to…, I have to. What happened to me? I thought of understanding her more. What happened to active listening? Whatever happened to being branded as a person to be turned to? Have I failed that? Or was I just to carried away by my own dreams that I never took notice of her?


Questions abound and answers rarely come by. A world I live in will be the only world I live in. Even if I dislike it, ignores it, pushes it away, it is the only one. I’ll just hope that my ever-sharp human capability to adapt remain sharp indeed. If it fails, I will just be caught off guard.

So I better get this right. 

Monday, November 23, 2009

High And Mighty Colour

Today was a pretty dry day. The weather has finally found mercy upon me, feeling the anguish of returning home dirty, hungry and cold. It’s good to get things done in your way. Firstly, I’ve done much of my assignments for today. I’ve caught up in MoL for Engineering Maths with the others. My AEL eTutorial is not weighing me down anymore. Though I would like to add that I just ‘referred’ to my classmates answers. HAHA. The best has yet to come. Training at Flag Football was well received.

My quarterback complimented me on my snapping improvement. The ball is much faster and accurate. I can’t wait for the next match. Oh yeah, I got my first de-flaged! HAHA. Not really a huge milestone, Suhaimi was just dancing around with little effort. But such a good day nevertheless! 


I’m considering of joining Run for My Lunch 2010 ( It’s a running event that includes competitive 6 km along with a community 3 km. There’s a 1.4 km kids’ run but hey, c’mon! I’m really considering of registering for this event. In fact, 6 km is not much to complain of when I’ve previously scaled 4.8 km of high terrain! Yeah, that should do it. Not only will this benefit me. Proceeds of the fee will be donated to the students of Ngee Ann Polytechnic which are finding the economic downturn a little hard to manage. As such, the name: Run for My Lunch 2010. I say $25 is a small price to pay for donations. Especially when in competitive 6 km, you get a goodie bag. Or maybe, we can just put that as a small incentive. You’d better run ALL 6 km for 25 bucks bro! HAHA. 


What: Charity Run For My Lunch (RML)
When: 31st January 2010, Sunday, 8am
Where: East Coast Park, Dalbergia Green

Yupp. Think we should do our part and support the needy students by joining this event. After all, you’ll get to shave some weight off at the same time!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Drowsy Zooo-zyyy

For once, I think I work better having a flu.

I was out and about with my parents earlier today. Apparently, my Dad was looking for a new phone since his Motorola RAZR V9 did not survive his ‘average’ treatment. (He dropped it at a curb. There’s a striking crack on its glass face. !!!) Whatever his treatment is, we had a spare phone from the recent re-contract we had a few months back. It’s a Sony Erricsson phone. Still new in its wrapping. Notice my use of the past participle ‘had’? Haha. Yeah, not even a week of usage. My dad lost it. Bummer.

We sorta finally settled with a Nokia touchscreen. I think it’ll be great. He used to complain the physical limits of physical stuff. But oh well, since you can resize the buttons to your needs, booyeah? I guess that’s the only thing I like about it. Or for the case of my DAD using a touch screen phone. No offense but he can barely find the charger port!

But he’ll get use to it. After a few days of meddling (and possible some drop tests), he should be fine.

The November days are getting a tad too cold for me these days. My dad’s taxi had its air condition at speed 1 (the lowest) but I was pretty much solid as ice back at passenger seat. It could be just my immunity system being bothered by this flu of mine. I popped in 2 pills of ProCold and if it still sends shivers down my spine (literary larr), I’m sure they are not working!!!

Unfortunately it did. The full effect kicked in approximately 2 hours in. How? By experiencing the full plethora of friggin’ DROWSINESS. Ahhhhhh. I’m still in the midst of floating in the air. I think I can see unicorns! But honestly, and ironically as well, I think much better in this malformed state of a human being. Without this side effect, I would have just switched on my Acer, loaded up Facebook and just indulge myself with her captivating smile. No, I’m not stalking anyone.

And for that matter of fact, adoring a person’s smile just compliments her. I’m just acknowledging that her cheerfulness makes my day. That is all.

In my drowsy state, I say that I can finish the EG2 tutorial in 1.5 hours, finish off AEL SLA in an hour and devour the Uni-ish texts of AC Circuits for Inductors, Capacitors and Sinusoidal Waves in a mere 2 hours. But of course, I must be able to keep my eyes open that is. AND and provided, my stomach don’t frown upon me!

Oh well, I’m turning in.

Friday, November 06, 2009


I got soul but I’m not a soldier

                         -The Killers; All These Things That I’ve Done

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Make sense from the emotional nonsense!

Here’s the cliff. Either you jump now or later. Yes, you can’t see the bottom of the pit. It’s shrouded with uncertainty. Blah, blah, blah. But you do get the point yeah?

I started liking her when I first saw her in the Wave Camp. It first struck me that she had some resemblance to my aunt. HAHA. I didn’t get to really know her since I was in a different group. Tracing back, the whole camp was at the East Coast Park. I was seated beside Hop Song. Yeah, it should be him. She complained about the mosquitoes in that area and how they were bugging her and (if it was really him), Hop Song pointed out that men don’t really get bugged by them as our sweaty, slippery skin just give the mosquitoes a hard time to bite. As everyone gets a good laugh, she just drew a controlled laugh. I mean c’mon, she’s being laughed of and she found it funny too. Ironic; A companion in life. Seated just across her, her laughter has clearly made an imprint in my memories. After all, her smiled made me smile.

And then, we come back to Earth. Here’s the deal, a person named A, kind of drew similar feelings that I have of her. With the ability to steal my thunder, he will be a challenge when things get heated up. What’s worst is that his profile contradicts his actions. He’s the kind that goes out with a bag of wtf comedy & a psycho with a lot of ridicule. He’s not my cup of tea. So when he confessed to her, I was out of words. It was as though English lost it’s flavour. It was as though my life came to an abrupt halt. For the past few months, have I been reading the wrong profiles? Or have I been too concerned about my well-being that I neglected the very details that makes a person’s profile?

Something’s wrong. Once again, my lack of focus concocted with a swirl of foolishness has pulled me further from the water’s edge. Unimaginable. I’ve looked into this sector far too long only to realise that it make no friggin’ difference?! GOSH.

But hold up, identifying the source of the problem is one. Correcting it is another step. A didn’t really showcase the full profile I fitted him. The profile: Bulky; A person that goes out risking everything and anything as though the World belonged to him. He also cares little of anything. Some might say that he’s the worst kind. RECAP, does A showcase such characteristics? He risks everything. He says what he wants. He gives fuck about things. But he stops there. He has the mind of a focus and comedic person which brings about an outgoing personality. Yes, he’s no gentleman but his opinions are much appreciated.

Many say he’s not their cup of tea. (Or within those that has been working with him.) Some even suggest that his ‘outgoing-ness’ is shifting much focus of the team off. That’s the frequency. Everyone has their own frequency. As is just different from the most of us. Fyi, that frequency is similar to our Proj Manager’s. Also, some say that he’s lazy which is why he gives fuck about a thing. Does he help? Yeah. But not all the time. Put the original team and A will be the odd one out.

Enough about him. He is just ruining my plans for her. Originally, I wanted the slower way in. Now, with half the World knowing, the cat’s out of the bag. It’s a green light. Let’s reframe this thinking. You sure it’s negative? It could be positive since the uneasiness of 2 newly fallen in love when such a time comes by. But you have to act fast and correct. especially when you have A snaking your squirrel.

What’s more confusing is that when news of A’s confession first broke. I was sceptical of it. A pulls everyone’s leg and it’s not the first time he is pulling a prank. I’ve got people telling me that it was a setup. She’s just testing my waters. Whoa really? She was the person that revealed to me. In fact, she wanted help on how to push him away.

Adding fuel to fire, I got my emotions overwhelming me so much so that I just had to tease A into revealing his true feelings. I mean c’mon, I DON’T BELIEVE IT. And to just have fun, I told him my thoughts of her.

Let’s see the time line:

She wanted help to push A away –> Emotions beckoned me to know As true feelings (Which backfired btw) –> Poking fun, I revealed my feelings –> A told her about me (so was this a setup?) –> She apologised, acknowledging the big hoohaa –> I accepted it. (So she assumes that I like her.)

And so I’m here. She knows I like her. So this makes her believe that she knows that I know about A revealing my feelings of her. Which in theory, was only revealed to her bestie. So she knows that her bestie told me. And so, her bestie knows that I’m in cahoots with her bestie.

So what now?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

If We Ever.

I picture you face at the back of my eyes
Illuminating my sights
And there you stand, with a smile
That I love to hold you in my arms

Friday, October 23, 2009

Guilty when Innocent.

You know what to do right? Of course I do but c’mon, it’s just obvious. But let’s recap, a tad bit, our fundamentals of sociality, the backbone of human existence and intelligence: Psychology.  

Even if we are different by gene structure, by nature and by culture, a pattern will arouse our vigil senses. Many texts about Psychology don’t really talk much about this pattern or rather it has been really a chore to find reliable texts that can really connect to the reader. Nah, it’s just me. Can’t even finish To Kill A Mockingbird. But at any rate, Social Intelligence By Daniel Goleman didn’t see what I saw.

Humans, as adaptable and resilient to threats of many forms, none can ever imagine the strenuous work just to fall in love.

Emotions are contagious. That’s what I learnt. And so are mine. I can’t believe HE confessed to her. I mean I was like “WHOA”. When this did ever get to ever bloom? It’s just weird that someone like him would render feelings of a relationship. He’s too… blocky.

Oh have I misinterpreted the situation at hand? Maybe he houses some vital emotions. Emotions that too propelled him to a better decision. Emotions that makes a human, human. I would like to adapt a response from him when I asked about his opinions: “Essentially, when you like a girl, you can’t just keep it. You gotta tell her one day. It’s just when.”

It’s totally coincides with how I feel that through constant expression will only the human race prosper as humans are engineered to interact. But what it upsets is the dynamics of human relationship management. I mean, shouldn’t we take our time and work towards that girl? I mean we’re kinda talking about feelings/emotions of another person! He just like revealed his feelings.

Imbalanced; Tipping the scales of life.

But there’s one thing I wanna point out. What he’s done is still acceptable by nature. He’s trying his part and if she says no, he’ll just move on. I think we’re just overreacting. No I’m overreacting. But like I told her, at the end of the day, what do you expect out of it?

For me, I want to reveal the world my words of her; her through my eyes. Tell everyone how I met a wonderful girl that always seem to make me smile by her slightest actions. Obsession or plain lust? Both are bad, but can use consider it a feeling that I just want to let her know I like her.

I’ve been caught. I should have been wide awake when the surge or emotions came crashing onto me. Focus damn it. DAMN IT.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

She’s so far away.

The light that shines upon me, shines upon my neighbour.

Back in 2008, Star World aired this dark comedic ‘detective-ish’ show called “LIFE”. Interestingly, it didn’t actually caught the attention of many viewers. It involved several words of wisdom from Confucius though, which I find it as an added plus, which also how I got the first line. During that time, Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives ruled the airwaves. Guess no one really wanted a funny take on morbid murders and thriller based laughter.

But even so, LIFE was really a funny show. Might be my simple fetish of anything sarcastic and idiotic. That is what that makes me spout lame jokes every now and then. And LIFE had this underlying mystery that revolves around the protagonist. Oooo. But like LOST, the steam just lost itself and yeah. It kinda spelled low ratings for it and it got cancelled.

Really loved the show. The main reason of how the protagonist portrayed a personality I kinda am leaning towards; A smart ass who utilises more than wordplay and hot air to diss nearby rivals. In that case, he uses Confucius as a mark. Haha.

At any rate, it’s a good show. Go bukit timah it or something.

School is ever-nearing. 7 weeks of freedom was dwarfed by commitments to Leo Club, World Skills training sessions and more ‘argh-ness’. I am never a fan of whining since it brings you nowhere and sets a reverberation of people looking on to console you. Oh come on! Grow up will ya? Life is ‘give-and-take’. But of course, a few days reading Social Intelligence, it can’t be help.

Humans are emotionally unstable creatures that socially accept depression/oppression/segregation or all the –sion words that you can think of... But I’d tell you that it takes lesser effort to get on their feet and walk on. (Insert ‘Walk On’ by U2 here!) I can be the proof! : P

It’s just that it’s interesting that a surge of emotions can be resulted by a decision. Decisions are made everyday. So why only when we decide on that particular event that we must be accompanied with regret, remorse when we make such a half-heartedly decision?

I just needed a place to rant. School’s near. But she’s so far away.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Murderer of Our Children's Minds

I stumbled this from one of my FB friends. And there's really a good point here. Education is indeed a murderer.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Google Group Help FTW! Blogger problem solved!

SingNet, you son of a gun. Apparently, SingNet is somehow mis-rendering the Blogger pages. As a fellow SingNet user, I'm not alone on this boat. I had to rely on the Google Blogger Help Group and indeed, Google is the answer.

According to the poster, he reassured me that it's not a case of Google Blogger misdemeanour or anything. It probably gotta do with how my ISP is handling data packets. In fact, he pointed out that Singapore Blogger users have encountered this problem way before.

Anyhow, a few clicks deep and I'VE FOUND THE SOLUTION!!! Here's the link.

Don't know what is happening but if you do a server re-cache (or a CTRl+F5 in the web page), the Blogger page will render properly! Woooohooooo! Props to nitecruzr of Google Help Groups for giving me the links. GOSH! I just love the internet... which is Google apparently. :o

That's why I am posting right here, right now! Mwahahaha! Though I really wished I was posting at home. Sigh. Darn you World Skills!

Monday, September 07, 2009


It is a PAIN. PAIN I SAY! Dang you Blogger or Firefox or... ARGH!!! I thought it was caused by the new editing tools Blogger has rolled out but that is an opt in. To my surprise, I wasn't 'opt in' and so, just checked the opt in to give that a spin. With hopes up high, so high that nothing else (from the morning breath stench to the mucus that's suffocating me) could possibly drown it...

Well, at least I could type properly now.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can't blog.

From Paradoxical Child

I'll be away, or rather Blogger, for the time being. It's either FF 3.5 is making this mess or the DDOS attacks are chipping my web fame away.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

In This World

Imbalanced and imperfect makes we, the humans, thrive for everything. It's not greed. It's not a sin. It's not a fault. It's a limit. A limit we want to reach and to go beyond. It's what we choose to believe. From that defender tieing his shoe laces to that student penning his answers, we choose what we need. And then we conform to our inner safe zone when we reek of failure.

In the end, there's no wrong or right answer. When a person thinks, that person becomes limitless.

When this could be that,
this should be that.
And eventually, that is this.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


[Engineering a Creative Profession] Project on Automated Industrial Robots
[Computer Programming] Project on Switch and Loop C-Language Programming
[Creative and Applied Thinking Skills] Project on Problem Thinking Process
[Electrical Technology] Project on Electromagnetism

[Engineering Maths 1] MOL, Tutorial 4 & 5
[Engineering Mechenics] Chapter Revision on Friction

LEO Club Event Project Pledge of Silence including an AIDS information test and publicity planning


Proving that I am alive.

Friday, June 12, 2009

[56K Warning] June of Things.

A lot has happened in the past 6 months.

They taught me how to fish, [How ironic that I have never worked outside before.]
And I teach them all how to fish too. [Why can't we just clean our own stuff?]
For we splurge our skills for an 'old gold' [Havanas found after a tennis fix from Mr Ho. Must thank him for this!]
To shower ourselves in the best knowledge gold can buy [Got enrolled in Ngee Ann Polytechnic for Electrical Engineering.]

And questions rose from the ashes...

Reveal me the truth [or rather a revelation; NEVER EVER SLEEP LATE. Else, you'll get a traffic jam and 30 mins of Dad talk. SHEESH!]
For the past only reveals the future. [Looking for this pair of pliers. IMPORTANT! One of my hard drives has a misaligned contact. VALUABLE DATA HOR!]
But truth's harm will be doused by our laughter. [We danced for fund. No idea why I put this in the run down.]
By our hearts. [Defining new boundaries with help through LEO Club; LEO WAVE Camp was nice.]
By our curiosity [JBL speakers in a bus. WHOA.]
By our family. [Happy Birthday my Brother. Err... How old are you again?]
By our friends. [The Kao Peh 6. Original lineup that is before our 'global' expansion. Haha.CONGRATS to Ken for winning the Men's Doubles!]
And by our friends. [And Sabree's Birthday. 'Nuff said. And new friendships are born.]
Unleash your fury, [On the soccer pitch...]

and you will be given the truth's harm.

To my late Aunt, I will remember you. Hope you remember me too.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Keep The Faith

After a brave fight of her diesease, my aunt passed away with a strong will. She suffered a heart attack in the early hours and now, she is with Allah.

When the call came thru about her passing, I woke up, fearing the worst. I lay still in bed as my Mom picked it up. With the doors still closed, I can hear her cries with tears streaming. I gasped as a sinking feeling grabbed me from inside. Moments later, my Mom walks in breaking the news.

There was a moment where each family member would scatter some flowers around the deceased head and give a final kiss. When it came my turn, I did the same thing. And afterwards, even with my strongest facade, tears would still stream. Even my brother cried.

At that moment, my other Aunts and Uncles were bursting with emotions.

I wonder...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's a big jump.

I've been wanting for a soccer boot for the past 2 years or so but I just did not find a good enough reason to buy them. I mean HOW frequent do I play on a grass pitch or even a turf pitch?

Well, Flag Football gave me a reason. (And my Sunday football matches in SA.)
At $59, it's pretty decent comparing that it is a multiground boot which means that it can play on grass and turf pitches. Booyah. I think it's a model 2 generations back but I just need something to wear on a pitch. :)

I asked for a 4 buck discount, hoping that I could buy myself a congratulatory drink for FINALLY getting a pair of boots. But nah, the economy is soooo bad that a man can't get his thanks. SIGH.

Today was kinda yuck. Let me give a flash back. I joined this Co-Corricular Activity called LEO Club or Leadership thru Experience and Opportinuties. OR we can just call it a volunteering club. Since the club is event based, the first that came knocking on my door was Pledge of Silence organized by the Action For Aids. It describes how people with AIDS are discriminated and have to live with this stigma of being in a negative community. Mainly due to this, AIDS victims refuse to 'go out' to the outside world and live in the dark. Some even refuse medication and are even suicidal.

AFA decided to organize PoS with feeling to be silent about your disease to feel their sacrifices and their concerns. With PoS, we hope that more awareness are brought upon and that this could initiate a paradigm shift on how we view people that are less fortunate.

If you'd ask me, it's really weird and fascinating how the human being is always leaning on one side. It's rare to find a community that shares openly and judges accordingly and does not lean on any side. Honestly, I wasn't really enthusiastic about this event. In fact, I thought that it was just a one-off event like flag day or something. But when I received the email that I was chosen to be in an interview for the committee team of this particular event, I was shocked but grateful that someone has realized the possibilities working with me. :P

At any rate, this event will be carried out nation wide on 30th October with ITEs and other Poly's. So, you would think I have a long time to go? Think again. My project manager is part of the AFA PoS committee team and she's like all over the place to keep this event floating. Lol?

SO going back to today's meeting, it seems that I always take things to light EVERY TIME. But do know yeah? I have this horrible disadvantage that I am egoistic due to my unaltered mindset of leadership (Blame on History's Communism here) and my laziness. I'm just not good. HOWEVER, if I ever fall, I'll pick myself out and shout, I'M NOT PERFECT YO!

We can't really help it. People judge people continuously. That's why Communism sounds so ideal at first. Everyone just need to face the front, and no where else. But as we limit creativity this way, we are also limiting the evolution of the human mind. 3 years back, I'll make sure you judge me good. But now, judge me as I am for that is what I am. Which one is correct?

Man, that feels great to let that cat out of my bag.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Cool New Way


How long has it been since my last posting? A month or so? Haha, I hope you guys still visit my blog else I'll just be clogging the internet tubes. ZEESH. The reason for my lack of blog postings is largely due to my school. Unlike secondary school, everything is planned out. You wake up at 6am, be in school at 730am and end school at 2pm. No more, no less. But here in 'tertiary' life, everything is unexpected. I can end school at 5 just to realize that my CCA needs me throughout the night. HOWEVER, if you say that life of a 1st year is busy, you'd better pull up your socks as when the second year comes around that bend, it will be disastrous. But it's fun like a roller coaster ride. :)

The solution? Do what is needed and then do it well. One thing I can see in students is that they are easily distracted. (Or is it just me?) On my half that is, I'm constantly talking about the opposites with my guys, gossiping about the latest scandal. Is this really what it feels to be in a mixed school? Or is this just one of the false impressions? It's really different. In SA that is, we do talk about the opposites but I can imagine the number of times a female teacher would come into mind. I guess we were just confined in a small box. A really small one. GISHH! Stop it already!

When I left SA, I always thought that girls NEVER (or rather realistically speaking, RARELY) speak about such a taboo; Sex. But take my mighty Action For Aids committee team for example, in the company of 3 ladies, we are talking about what I see as a sin to a gentleman. GOSH. In SA, it's just different. Everyone feels like home as we grow out of this hard shell that protects us from harm. As we grow, our body begs for room, our minds begin to wonder off to a state of no return and our hearts change. Like melons growing in a glass bottles (link), we take shape to whatever we conform to when young only to realize that life is alive as well.

OK. A little info about me. I'm in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING at NGEE ANN POLYTECHNIC. It's about AN HOUR'S bus ride from my house. The reason I chose NP is that I'm still in that 'glass bottle'. I'm chipping away as much as I can, breaking free from this confinement. Will someone be there to help me out and hold my hand? Oh how I wish there were strings on me.

Beats me too. : /

So that's why I updated my FB saying that when you walk today, treat each step and breath as your last. This is more than survival. It's a new way of living. :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Fear

It's started. So I can 'officially' say that I've moved on. And I'm really busy, REALLY busy. What's worst, I'm running out of constructive blog ideas that would not be a bore for you, my lovely readers. I'm home daily at 5, but it seems much easier each day. Only touched 3 modules, or rather subjects, each day. Pretty sweet huh?

There's is still P.E. but it's called sports and wellness. We get to choose what sport we play in the 1st week for the next 12 weeks. Yeap.

Gosh. I'm lame. Gotta go!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I'll be leaving for a 3D2N camp in NP. It's an orientation camp. So which means I'll see new things, feel new company, hear new voices and maybe love new things. But there's no denying it. There's something that has been bothering me for quite some time. I don't think of this camp as I did before. I mean a sense of uneasiness blankets me. I used to look forward to camps but this camp is a marker. A mark that says that I must leave my old behind. Leave it forever. Gosh, it's kinda hard. The old me felt so comfortable, so relaxed, so easy. I tried rationalising myself that an OC will break the ice much quicker. So it's a sacrifice for the better. New friends and new adventures await. Can't hardly wait! But a part of me wants to stay.

Here's how I see it. I do not want to regret my life just because I got my heart broken and due to that, I'm forgoing new bonds that will pull me out of this quicksand. It's time to throw my childish ways behind.

Well, I guess you can insert faith here.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Taxtation On My Belly!

A couple years ago, my dad would ride his motorcycle to Johor Bahru and buy our groceries there. It was well before Malaysia decided to pull up a goods limit to every tourist. Many would suggest a normal trip to the NTUC or the little neighbourhood market to get your needs but if you really do the math, plus the currency conversions, it was really cheaper to get it in Malaysia. After all, it's all in half price.

I don't really understand. Why must there be a huge difference in prices of similar goods? It gave my brain a stir when I came across this article at CNET Asia. In the article, they did us a favour by comparing 2 identical notebooks of US & SG and highlight the price difference. Even after a S$230 shipping cost [o.0] the notebook is still cheaper than the Singapore model, BY S$800!

CNET Asia even asked Sony Singapore about this discrepancy and what they replied was still vague too me.

  • Pricing policy is different for different region, subject to market size and demand. In this context, the US is a large market for Sony.WHAT? Even after the many years of diplomatic setting and the sacrifice of lives for equality, you're saying that we (Singaporeans) can't get the same price as our US conterparts?
  • Taxation issues. The pricing you see on the US Web site does not include taxes, while the Sony Singapore pricing does.Too vague. The only tax I know of is Singapore's GST. And that's only 7%. What tax rakes up so much that there is a S$800 price diff?
  • The US pricing does not include shipping insurance versus when one buys from a Singapore store, there is a 1-year warranty included. S$800 can buy you 3 years of Macbook Pro Applecare. DIG THAT.

  • Hey Sony, you know why your Vaios are not popular here? IT'S EXPENSIVE! Don't get me wrong, Sony does have quality goods but I don't think paying S$800 bucks more is a wise choice. Especially when you have Vista installed. Yuck.

    So what is the problem here? Why is the price difference so different when there is a geographical challenge for companies? Shipping shouldn't hurt much. The article is right about that 8kg load that costs S$230. Check here. This leaves us with S$570 to rational about.

    I'm just shooting blindly here. Maybe it's the currencey exchange? Maybe it's the cost of customer satisfaction when buying in Singapore? Maybe it's the assurance of an avaialable product? Maybe it's the cost of a freaking brand name or maybe, just maybe, Sony decided to charge more to earn profits. Well, screw you Sony.

    I don't mind paying more for a quality good. But Sony is kinda walking in Apple's footsteps. They want to project their products as a Veblen good. They figure that if they rake up their prices, they will accelerate their output. But no Sony, Apple ain't playing Veblen. They are playing Giffen goods. They see themselves as the only one in the business, in the business of creative people that is. In my opinion, Apple wants to be unique. They don't want to take over the world. Kudos to you Apple!

    Price difference is inevitable. But sometimes, this might spur small start ups in local Singapore to innovate more. Thus, more products for us, consumers. Sometimes, I love economics.

    Sunday, March 22, 2009

    Bleagh The Food!!!

    Today was much about walking. My parents and I decided to make our way down to Singapore Expo for the Halal 2009 expo. I thought to myself, "Why not? Building closer and stronger rapport for my community!" Anyway, I knew getting a parking space would be a disaster but my Dad displayed faith. Geez.

    Of course, his faith was that he parked at a bend. Which is illegal at any case. I kinda showed him the "C'mon Dad" face but hey, there's another car in front doing the same thing. In the same boat we are!

    Wouldn't it be a surprise if most of the demographic that attended was the Malay community. But they were some Chinese who came by. Either the organizers devised an aggressive marketting campaign or the prime weakness of Singaporeans where the sight of a huge crowd is the presence of a bargain. Hey, anything to ease the tough economy.

    Outside, a group of cars lined up to please the eyes. A white SUV caught my eye. At first glance, I thought it was another imitation but OMG, it was a Hummer. MAN, that's rare! I didn't get the chance to snap a picture. But it kinda look like this:

    NIce? YEAH.

    The expo, summed up in a sentence, is like an indoor pasar malam. Rows of food booths cover the pathways. The smells adore me as we jostle our way through. It seems there's a celebration at the back. Wedding decorators, antiques, education and even ear candling booths! And I thought the Halal 2009 expo was only about food! I guess it's my prejudice of the Malay community that seems to like food a lot. That's evidenced by the high percentage of obesed malays. Yuck. [I'm not a black sheep. I'm fat too. Haha.] There are quite a number of booths here set up by our neighbours across the highwat. There was one selling pau and another selling ice cream. Another piece of evidence from my community's love for food.

    Donut Empire, a donut shop, set up a booth there. The 'new' Pastamania that had recently been given the Halal status. Yay! And one antique shop that featured goods from Africa. In fact, the booth owners ARE from Africa! Haha! Guess it's not all Malay here! I was certainly eyeing at the antique booths. My slums need a boost of 'foreign taste' to complete its transformation. Well, it's only a sixth in. Haha.

    The expo, which ran its last day today, was graced by many familiar Suria stars. (Sorry guys. No Jennette Aw or Britney Spears here.) Though, I didn't know all their names. Bleagh. I can't belief I don't support local Malay arts. But anyway, it was kinda nice to see an expo about the Malay community. I think they need more overseas products like the ice cream and pau from Malaysia. Their marketting too has to expand to attract not only Malays but other communities as well. They should market it as a gateway to increasing understanding between different communities. Haha. Do I sound political to you? On a serious note, the expo seems like a launching pad for new food businesses like Pastamania to introduce themselves their Halal certification and open up a new area of foods available for the Muslim community. Dang, we need more French food!

    At the end of the day, it's cool. : )

    Friday, March 20, 2009

    Hawker Centre ≠ Restaurant

    [Edit: Video's in. Was just because of a misplaced spacing. Sigh.]

    In the light of the recent mishap of a group of American tourists being charged nearly $500 for a meal at Newton Food Centre, Stomp's Point Blank hooked up a spy camera whilst ordering a meal at Newton Food Centre. Call it intrusive but if you managed to stomach the horrendous 'interview' from the reporter, eye in from 13 minutes where the executive director of Consumers Assosiation Of Singapore, or CASE, describes how both parties are at fault here.

    As a consumer, you have the right to know the details of the product/item. As a shop owner, you have the right to answer any queries consumers have towards your products. HOWEVER, it's not really mandatory to bring consumers into light about how important for example, the weighing process, is and how things can change when such an area is not supervised. A consumer could just be told about it but in a chaotic and buzzy environment of a food centre, he might not really give much thought. Many shop owners play the 'Never ask lor' game. It includes of pushing the blame to the consumers because they fail to query anything questionable. Of course this is malpractice since the shop owners have the obligation to notify them about the minor details. But what details shall CASE decide that we should be know about? And if CASE decides that it should supervise business practices, won't we all exploit this? And who will supervise CASE? Who will supervise CASE's supervisor? But also remember, consumers too have the responsibility to ask.

    I'm sure this is all a misunderstanding. The American consumers failed to query about the weighing process and the shop owners failed to shed light on that process. Both parties are at equal fault since no one wants to be responsible. So what CASE should, and preferably do, is to reinstate the rights of a consumer and shop owner. This is because it's hard to point fingers to blame the downfall of social values in our society where many couldn't care less, especially, for being responsible?

    That's what makes human minds so captivating. No machine will replicate us. We live in deep mind dynamics that no matter how many processors you put in a super computer, a human is best. (And also at worst.) Our 'engineering' capability supersedes any computer.

    Get everybody to remind themselves that there's no foolproof way of solving this. There's a responsibility in everyone. That is what makes a good person. My only advice, ALWAYS ASK ABOUT EVERYTHING as there's a fine line of what's right and wrong.

    Thursday, March 19, 2009

    H00ts List.... FINALISED

    I kill too many trees this past few days. The collection from the IT Show.

    At any rate.

    I've been dying to test my new laptop's graphical power. Graphical as in graphics. So don't think of X/Y-axes! At first, I wanted to download a demo of the much hyped FPS game called Battlefield 2142. After 20 minutes, the 1GB file was ready for my entertainmaent. Oh yeah.

    After a quick install, I launched it. Only to face by a dialog box saying that I need DirectX 9. It's a driver of some sorts that supplements the graphics card. Not really sure on how it works but I do know that I didn't have that. Bummer.

    I've checked my system and I know it has DX10. Hey, since I've the latest one, why can't I run an old game based on an older driver? A quick Googling and I found that DX10 is not backwards compatible like DX9 is to DX8. Also, my long love for headshots and rockets will end since BF 2142 can't run on DX10.

    Though, some have pointed out that they could still run the game but their OS was Vista Ultimate. Maybe that matters?

    My troubles don't just end there. I had trouble learning the new keyboard since I've spent almost 3 years on my Mac. On the first note, the keyboard is spacious with big buttons. Responsiveness seems quick but lacks the deep satisfying push of a Mac and its uniformed feedback. Some might find those Mac buttons hard to type on but I like that. So, when I 'felt' I didn't register a key, I would press that button again only to see I've misspelled. And hey, that's a pretty small touch pad when the sensitive is relly low at max!!!

    With a Mac keyboard, the Control key is conviently placed so that my pinky could use it. BUT, on a Windows keyboard it's placed at the lower left. Bleagh. My thumb-index finger combo won't really work now. Closing tabs, creating new ones and skipping words in a Word document will be a chore now! On the same note, there's a row of Home/End/Page Up/Down keys acting as 2nd function controls for media playback. That's nice but it removes the purpose when the touch sensetive buttons for media playback are just beside.

    Using a big keyboard is nice and comfortable but if you're like me who has been spending far too long on a cramped keyboard, you'll take some time getting used to it. Especially when you have muscle memorised your previous keyboardas mistyping seems to get on your nerves. But time will get you in the bandwagon!

    Overall, it's a nice piece of hardware. Regarding the game, my good friend Turtle has stopped playing it. So maybe I get a copy of it and test out the installation before I get a new copy that will set me back about $60. Other games? Well there's Left 4 Dead, Company Of Heroes, Counter Strike. I'm not really into much games as I primarily use them to pass time, not fight for a spot at the World Cyber Games. Haha.

    Can someone tell me how to use the 6-in-1 memory card slot?

    But will that matter with my new printer? WOOTS!!! It can print pretty good pictures anddocuments. It's not really a good bargain but I can sit this printer living it up to it's price. Blah.... $300 is a lot for a printer.

    But hey, all those stuff will help increase my productivity. (Except the inclusion of games though)

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Unreal Acer, The Rant

    It has been eventful for the past few days. So be aware that my content may step on my grammatical prowess. ; P

    Saying, "It's what inside that matters, not the outside." is the same as, "It's software, not hardware".

    On Sat, I purchased my school laptop for polytechnic studies. It was kinda a good bargain. At 1.7k, you're getting an mid-range processor, HD capabilities such as 720p video and a HDMI output, a decent graphics card, 500GB of storage, 4GB of RAM and 3 years of complete warranty!!! W00ts! BUT of course, there is always the black sheep of the pack, Vista.

    At first, I wasn't complaining. After all, we grow accustomed to democratic equality and so it seems no place for being single-OS centric. As you know, my Acer graced upon a problem, rendering my new laptop inaccessible. An e-mail later, I was told to bring it down on Monday for a restore.

    Still full with energy and hype from Vista, I happily made my way to Ngee Ann. The thing about this 'emotion' is that it overwhelmed me. So much so that I thought independantly from my common sense. I guess my cerebral cortex decided to take a break and adore the in-campus babes. YIKES. And so, young Zul wondered into block 5, the main IT helpdesk. I don't know what made me to ignore specific instructions from the email to bring the laptop down to NP's Acer booth.

    Imagine me all sweaty from my trek, blame it on global warming, going to block 5 and was told by the staff there to go to block 56. WHAT? But can't blame him on that. And again, I wander my way to block 56. Many familiar faces appear. I'm sure they are wondering why I'm there again. A lecturer addressed my problem and after a quick demo of my peril, he suggested that I should get a reset from Acer since it's a software issue.

    Now I remember! I thought that the problem was caused by someone meddling into my config which apparently was when the Software Top-Up dudes installed the programs. Remember the anti-virus glitch? Yuck.

    You know me, I without fail carried my tired flesh and bones to the Acer booth. I guess there was some desire in me that disguises my rage. I've been with Mac for almost 3 years now and I guess it's that sense of nostalgia that I long that I want rekindle. Thus, I was really hoping to get my laptop fixed. Up the Acer booth, the 'sales men' directed me to the Acer makeshift storage-cum-cash-counter. -_- Mind you, I'm still carring a 2.5 Kg laptop on my back and still sweating!!!

    And I thought it was over as I stepped into that room! Passed my lappie to some dude to what I thought was just a simple reset. Nooooo. Minutes later, he called me and said that I needed to make my way down to Acer's Service Centre at International Business Park to get a reet there. MAN, I guess my sweat tickling down my temples and my shortness of breath did not chance upon the slightest indication that I might be tired. RAHHHHH.

    I really wanted the laptop to be fixed pronto! I want to immerse myself into Windows and be caught in an OS paradox. GEEZ.

    Ok, long story short. I received some help from them on boarding which busses to go there. Though it would be better if they helped more but hey, that's how wide their job scope is. Thanks to Keith and Kok Ming, I was able to cut the waiting line and get my laptop reset in no time. And thanks to Dad too for giving me a lift. Phew!

    After which, I made my way to NP again for the Software Top Up just to be told the only available slots start from 3:30pm, a lenghty 2 hours since I returned from the Acer Service Centre. A call later and a pair of wet shoes, damn rain, I was on my way home. And today, after a morning trip to NP,'s Software Top Up, I'm all done! YEAH.

    I'm tired now. Bleagh.

    Bending the rules

    Just finished my software top up... All seems fine. And suddenly, I got the nerve to bend the rules...

    Sunday, March 15, 2009

    1 Day Left...

    Here we go. On Thursday, I peaked into NP for a little hands on with the laptops they offer. I was definitely eyeing for an Acer. Something tells me that an Acer was much value add than the other brands. Fujitsu, Lenovo and Apple to graced that event but a 3rd party company were selling them. I wasn't really particular fussy about that fact but knowing that my product comes from the company itself is much 'easier'.

    I wasn't surprised when the presence of loud pumping music and even an emcee came from the Apple booth. After all, it's Apple. I guess they are the only booth that are employed real tech gurus not like those from the other booths that just seem to read off the specs list. But hey, I don't expect 20 year olds to be in the tech market. Just part timers...

    Eventually, my 2 former classmates decided to buy the Acer laptop I've been eyeing since their brochures landed in my mailbox. Is it a good buy? Yeap. But what was the stir about Acer in the recent years? It was regarding Acer's chassis, the body of the computer. Some say it had poor heat management. Thus, overheating after a few hours of work. But citing from the 'sales man', the chassis has been revamped with the new Gemstone line up. Am I buying that? Well yeah and literary too. Yesterday, I brought home an Acer.

    Since Mr Ho is using a Gemstone too and has been using it for 2 years, it goes without saying the stability of hardware. But of course, it's based on professional results under professional usage.

    ; )

    I'm only worried about the stability of software. That's all. And the undesired became true.

    The first hiccup came when I was to install additional software for my course. The wireless system did not detect any wireless networks even though the router was just behind me. Fortunately, a simple reboot solved it. Several installs later, it kept on saying to update my anti-virus. Obviously being handled by Windows n00bs, they decided to reinstall the anti-virus program. Bleagh, it was to no avail. And there I was, sitting there dumbfounded for almost 4 hours. Sigh. If you're reading this Asril, sorry mate! I know you wanted me to accompany you to the IT Show! In the end, it was just simply a error I could forgo. Saying something about Vista Home Premium being unable to 'see'. From my perspective that is.

    But the worst has yet to come. Upon reaching home, I turned on my Acer machine to embrace it. Don't get me wrong, I like how Microsoft is able make Vista into a beautiful OS. It is just not as reliable as Mac program wise. And to further drive my point, I got this message upon log in.

    I was fuming. Even the sacrifice of time won't allow a Windows machine to survive. Ok, maybe only Vista. Damn you Vista. But for now, I can only wait to Monday and bring it back for servicing. Anyway, At least I have a new pair of pants.

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    The Old Me

    If there's one lesson I learnt, I have to put my childish things away.

    Oooo,hey I've been travelin' on this road to long
    Just trying to find my way back home
    The old me is dead and gone… dead and gone…
    Ooooooo I ve been travelin' on this road to long
    Just trying to find my way back home
    The old me is dead and gone… dead and gone… eeyy

    Ever had one of them days you wish woulda stayd home
    Run into a group of ni&&as getting they hate on
    you walk by they get wrong you reply then sh*t get blown
    Way outta proportion way past discussion
    Just u against them, pick one then rush em
    Figure you get jump, yeah that next
    They don’t wanna stop there now they bussin
    Now u gushin', ambulance rushin' u to the hospital with a bad concussion
    Plus ya hit four times bullet hit ya spine paralyzed waist down now ya wheel chair bound
    Nevermind that now u lucky to be alive, Just think it all started you fussin' with three guys
    Now ya pride in the way but ya pride is the way you could *uck around get shot die anyday
    Ni&&as die every day all over bull sh*t dope money dice game ordinary hood sh*t
    Could this be cuz of hip hop music or did the ones with the good sense not use it
    Usually ni&&as don’t know what to do whith their back against the wall so they just start shootin
    For red or for blue or for blow I guess, from Bankhead upto ya projects
    No more stray, now im straight, now I get it now I take
    Time to think, before I make mistakes just for my family’s sake
    That part of me left yesterday the heart of me is strong today
    No regrets im blessed to say the old me dead and gone away.

    Oooo,hey I've been travelin' on this road to long
    Just trying to find my way back home
    The old me is dead and gone… dead and gone…
    Ooooooo I ve been travelin' on this road to long
    Just trying to find my way back home
    The old me is dead and gone… dead and gone… eeyy

    I aint never been scared, I lived through tragic
    Situations coulda been dead lookin back at it
    Most of that sh*t didn’t even have to happen
    But you don’t think about it when you out there trappin'
    In apartments hangin smokin' and rappin'
    Ni&&as start sh*t next thing ya know we cappin'
    Get locked up then didnt even get mad
    Now think about damn what a life I had
    Most of that sh*t look back just laugh
    Some sh*t still look back get sad
    Maybe my home boy still be around
    Had I not hit the ni&&a in the mouth that time
    I won that fight, I lost that war
    I can still see my ni&&a walkin' out that door
    Who’da thought I’d never see Philant no more
    Got enough dead homies I don’t want no more
    Cost a ni&&a his job, cost me more
    I’da took that ass-whoopin now for sure
    Now think before I risk my life
    Take them chances to get my stripe
    A ni&&a put his hands on me alright
    Otherwise stand there talk sh*t all night
    Cuz I hit you , you sue me,
    I shoot you, get locked up, who me?
    No more stress, now im straight, now I get it now I take
    Time to think before I make mistakes just for my family’s sake
    That part of me left yesterday the heart of me is strong today
    No regrets im blessed to say the old me dead and gone away.

    Oooo,hey I've been travelin' on this road to long
    Just trying to find my way back home
    The old me is dead and gone… dead and gone…
    Ooooooo I ve been travelin' on this road to long
    Just trying to find my way back home
    The old me is dead and gone… dead and gone… eeyy

    I turn my head to the east… I don’t see nobody by my side
    I turn my head to the west… still nobody in sight
    So I turn my head to the north, swallow that pill that they call pride
    The old me is dead and gone, the new me will be alright
    I turn my head to the east… I don’t see nobody by my side
    I turn my head to the west… still nobody in sight
    So I turn my head to the north, swallow that pill that they call pride
    The old me is dead and gone, the new me will be alright

    Oooo,hey I've been travelin' on this road to long
    Just trying to find my way back home
    The old me is dead and gone… dead and gone…
    Ooooooo I ve been travelin' on this road to long
    Just trying to find my way back home
    The old me is dead and gone… dead and gone… eeyy

    [Credit: elyrics (Link)]

    Monday, March 09, 2009

    Week In Review

    Ah... A week has passed... Did I tell you about my 'injury'?

    Blister At My Foot Album (Link)
    (Please note, it's something you don't want to see before lunch.)

    Lesson 1: When you have a this kind of blister, REMOVE IT. Regarding the red ones that annoy you, just Google it. I mean seek real medical help!

    Yes. Google became my doctor for the day and it misdiagnosed my blister. GEEZ. If there's another lesson here, read more about preventing blisters.

    Like any geek, the sound of bargains and nifty gadgets just weaken my knees.

    Lesson 2: Make sure you PLAN, RESEARCH and PRACTICE your bargaining skills before splurging your green paper.

    *Well, it's that time of the year again. Ask anyone who attends about that question and they will swiftly answer, "Recession? What recession?" A thing to note, always know what you're buying. Don't be like my Dad. And yeah, dig up those English Conversational Skills to brush up on your bargaining. Believe me, it helps. [Or you could just bring Mr Ho along. Hehe.]


    However, I don't think I can help Singapore's economy this time.

    Lesson 3: Save money first. Well I skipped that lesson.

    *Or just get a job! Oh wait, Mom says that I might "stop schooling as I get heavily influenced to get more money". Zul to Mom: Me no money.


    Did I say research?

    Lesson 4: Too much is never enough.

    *I wanna replace my Mac's RAM to full 2 GB. I wanna get a pair of speakers. A new printer seems nice. (Old one can't print lines. -_-) And of course, if Sony gives a $100 cut to PS3, I'LL BUY IT.

    And finally, please see it through

    ("Hoots" Pic Missing)

    Lesson 5: Money, sometimes, make the world go round.

    *I'll repost my h00ts for the IT Show soon. I really want a pair of speakers. But printers are a must have for school. Maybe I could 'politely' ask my parents for some cash. Please?

    Saturday, March 07, 2009

    Awfully Familiar...

    THAT post from Saint3.0 looks awfully familiar from my class blog's post (link)! Note: Look who posted it on my class blog. Hmm... Well, the internet is inter-connected. Yikes.

    P.s.: At least my Mac hardly crashes! :P

    Born In 1977, Part 3: Negative Nostalgia (Only for this round)

    Let's switch for a moment. For the past few posts (3 actually as of this post :P), I've talked about the 16-bit games where we all used to love. Maybe this time, let's segway segue (new word!!!) to another item we used to love. Though it's not a tangent! Today, let's adore the reminiscent of Windows. No, not those glass stuff. It's hardly hardware!

    This looks really familiar....

    HEY! You again! At this point of age, I don't even know what mp3s are. YIKES!

    Oh! It's IE 6 and Windows Media Player 9! Ah, fond memories! I do remember now. When I was in Sec 1, I used my Dad's laptop for NJRC. I used to play 1 song I downloaded repeatedly. Ironically, it was Creep by Radiohead (Link). Hmm...

    For those eyes that were trained to see the smallest of details, I did indeed used a Mac. But with Crossover's help! It's like Parallels.

    There you go. Those pictures sum up my whole day yesterday as I fiddle around my Mac system to somehow use Windows software without learning any programming. (I actually wanted to run WMP 11 for an MP3 player but it became too technical when I tried installing that on Crossover.) But no worries there! I'll be getting a Windows machine very soon for my Poly life. Hopefully, it doesn't suck as my late Windi. It died ALONG with my beloved memories of Sec 1 and 2 life. ARGHHHHHH!!!!