Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Making Teachers Great Pt1

Previously as a part series of How To Make Teachers Great (Link)

At this point of time, my programming teacher simply lost me already. It only seems ever true that programming is a down to earth discipline of sit-still.

And it seems ever more that they are selling this product instead, jamming us with product specs. I mean, it you are teaching us, you’re teaching. Not selling. Let the salesman do that. What to teach? A good rule of thumb; teach the things that a salesman don’t discuss.

Talk about the rival’s better products, or how your investment in this product is a waste as technology is approaching at a pinnacle standpoint with nanotechnology. Yeah, those kind of stuff.

Okay okay, I’m way to harsh here. Let’s give them a benefit of a doubt. Maybe they want to implement experiential learning. So they take one product and showcase the specs then link to the general theories. It’s no doubt a good direction but COME ON, HALF OF THE CLASS IS SURFING FACEBOOK. And don’t you feel a bit creepy when a class is this silent. Or this class don’t even look at the projector screen? Is it even called experiential learning when you don’t even learn the experience?

Manners aside, I think a responsible student also requires a responsible teacher. And these responsibilities morph and change and fluctuate accordingly. I’m not saying that our teachers today are irresponsible. I think MOE has done a pretty fab job of generating passionate teachers who go extra miles. (And of course those that go way extra in the recent cases of unnecessary assistance from teacher to student… sigh) But seriously, the teachers I have would gladly have extra lessons if I don’t understand. No forgetting the countless hours of bickering of particular topics knowing fully that I was sleeping in his classes. In fact, I think teachers are strong to meet demands of pesky students like me.

But the class don’t make up of only pesky students.
All in all, like many other occupations, our world changes every time and the responsibilities also changes. As the time ages, these responsibilities gets bigger. Not to worry, our teachers are strong. But are they strong for the right areas and reasons?

Seriously, I think in this emerging age, schools and classes are overrated.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Sic Itur Ad Astra

Ahh, this is nice. It only happens once a year and definitely it is much craved for. It is the New Year.

2010 has been fun. Did so much things with little time. And it seems only natural to wait with bated breath the days to come. I don’t know with us all, it seems really nice to see an end. Or rather the light at the end being much larger than ever.

But, the end is where we begin. As the days loom by, sic itur ad astra. It’s the only way.

Sometimes, it’s good to aim down the sights before you pull that trigger. You gotta at least know what you are hitting! Like so many others, let me reveal my resolutions (no, not in camera pixels) for 2011. Following demand and feedback for my nature of my blog, let’s face it, it’s a blog. A newsfeed of me and possibly the most egoistic place and most loudest self-blown trumpet ever. DEAL WITH IT.

What makes a man? A manly man.

Is it the Swiss Army knife he brings? Definitely, every man hopes to be the Swiss Army knife of many. Being the everything or at least the best of something. Never get caught at any situation off guard. Need a quick snip for that pendulous thread from your jacket? This pocketable multi-tool of awesomenss sports almost every tool you ever need. NEED, is a word I stress. You DON’T need a chainsaw. A must have. (Credit: Victorinox Handyman)

And for those days that water canteen is not enough, or the days after long meetings with that Son of a Gun, or just something to go down with your boring lunch, you will have the hip flask to thank. Put in your… err… drink and your days seem to be smoother. The slim profile slips into your pocket unnoticed. Because the last thing you want is your boss finding a reason to send you to rehab. The best thing about this is the meaning that is locked with an engraving. A memory that will live. For soldiers, it’s the words of their longed loved ones as they serve away. For that Joe, it’s the long day he survived and the next he will go through. Maybe for me, it’s the ruthless passion. (Credit: Wikipedia; Hip Flasks)

And to ensure that you don’t file Chapter 11 (WIKI HERE!!!)anytime soon, you seriously gotta have a wallet. Do away with coins and all but if I see a man digging his pockets for a crumpled, squashed note, I can only shake my head in dismay. It says much about you, having little concern about tidiness. Simply put, a wallet is where all your plastic goes. Save some notes there but not too much till your cover is blown. Much like the hip flask, the wallet should ‘get in, get out’. Any unneeded attraction, it will be a thief’s income or a purse. ‘Nuff said. But come on, please respect it. It what defines a man. NOT just the wealth but also the statement. It’s the statement! I will really look into a Victorinox Bi-Fold. You can invest in a Luis Vuitton or a Montblac, just make sure that you don’t look like a pirate when you take out your cash. (Credit: Victorinox Berlin)

Yup, those 3 things should make you a Man. Swiss Army knife states that you are on-ready, everywhere anywhere. A hip flask has an accent of maturity. The wallet demands respect.

Though the definitions of a man varies from one to another. What doesn’t is the need of a definition. Those days, a moustache signals wealth. Nowadays, it just reminds me of grandpa. Today, a contemporary modern male is hardly dominant. I see the need for people to be flexible and good in many shapes and size. Though this world seems demanding, it only serves to be rewarding.

Because the only way is up. To the stars.