Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rough Landing...

I have a pre-camp tomorrow from 8 to 12pm.

I have a lunch tomorrow with my old mates at 130pm.

I then have a pre-camp to return to by 6pm.

I should study tomorrow for I have an exam at 9am on Monday.

Rough Landing...

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Just because you can.

I screwed up big time. I was trying to recover my tempo but I ended up losing my step and completely fall out of line.

So I can just sit there and look at all those fuckers laugh at me. Or I can get back up, and get back into the line.

Of course, you would wish to end it all. Who wouldn't? You would want to just drown yourself just to suffocate that sorrow. You would want to drain all that blood so your evils will just die with you. But seriously? Just because you fell off, you wanna end it all?

Don't pussy out. If I were you, you would fight. You would fight just because you could fight. You would shout just because you could shout. You would continue just because you can. SO don't let that mind fuck up.

Yeah yeah, and don't spout such reckless statements like "Oh but I am only human." WHO THE FUCK CARES? Muhammad Ali is human. But he became a well known boxer, a dyslexic boxer. That Judo kid has only 1 arm. But he won a championship with that. So what is exactly the lower limit of humans? Nothing. All we are taught are the upper limits. There's no need of lower limits. We are to succeed the only upper limits. That's why no one cares if you fail. But everyone will lend you their hand if you get top. We are meant to win.

You will fight. I know you will.