Sunday, December 31, 2006

it's time to take one step back

well first thing first, internet connection has been fixed. the earthquake that shook taiwan must be really powerful. if not, the 'nuclear-proof lines shouldnt hav broken. [i'm just phrasing wad togu has said in his blog... nuclear-proof lines? who wans to bomb the sea?!] well anyway, i know this is a bit really late... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!


haha! well i'm blogging just minutes before 2007 comes and well i dont wan to miss it! 4 more minutes.... hahaha! well hope u guys have a happy and bubblly 2006! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

and to togu...sry mate...didnt to make u sad!


gd luck to redux!

Friday, December 22, 2006

life sucks

geez...i dont kno wad to blog abt... this gonna be a lame post again!

oh crap... vivocity was a huge place man! i went there 2 weeks ago with my parents. [ -.- wad... there's nth wrong goin out with parents... afterall, they are my mus entertain them...] My parents were tired so they wanted to sit down n have dinner at the same time. n oh boy! wasnt it like a maze! there are diff lobbys namely frm A-G. i was super confused with the map. the food court was at B2. but i must go to B2 using lobby G's exit... dang...wasnt that confusing... well after 20 mins of walking, we finally managed to find the food court beside the mrt entrance... seriously -.-
well i cant say it was a total waste. i got to kno where to buy kon!!! damm it... he's cute! got to meet some vivocity models... yea the ones that appeared in the tv n posters... ppl were like taking pics of them. the arcade is not to say really huge but yea, it's like the same old e-zone. i also found a japanese store! lols... it sells these hardware, cookware stuff frm japan. really nice though.
for dinner, i had jap food... wah... super nice! it's like ramen ten's branch, shin tokyo. i had tempura udon which consits of the all to familiar udon and and the mouth-watering tempura prawn... wth... i wan to go there again!!!

well that was abt vivocity, it's time for today!

i just got back frm "heroes' lunch". some sort of a time where students are appreciated for their job well done in their respective cca's [which also means that if u win an award for the sch, u'r invited... if not...don think of comming] n MAN!!! i totally missed it. went to sch n helped my eng teacher pack n clean her room at 830. n the suppossedly heroes' lunch would be held at 11. i was wif some of my classmates n we talked abt loads of stuff which evntually ate time till 12... i'm totally speechless... well now i'm at home now... mayb i'll go n pick up togu... or mayb start finnishing up my hw... bleagh... life sucks...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

nice guys finnish last

It's a song by Green Day. seriously, i think nice guys finish last...

u gotta give it up for ssc man... they pulllef the plug on frs 07... -.- oh wtf. THEY CANT DO THIS!!! THERE ARE MANY OUT THERE PLAYING THEIR LAST NEXT YEAR!!! RAHHH!! at first, i couldnt believe it. i was taken aback when news spread. first, togu blogged abt it. i thought it was just a rumour but it all crashed when the
forums talked abt it. N yea, hopes n dreams all vanished. i really felt bad for those senior friends of mine. geez... how i wish delta was true... well u can't help it. dream dont always come true.

i'm gonna rack my brains n try to help out the forums as much as possible. i cant let this die.

damm... i'm feeling useless again... f- it. i got tonnes of work to be done [it's even pilled up, nicely...] n i'm still slacking. must get out of this thing, this unbearable weakness that has kept me trapped. it's just crazy.
i like being simple. i wan to talk simple, so y dont i let it out now.

what is a blog when u'r not letting ppl kno wad u'r feeling? if in the old days ppl write journals, ppl today must blog. yea but some may say that a blog is more of a public thing [well of course. blogging is over the internet] n journaling is more private. [haha, it wont be if yur parents find out!!!] but anyway, the point is, i'm just keeping too much stuff inside till i hav to lie...
i'd rather......die than lie......

Thursday, December 14, 2006

wordplay...what's the meaning again?

{encoding is at unicode}
Well today is a bit slacked. didn't do ANY of my hw. GOSH!!! got a pile at the other side of my table. so far i've only done maths. a lot of ppl are pronouncing math with the 's'. actually it's wrong. but it wont hurt to say it wrongly.

my wireless is dead. dang my itchy fingers... i thought i could fix it by restoring it to factory settings... but i guess i was wrong... now it cant even connect to the internet... i really miss the speed T-T

Recca's back frm australia. n i heard her team won an award! congrats to recca's team! it's a pity she didnt get me a kangaroo... [yes, i asked for a kangaroo] but the polar bear in my room is troubling enough!
I think the cute syndrome is still in me so I may be a bit siao durr some of these upcoming days.

togusa is in japan now... held hostage by all those cheap stuff over there. check his blog. he is after all blogging frm japan. nifty if u ask me! 1000 yen shld be around 13 sing dollars. quite cheap lah if u ask me.
Announcement: There will be NO more MONTHLY TOPIC POST due to the slow thinking process and lack of ideas, our dear friend, zul has. Compensation or refund MAY be given!

hahaha! i really like this announcement! especially b4 this post was modified! oh well, b4 my itchy fingers start to lose this post again, i'll end it here.

merry christmas everyone!

Monday, December 04, 2006


ok i'm REALLY SRY!!!! the reason for me not posting the [MONTHLY TOPIC POST] is actually because i've NO idea to talk abt. i seriously hav a problem here.


so many ppl flying off man... recca's today. [SRY i didnt see u off :X ...i hope u get me a kangaroo!] togu's tmmr...[wth...his flight leaves at 1am... if i see him off, mom will really chop my head off my head this time] ... well, i wont be left that lonely. i still got my juniors to disturb. but MAN!!! irritating togusa was almost my hobby!

o shit...i've lost my macbook last sunday. oh how could i do that. but strangely, i dont even feel a single remorse for it...geez...aint i weird huh?

but everything aint perfect rite? [crap alert!] well of course, as memory drifts away, man [which is me] searches for a way to preserve it... [i'm serious...]'s suppose to be a crane....but i think evolution and radiation deformed it xP ...well at least it's my first 'crane'... =D

i think life is pretty much empty especially w/ my macbook stolen...[i'm not feeling remorse] macbook=no entertainment=borring life=decoder...ya... i think hw will entertain me now...looks like de- won this round...tsk...but at least the teddy bear [the penguin lah] is gone!!!