Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finding Those Words

She just had to say those things…

I went out today, hoping to get things off my mind. But was kinda reluctant when my parents wanted me to go out with them. BAH. I had went out with my friends last night so when I used it today, it didn’t really stand. HMM. Either I have to find better grounds to FIGHT FOR MY RIGHT TO PARTY (as quoted from the Beastie Boys!) or maybe realise that I am a sucker for time management. My Mom was right, I had went out last night, came home late and Mom DID NOT say a thing about it AND I WENT OUT knowing full well that Monday creeps near. Oh my timetable, why must you start at 9 for a Monday???? But hey, now I’m home. I should set Sundays as my family day. In fact, I came home at 9. Didn’t really do much. Was kinda expecting a little control on my funds today. But spent it on an hour of LAN. And a KFC meal. I think my body’s rejecting it. ESPECIALLY MY BICEPS. I knew I did the curls wrongly! Damn! Uhhh…

It was pretty fun. I went out with Alvin and Daren. FINALLY got Alvin to play LAN with us but of course, NOOB ALERT. Bah. Oh I should have taken of Alvin’s outfit. I will be committing a gentleman sin here. Commenting on one’s attire is a selfish NONO. But no way will I see this fashion disaster happen! I couldn’t believe Alvin came in sleeveless sports attire, black fit shorts and slip on shoes. WHAT THE fish! Super super whoa. I would have probably ditched the ‘sleeveless sports shirt’ and went for a long sleeve collar tee. Maybe I could rolled the sleeves up or leave it as is. It will make one look pretty buff. Eyes will fall on the top first but the legs will get much attention too. So it’s recommended you build your legs when wearing this. HAHA.

But the bag was a killer. GOSH. Slinging from his right shoulder, across his chest, the rectangular piece of… ERR… was just making it really… gosh. The bag reminds me of my Sec 1 and 2 days. HAHA.

So yeah, we went LAN. Saw him with his notes and I told him, “Maybe you should take a break or something?”. Heh, we did. An hour of LAN at Colosseum@Iluma. It’s apparently the biggest LAN centre. Pretty good stuff there. It’s like e2MAX without the $3.50 price tag. Actually, it uses the same software as e2MAX to manage the games! WTH!!! Pretty cool stuff. You have to be a member at 16 bucks to get the discounts. $1.50 for weekdays. $2 for Fridays and Saturdays. $2.50 for a Sunday. THAT TOTALLY RAPES e2MAX’s rates okay! Like I’ve said, pretty cool rigs there. Razer Krait, Razer Tarantula keyboard, a headset (pretty sucky for my standards but hey, it works!) and a really nice 21” screen. MAN o’ MAN, the screen is just BE-EE-A-U-TIFUL.

Daren got a pair of shoes. Don’t know why he had to buy. Then a pair of headphones. ALSO don’t know why he had to buy. I should have told him… GET AN iPHONE larrrr. Ohoh, we went KFC. Wanted to buy the Family Feast. But considering a new hack Daren learnt, we grabbed the 3 piece meal instead. It was superrrrr PAI SEH man. WE HAD NOT ENOUGH MONEY!!! Eventually, Alvin saved our ass. Gosh. Lucky us.

Well, Iluma was fun. They should get more shops there. Found a particular shops selling albums and all. They had some kind of a musical box up for sale. Really tiny. You had to wind it and it’ll play a song! Haha. Or rather the tune of it. Really cool. Alvin’s idea of a gift sparked some thoughts of it as a gift too. HMM. I also saw this.



Saturday, January 16, 2010


I love my Mac. It has been 3 years and now, it still goes on. Gosh, I love you. The keyboard still feels fresh. And even after having my Acer machine for almost a year now, I still can't get around the nifty layout of a MacBook.

Supposedly, I am to finish up up my Engineering Economy presentation. But I have hit a ditch. That goes to show, when you're not listening in class, you are in deep shit. I'm waiting for a classmate of mine to send in his copy. Hopefully I could make sense of the numbers. Nominal vs Effective. PW vs AW vs FW. Compounding Period and Time Period. Ba, just too much. Also, I gotta brush up on my Analogue Electronics. All the Bipolar Junction Terminal crap is just... yeah, you know. Not forgetting my long due tutorials. Alternative Current Circuits, AEL, Engineering Maths 2... and the list goes on...

Like I've said, SUPPOSEDLY. The email has yet to reach me. I can't open the slides for AEL. I've certainly no mood count and looking at circuits make me wanna puke. To top it all, I have CCA business to do. So without further ado, lemme do my work peeps!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

I AM READY. And we will be more than what we are suppose to be.

We will.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


“For what it’s worth, it’s good. Always good and never bad.”

Those words keep playing in my mind like some endless movie reel. I guess I picked that up some time when I was in the post-Os’ dilemma. Fronted by choices that, will affect everything I did. It also represented one of the many lessons I had learnt in SA, mind over matter. Cementing it further, your mindset determines your outcome. It just reminds me how intrigued I became to Psychology. Gosh, such old memories.

I’m sure by now you notice my blog posts appearing in Facebook. Like any hardworking student, I was making sure I was up to date with my friends’ activity, always having my index finger on the F5 button. And then I saw people posting their blog posts on FB as notes. At first I thought,”Whoa, you all could stand the writing interface of FB’s notes?” Well, that was WHAT I had thought. Little did I know, on the right side of the page lies the IMPORT BLOG button. Haha.

So yeah, gave that a spin and… there you go! (Writer’s Block: What is the speech expression that suggests “Here you go!”. Sounds like ‘wah-lah’ or ‘voi-lah’ phonetically. Anyone?) But anyway, looks pretty decent. If you think that you’ll get more traffic overnight, you’ll be disappointed. I don’t see my visitor stats jumping by the hundreds. In fact, I think I have bots trolling my page as unique visitors! Haha. However, I personally tried a service where it grabs the RSS feed of my blog and updates my tweets whenever a new post rolls out. In turn, I have this FB application that allows my FB to be updated by Twitter! Haha. But looks like the service is down or something. Can’t seem to get it up and running. Give it a try, think it’s called Twitterfeed or something. Check it out (Link). Guess this “Import Blog” feature brings more good than harm. Brings a whole new medium and chance for you all to poke into my life! Harm? Well, now my teachers can see this rant. Oh dear.

Speaking of which, I know it is a bad idea to post such some thoughts here but since this is my space and my blog, all goes out here. No explicit stuff here, kids. Haha. Anyway, find your worth.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010