Friday, April 30, 2010


Nothing beats notepad.

With Lucida Console as its font, and the unmistakeable bleach white background, the Windows Notepad remains one of the best tools to... take notes. No need for formatting. No need for rulers. No need for colour. No need for alignment. Just your spacebar, your enter key and your letters.

That's all.

Though, I wished that it had a spellchecker and the ability to skip whole words (by pressing the CTRL key and directional keys) were available. A workaround would be holding the SHIFT key. That highlights them too.

Nonetheless, this remains one one of the, if not among, the best choice for writing. Because when you want to just write, all you are are your ideas.

Classes start at 8am. So i better make this quick.

Here's what gonna happen tomorrow.

I end classes at 3pm. By then, I've already took my lunch. So I'll head down to the nearest Famous Amos and get some cookies. No, shouldn't I wait till later? I don't want the cookies to be cold. Okay, so maybe I'll leave for cookies at 4? and then get them before 6 or 7?

ALTERNATIVELY, I can just get them from Subway. Maybe I should ask them for a batch order. Like, "I need 36 cookies. I WILL COLLECT THEM AT 9!" Yeah, maybe that's a better idea.

OR, I could just bake. HAHHAHAHHA.

Alright, with cookies at hand, I will make my way for dinner. Or I could just skip that and proceed for the meeting. And then my cue for a few words. After which, we shall talk.

Yeah, "HTHT".

All along, I wanted to be something. Something different from your ordinary package. Something unique. I wanted to be special. Years pass by, as this thinking deteriorated my mental stability. It corroded me. And eventually, this just made me half the man I used to be.

Half man, and half machine.

Not heartless, just emotionless. But today, I somehow got pass that thinking. Being the President, is a tough job. All these expectations begin to fill your inbox and you fear. You fear that you can't meet them.

In such a case, you become resistive. Rejecting everything. Instead, you procrastinate and delay the pain. All because you want to meet expectations. But truly, are these expectations that we meet? So, every time you fall down, you alone fall to pieces. And never your team is there. They need no leader who fears himself.

They need a leader that fears not.


I can only offer words.