Friday, November 27, 2009

The Extreme Need for Focus (1)

Who would have thought, that she would react this way. I did not anticipate that. Maybe I should have seen it coming. How could I see it pass me? How could I just stood there and do nothing? It’s just unacceptable.

I saw her struggling. And in my hopes to drag her out of the ‘slumber’, I thought it would be best if I took her mind off such obstacles. But I was just too self-centred. Never have I thought of her personal reactions and to say I knew her. Bleagh.

I should have known. If I am to…, I have to. What happened to me? I thought of understanding her more. What happened to active listening? Whatever happened to being branded as a person to be turned to? Have I failed that? Or was I just to carried away by my own dreams that I never took notice of her?


Questions abound and answers rarely come by. A world I live in will be the only world I live in. Even if I dislike it, ignores it, pushes it away, it is the only one. I’ll just hope that my ever-sharp human capability to adapt remain sharp indeed. If it fails, I will just be caught off guard.

So I better get this right. 

Monday, November 23, 2009

High And Mighty Colour

Today was a pretty dry day. The weather has finally found mercy upon me, feeling the anguish of returning home dirty, hungry and cold. It’s good to get things done in your way. Firstly, I’ve done much of my assignments for today. I’ve caught up in MoL for Engineering Maths with the others. My AEL eTutorial is not weighing me down anymore. Though I would like to add that I just ‘referred’ to my classmates answers. HAHA. The best has yet to come. Training at Flag Football was well received.

My quarterback complimented me on my snapping improvement. The ball is much faster and accurate. I can’t wait for the next match. Oh yeah, I got my first de-flaged! HAHA. Not really a huge milestone, Suhaimi was just dancing around with little effort. But such a good day nevertheless! 


I’m considering of joining Run for My Lunch 2010 ( It’s a running event that includes competitive 6 km along with a community 3 km. There’s a 1.4 km kids’ run but hey, c’mon! I’m really considering of registering for this event. In fact, 6 km is not much to complain of when I’ve previously scaled 4.8 km of high terrain! Yeah, that should do it. Not only will this benefit me. Proceeds of the fee will be donated to the students of Ngee Ann Polytechnic which are finding the economic downturn a little hard to manage. As such, the name: Run for My Lunch 2010. I say $25 is a small price to pay for donations. Especially when in competitive 6 km, you get a goodie bag. Or maybe, we can just put that as a small incentive. You’d better run ALL 6 km for 25 bucks bro! HAHA. 


What: Charity Run For My Lunch (RML)
When: 31st January 2010, Sunday, 8am
Where: East Coast Park, Dalbergia Green

Yupp. Think we should do our part and support the needy students by joining this event. After all, you’ll get to shave some weight off at the same time!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Drowsy Zooo-zyyy

For once, I think I work better having a flu.

I was out and about with my parents earlier today. Apparently, my Dad was looking for a new phone since his Motorola RAZR V9 did not survive his ‘average’ treatment. (He dropped it at a curb. There’s a striking crack on its glass face. !!!) Whatever his treatment is, we had a spare phone from the recent re-contract we had a few months back. It’s a Sony Erricsson phone. Still new in its wrapping. Notice my use of the past participle ‘had’? Haha. Yeah, not even a week of usage. My dad lost it. Bummer.

We sorta finally settled with a Nokia touchscreen. I think it’ll be great. He used to complain the physical limits of physical stuff. But oh well, since you can resize the buttons to your needs, booyeah? I guess that’s the only thing I like about it. Or for the case of my DAD using a touch screen phone. No offense but he can barely find the charger port!

But he’ll get use to it. After a few days of meddling (and possible some drop tests), he should be fine.

The November days are getting a tad too cold for me these days. My dad’s taxi had its air condition at speed 1 (the lowest) but I was pretty much solid as ice back at passenger seat. It could be just my immunity system being bothered by this flu of mine. I popped in 2 pills of ProCold and if it still sends shivers down my spine (literary larr), I’m sure they are not working!!!

Unfortunately it did. The full effect kicked in approximately 2 hours in. How? By experiencing the full plethora of friggin’ DROWSINESS. Ahhhhhh. I’m still in the midst of floating in the air. I think I can see unicorns! But honestly, and ironically as well, I think much better in this malformed state of a human being. Without this side effect, I would have just switched on my Acer, loaded up Facebook and just indulge myself with her captivating smile. No, I’m not stalking anyone.

And for that matter of fact, adoring a person’s smile just compliments her. I’m just acknowledging that her cheerfulness makes my day. That is all.

In my drowsy state, I say that I can finish the EG2 tutorial in 1.5 hours, finish off AEL SLA in an hour and devour the Uni-ish texts of AC Circuits for Inductors, Capacitors and Sinusoidal Waves in a mere 2 hours. But of course, I must be able to keep my eyes open that is. AND and provided, my stomach don’t frown upon me!

Oh well, I’m turning in.

Friday, November 06, 2009


I got soul but I’m not a soldier

                         -The Killers; All These Things That I’ve Done