Friday, April 25, 2008

Say What?: English as you MAY know it...

I don’t know what to say actually. However deep I search, I can’t find any word that reflects what I think right now. I think people associates this to a mere state of suicidal. Then the average will add a little suspense by saying that the ’victim’ was being subjected to high levels of ‘stress’. -_- I figure we all have been misusing that word for quite some time now. When an exam crawls near, we say that we are being stressed. WHAT? It is not even a week near and you say you’re being stressed? I mean, the sentence itself hides a flaw in you. You can’t be stressed by something that hasn’t happened! You can say that you MIGHT or for extreme cases WILL be stressed when the exam draws near. C’mon fellas! Maybe it’s here that I insert that English is not just like any other subject. It’s a tool devised by the majority (Praise democracy?) to be our medium in conversing, delivering and form our ideas. Look there, 2 men. One is an Indian while the other, a Chinese. They are happily discussing their day with a simple notch of English. So I say, why can’t we just practice it while we still can? I’m sure after 10 years of ‘compulsory’ education, our English will be just enough to call our British counterparts. (Don’t try and compare to ours. Ours is so bad that we need them to correct our English in the O’s!)

Though, I won’t object to our ‘fluent’ use of English everyday. It’s not perfect. SO this got me thinking, why would we use a medium that is not perfect for our way to live life? Another thing is that why must it be perfect? Ok now, I’m already contradicting myself. ‘Democratic’ and ‘Republican’. They both pose the same definition: To serve without a King nor Queen and in favour of the great majority. BUT, they serve as two different parties in the ongoing American Presidential Elections. English ain’t perfect!

But hey, when we need to just deliver the simplest of ideas, the best way is to speak in something that you’re comfortable and ‘feel safe’ with. That way, you won’t embarrass yourself when you talk!

Finally, my theme for the month of April and May:
: )

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why Can't We Be Friends?

"Why Can't We Be Friends by War"

That tune you hear in the background is by the old multi-racial group, War. I ponder why they use such a name for a multi-racial band. I bet Mr King will be delighted to see this! Well right now, I feel like Robin Hood against the walls of the England Castle. Tall and strong, I don't think my arrows will penetrate through those cement. Oh wait, they didn't use cement during that time. In any rate, I have many arrows flying towards me. SIGH. Looks like I have to dodge them again. I need those bows to breakdown. The, only then I'll go inside that castle. No, I won't wreck havoc in it. I just need to say sorry to their Princess. I'll then, walk out.

Gosh, I wish I had eyes at my back.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Got this off the TV series, Life

For my heart to be complete, my mind must be pure. For my mind to be pure, ...

Yeah, it goes something like that.

Monday, April 14, 2008

80 cents

Remember Project INTEGRATE?

Yeah. Some posts ago, I was talking on how the average Singaporean family is ‘low’ in the knowledge of information communication technology (IT). Let’s just run through on what I said. Such advancements in technology is PHENOMENAL as it does so many things at a touch of a single button! It’s the new world order I say. But, these advancements are not being used to their fullest extent. Why? Because not all know how to or even do not know about their existence. And so, I wrapped it up by saying how Singapore (the world too) should make IT as simple as it can be (Apple to be credited here) or they should educate their people on how to use it. The pros? Online banking, VoIP, see the doctor online, shopping online and etc. The most important is none other than inflicting a sense of requirement to constantly upgrade oneself. With this ‘project’, people can see the need to constantly upgrade themselves. I’m sure this has been stressed gazillion times by Singapore especially when the population has a balloon rise in elderly.

Meet infocomm123, a site where you can ask ANY tech question! Well, I can see Yahoo calling their lawyers now.

Thanks Singapore! (The World Wide Web, letting the officials read my post! HAH!)

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Imagine, Yahoo, Goggle and MSN working together. Combined, they bring the best our browsers can over. Well, we usually take over this 'loop' by entitling ourselves with all the services they can offer. With the power of the web within our finger tips, who will not notice the hidden trap. TOO MANY PASSWORDS! Security enforces always point out that a password of alphanumeric (and sometimes that includes spaces, caps lock and even num lock activated keys) strength is like a diamond lock. But of course, remembering 3 types of 24-characters long 'words' will be a pain in the ass. -_- So may I suggest the young and bold?

Finally, technology says:

I kickED ass man...

On the not-so-far island of Pulau Ubin, lives an ant that... BIT MY ASS!

I'm on MC for 3 days for that fact above. Honestly, why must that ant bite me? Now, I can't even sit. Haiz. Dude, I think it's swollen! OUCH! The doctor gave me a couple of ANTIBIOTICS. ALL FOUR OF THEM. I have to 'ralak one corner' and make sure the pain goes away. If not, I have to see the doctor, AT THE HOSPITAL. [Partly blame Haekal for kicking my ass... Literally]

GEEZ, talk about pain in the ass...

Sunday, April 06, 2008


I just came back from the wet market at Tekka with my mom. We bought some seafood like prawns, fish [STINGRAY!!! =) ] and some mutton. Yes, yes, it was indeed wet. -_- Anyway, I'm home now and just got this urge to listen to some Jack Johnson. Lovely and melodious sounds that he's capable of. You know, it makes me think all the things that happened. From the cheerful tennis and OBS to the dry quiet days, everything just flashed by. The more I think about these times, the more I want to buy his CD. Times like these, it's just better to ride it out than solve it. Maybe, maybe I'm the wrong one here. Sometimes, I don't know what you think I know. Then, we are at a standstill. So much for When A River Is Formed.


Saturday, April 05, 2008


Yes, yes. I understand that I have been lacking in some areas of my work. I also understand that many people have expressed their concerns through the comments and I would like to announce that I am working on the comments given. I will report my progress any time sooner but for the mean time, please rest easy. However, I would like to claim no guarantee in the success of the work I am attending. This is partly due to several conflicting ideas that stand tall in this period of time. Please understand that every opportunity to resolve this matter may have been taken. As this is a subjective and sensitive matter, discretion is advised.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008