Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Holding On.

I dreamt something today. It was really weird considering that I slept with a thought, started the dream with an idea and finished that dream with a lasting wish. I hope she's doing fine.

My blog has been stripped to the bare bones. The music player has been removed. The tagbox is filled with outdated tags. My previous post is dated more than a month ago. My blog is near dead. Or is it?

I just got the urge to type this out just today. Usually I would load up a blogging client on my Windows 7 machine but ever since my Acer is giving me total BS performance, I am kinda really reluctant on working on that total BS machine. BAH, IT MAKES ME MAD. 

Thus, that's why I've revived my MacBook. That first good looking 2006 model revision. It's all I need but of course, no games, no hardcore image editing. C'mon, this dude falters even at the process of MS Word! WHOA! But one thing it does great is that it is bare bones, just like my blog. All you need to know, all you need is just there. Nothing extra to bog you down or nothing less to worry about. No worries, you will see more posts from me both random and unforeseen.

No need for extravagant comeback parties. Just need to make sure she's doing fine. :)