Monday, October 31, 2011


Since I can't sleep and Blogger just released an iPhone app for its blogging service, I shall give you tips on getting in shape.

1. Do not skip meals.

It does sound ironic but if you skip meals, you will burn not the fats, but the muscle proteins more. Besides, your body needs energy to gain those muscles!

Instead, grab a fruit juice or a light meal. On average, your meal you should give you a calorie count of 800. That's if you eat 3 meals a day.

What you want to aim for is a deficit. Cut down on you calorie intake and your body will respond by burning the fat.

2. Gym, with confidence

Have a workout regime figured out. Don't worry about hitting low weights first. Be comfortable with what you can do and progress slowly.

Make it a point to draw a time table. Say maybe run on days 1, 3 and 5. But gym on days 2 and 4.

When you gym, decide beforehand on which part of the body you want to concentrate on. Upper body? Triceps, biceps, shoulders, chest, abs. Lower body? Glutes, calves, quads, abductors, hips.

Another point to note is to make sure you know how to use the machine or the free weights. We don't want any injury at the end of the day.

Get a friend to gym with you too! It really is better with a friend pushing you. And when you push yourself, remember to know your limits. One hour of weights will be enough. Any more, you will feel exhausted afterwards. (don't forget typed of workouts as well! Super sets etc)

3. Rest your limits

Yes, getting into shape is a definite plus but remember your limits. But its a want. You're still doing other stuff. And not being able to do what is needed is bad.

So do the society a favour.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

It doesn't work sideways

Yes. It doesn't.

Hi there. How are you? It's funny when we are knee deep in work, we clamour for a break. But when we finally get one, it just passes. Some say it doesn't feel worth. Others will say its not worth to the extent that resting is just wasting their time.


Today is a rest day. Didn't want to go out. Instead, spent my day lazing around like Garfield. I had time playing around with my new phone. More on that later. It just seems weird that today, I seem so unfazed. I hate to admit, I have this lurching feeling to return to work. I felt this rest day is a waste. OH MY. So that's why, tomorrow, I'mma going to start work!

I got myself a new phone. My 3GS took a dive into the waters with Jon at the recent BBQ by East Coast Park. (Jon is still half-guilty by the way. HAHA. KARMA'S A BITCH.) For 2 weeks, I was stuck with a Nokia. It's not that bad but I do miss the time when I would just dabble into Wikipedia in a bus ride while my ears are plugged. That Nokia did give me a break in the sense that it prevented me from plugging my ears or Wiki search everything and anything I come across. Instead, I just focused whatever I had with me. The bus, the people, the trees, the beeps from the ez-link reader, the creaks coming from the metal-wood work of the bus.

"Sometimes, the finest of details is found not when you focused a lot, but when you removed the very distraction to it."

Not hot. But beautifully charming. :)
And then, I got an iPhone 4S. TAKE THAT. HEHEHEH. It's like a natural beauty. Industrially marvellous. So the question is, should I protect it whilst hiding its real beauty? Or shall I champion its looks?

Man, beats me.

Breaks aside, my FYP needs to pick up its pace. This group, my group, has good members, hardworking individuals with a competent working mindset. But we just can't settle on things. Gosh.

Going back to the iPhone, I probably won't buy a case for it because I already am using my Dad's previous case. Also, I like that touch of the glass front. Glass back is just too much, I want grip there. And fortunately, my Dad's case gives me what I need. The thing is, it's white! But hey, I ain't wanna buy a new case! I'm just too broke. And the armband from my 3GS fits nicely on the 4S! NAISE. But I don't feel that confident because I can imagine it bouncing up and down while I run. Not a nice thing to do to a new phone.

But hey, who cares about the phone? Most importantly, it's the person on the other end. She's much more. :) 

Sunday, October 09, 2011

"She's cute. Bubbly is too chubby to describe her. Charimastic is too manly for her. Spontaneous is too big of a word that describes her. She is just splendid. She has that charm that flows through me."

Not hot. But beautifully charming. :)

I Am Proud of You.

Then, I keep getting distracted. Again.

Ahh, finally, I have the time just to write. I always wanted to write for quite some time. But it simply eludes me. Making matters worst, I've lost my touch on my laptop's keyboard so much that I kept missing letters by a space. So much for AutoCorrect.

About a week back, I just came back from a camp for my CCA club. And all I want to say is that I'm proud. Really. I am proud of the heroes that spend hours to hours preparing a camp. And I am sure you can feel these heavy responsibilities together for we, have been there before. And it is simply exhilarating to see the young ones stand up before you. It's beautiful to see your sons and daughters grow. Okay, now I sound like a old dude. Brrrrr.

Now, I know we don't reckon this as something we exactly condone. But remember the last time, the last time you said no to a challenge. It could be that time when your teacher asked you to be a school prefect and you didn't want to be burdened. Or the time your mother told you to take the trash out and you felt lazy. Or that time when you were too scared to even walk the night walk. ;) And look at yourself today. Count your deeds for once and tell yourself, "You have made it this far."

So we just give our best. The only best.