Thursday, November 30, 2006

don feel like dancing

NEWS UPDATE!!! I'M NOT GROUNDED!!!! ok, that's a bit lame but yea. my mom sorta told me that i'm not grounded but it doesnt mean that i'm able to go out EVERYDAY but it's a relieve to kno that i'm not grounded ^.^

i got this thing in today's display day thingy. i kno some of u all like cute things. so yea i got only one n i'm gonna give it to any1 who asks.

went to hwa chong inst today to help infocomm club in some display thingy. it's sth like cca display day but the only diff is that there's some minister comming. [if not deputy] i mean i gotta go there n represent as the champions of Alice-In-Action comp. the minister did visit our booth but he was blocked by some teacher frm some sch asking my teacher abt some thing. [ok sry-lah, i just got bad memory but i DONT hav amnesia!!!] so he didnt really visit...*phew!*

it wasnt that long standing and wandering around visiting other booths. [that's how i got this stuffed animal...haiz...i just suck] weird huh? i just visit n i got this thing. i really wan to get it out of my sight. IT'S DISTRACTING ME!!!! i cant even think straight :P so if this fella is still w/ me........[ add worst scene here! ]

bleagh...i'm seriously bored eventhough i kno i got hw to do. damm...i'm slacking once again. i may go down to SITEX or watch robots risk themselves w/ their owners undependable [no offence but seriously] programs in FLL =X...haha...i'm talking crap. well i guess i'll wish my mom lets me off this weekend. really wan to spend outside. haha! on the 2nd thought, i still owe evergreen the! it's in woodlands!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


it's over. i've crossed the final line. i'll be officially grounded tmmr. so wad did i do? i lied. i tried to grow up but u hated that. i want to be w/ them but u posed them as enemies. y?


they are the ones that has stood by me n this i'll nvr ignore. for their efforts are too important to be ignored. that's y i treasure these relationships. but u came in n hated them. i know y. u just got the wrong picture. stop it. just give me a moment to explain.

i too was wrong. i shld hav turned away n walked off. But instead i lied to u. for that i'll accept any punishment u giv me. i'll brave anything BUT

u will nvr break me frm them. if u ever do, it's like thrusting yur sword into my heart again. dont...i beg of u...dont...

ground me. cane me. drown me. kill me or wadever. just dont break us. like i've promised. my sword has sworned not to quench it's thirst w/ u. destroy me instead.

i'll be dragged down to the depths of their wraths. i've lost my macbook to him. i've lost to her. i've no more trust. i'll be grounded for lying and disobeying. i'm sry guys for not being there. i'm sry...

Sunday, November 26, 2006


so today i woke up late but who cares anyway? it's the holidays! i tried to get out of bed but i was still tired. i've no idea y as i was not feeling that tired.nthen i began to run my mind w/ stupid questions like y the sky is blue, wad happens after i got married, wad if my imagination drove me to my deathbed... yea, all thoes stupid retarded questions that i had nvr thought of in my life. wtf. seriously. stared at the ceiling for an hour thinking of those questions but finally asked myself a question worth answering.

WAD M I GONNA BLOG TODAY? so my head was racked again. first up, i can talk abt yesterday. Robofest finals were on yesterday at cine. MAN! i was freezing my ass off in that place. it was super duper cold n i was wearing short sleeves -.- robofest is a competition like njrc but the only deal is that since it's the first year, the organisers really sucked. the playing feild is like those budget ones. [it can be broken down! i'm serious!] location was in the middle of town so it was a bit hectic just to come down early in the morning to register. n of course the aircon is damm cold!!! arghhhh!!! but back to basics. my team [clovis, turtle n i] didnt do well but it was still good. however, revoltage [recca, ben, togu] got 3rd! congrats guys! but of course, eventhough we didnt win T.T at least we tried! so guys
damm hair...i hate my long hair! it always tumble down to my eyes n it will irritate them like hell. so any1 know any gd barber? but mus be cheap orh. i've gotten broke when i bought 12 batts at 16 bucks!!! wth!!! stupid cheers... well then, i think i gotta start on my hldy hw. i also got to start on the ta-chi-ku-ma thingy [recreated in lego!] well gotta go cya!

Friday, November 24, 2006


ok today i wont be long. my head's heavy and i cant really think that much so let's make it simple today.


that's all really. short n simple. cant do much now but i'll really update it tmmr! sry every1!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


damm my router lah...i was blogging last night n GOSH! i do write a lot. i clicked "publish post" afterwards n guess what. "PAGE FAILED TO LOAD" ARGGGGGGGGHHHH!!!! i was like wtf! n it happened twice! that's y i did not update my blog...bleagh...

ok back to life. well today i went to cine to look at robofest. it was rather below my expectations. i was expecting a bigger crowd but at least there was a crowd. haha better than yesterday actually. believe me, when i came down [togu made me came down -.- darn u!], it was super barricade [ok this was still ok 'cos there's no crowd...]...n no fun! humph! togu n i were wandering around cine, wasting time of waiting for the competitors. n guess wad...only 5 were playing that day -.- WAH!!! super boring man!!!!! got home at 6...danggg...i spent 4 hours wandering aimlessly wif togu...crap...
ok lah, today was still ok. kena scolded for being late T.T ok that's actually my fault...SRY!!!! but still it was sianz...darn u togu! left me wif your junk lego stuff!!! he pang sei-ed lester n i...oh wait not forgetting ben n recca!!!! all of u pang sei me rite!!! HUMPH!!!

now i'm home...wasting time...craplah...kena scolded [T.T again] by my parents...arghhh!!!! cant i have just some freetime! seems i don hav freedom...sometimes i hate blogging, sometimes i like it...geez! i think i'll do my hw now...better than nth oh ya...gotta plan my programming! see u later...double post i

Sunday, November 19, 2006


It's 2am. My mind asks me the same question again. 'What in the world am i doing up late?' And again i reply, the same age old answer. 'I'm waiting, thats all.' right....waiting, waiting, waiting... life has become an empty apartment and boredom's my new hobby. [shld be correct...i mean boredom is a noun right?]

even lan didnt move me. yea...went lanning...again...[i gotta stop wasting money man...] i mean lan can be good n bad in many ways. the good thing is that u can improve n those stuff. bad thing is, u spent 5 bucks everytime u go there. let's say once a week? (5 * 4 weeks = x) where x ≠ 0. pretty nifty eh? nothing much happened at lan yesterday. BUT some guy frm charity just popped up requesting for donations -.- I was like ok... ok no more comments frm here. getting tired n bored at the same time. this is a bad mix...

i'm currently bored out of my skull now. i'm thinking of getting a job....sososos but i don kno. too many things in my mind now. it's like, i don wan to work but i wan too. -_- weird huh? well that's me ppl. but wait, at least that sword is not there...

n ya, watch out for this month's monthly post!

Monday, November 13, 2006 form: decoder

i've been called upon.
they are looking at me now.
they'll make sure i dont fall
N if i ever do,
they will never forgive me.
that's them...
they want simple...
as much as they want,
i do too want to be simple.
life has converge to a point of no return
where every step may be your last
it's time...
time to play their game.
prove them once and for all
that i'll be playing their game of

we walk as we run as we crawl.
this is not a poem...
these are not lyrics of a song... [strange...many are spamming blogger with lyrics...bleagh]
it's hard to say'll be hard n because of this i nid all yur help...please...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

LATE MONTHLY POST: when zul is talking crap again....

1st thing first, I have a diary for this so I was thinking of transferring all the entries there in to this computer. But for that to happen, I must type out all entries. [around 45 plus…-.-] Right, now lets go to the details!

The reason for this diary is pretty much for my usage in this computer. Everyday I sit in this comfy chair and I squander of time by listening to the tunes of Jpop and envy the blogs of other people. Yup, you can say that my life is pretty boring. [especially when I’m having the school holidays…] I always say to myself, “Sitting duck won’t get you anywhere”. That’s really true. Just imagine me in a situation where I, in a distant, a beautiful jewel caught my eye. Her hair tumbled as the wind blew. Ok, too much details! The point is that just got outside, try it out and losing but learning your mistakes on that moment will give you glory far more superior than the award itself. This laptop has been my best friend a few weeks back. Wireless Internet connection and it’s well known brand has made me at the pinnacle of my boasting. -.- Ok, let’s seriously cut to the chase. Well actually, talking everything on my mind now will not hurt. It actually helps! I’m not kidding! Bringing your ideas to the battlefront exercises my brain to think faster on the spot. [but maybe the auto-spell check is a bad idea…along with the grammar check] Haiz… Of course, I’m not forgetting that I write this for the cause of training my typing…haha…man, I just had a thought. If I’m to have a soft diary, might as well post it on my blog! Yea, that’s rite, I’ll post this on my blog…haha…I’m talking crap again!
ok the truth is i've NO IDEA wad to blog abt...i'm damm bored lah....SOMEONE FREE ME FROM THIS BOREDOM!!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

boredom... has nvr been boring. Here is something from me, "Boredom's my new hobby". My house has never felt this empty. Well on the 2nd thought, it's a bit hectic.

The class results are out. I'm 'destined' to be in 3sb. I really felt bad for my friend. He opted for 3s1 but got into 3s2 instead. I was like wth. It wasn't freaking fair lah! [3sa,3sb n 3s1{togu's class} are pure sciences classes] I mean my friend was really heartbroken. Craplah...holidays are for the : ) not the : (...crap school, crap windows lah! [i wonder y windows' name is here...hmmm]. Now i'm helping him get out of this class. [3s2:
home of the rowdy Saints] Don't worry Nick, i'll help u out of the class!

Had swimmng todae...wa back hurts like....*ouch*...ok, it "doesnt" hurt that much. i still havent master the freestyle. [srylah...i was like half of the time floating half] It's quite tiring but hey! No pain no game! After that, i met up wif turtle to *help him pack his robofest box*. -.- well i mean togu "placed his order" with me... -.- [i kno i'm the next chairman but i'm not the servant] After packing 2 boxes, we went home and visit togu for hari raya...haha. in a min, i was in a pool floating half dead and before i knew it, i'm talking w/ togu. [oh ya, he wans me to make a ta-chi-ku-ma...or wadever it's name -.-"]

it's settled. FLL i don think there's hope. the cat's out of the bag eh? stomach's sick. gonna stay up n pack my bag. MALAYSIA HERE I COME! eh...u guys wan me to buy anything from malaysia better tag me. gone frm thursday morning to sat night [after 2am -.- ] n ya, macbook...I'm addicted to it....i love it! [2nd to my list of the loved]
well then gotta sleeeeep [after i pack of course]....nitez u all!


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sink or swim

damm...i cant believe that i'm busy eventhough it's the holidays. yeah, got a new skin...thanks to recca =D

crap windows lah...tried IE7. not bad but firefox still rules! IE7 has similar functions with FF. Both has anti-phising, tabbed browsing, in-built search engines and my fav, pop-up blocker...haha...currently, my house has wireless signals, all open =.= Of course, one of them belongs to my 10mbps. [i'm currently blogging on my mac...blogger is made for IE, not safari]. well as the name says, it is 10 MILLION BYTES PER SECOND. [or simply 10,000 mb per sec]. quite ALOT for me. i mean i onli surf the net just to do research, roboSG forums, check mail, play some lame flash game and msn ppl. that's pretty much all. i bet a 1500kbps is enuf.

anyway, i nid to save money man. my wallet seems to hav a hole. well first, i nid to buy a desktop --->$2600. 2nd a new wireless router [the 1 that singnet gave me failed CONTINOUSLY] --->around $200. 3rd need a new mouse for my mac [the bluetooth is damm power hungry. in 30 mins w/ it, my batt went to 60% o.o] --->around $100 [razer wad]. total 2,900...$_$. where the heck m i to get that money?! ok lah, after parent's 'sponsorship' it'll drop to $600. shld be able to work for that. haiz...i cant believe i'm working. haha

pretty sucky me. FLL doesn't seems rite. I KNO U'LL READ THIS TOGU. tt's y i'm saying nth abt FLL. *glup*

for now, mac till rules me. if i'm gonna switch back, some1 gotta buy me a new lap or some1 don fix thoes compatible issues. [some app dont work on Mac's Tiger]. sink or swim eh?