Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Make Belief

And we all know, how it really feels like to lose what you don't want to be lost. Right now, I am feeling a bit scarred. I mean, there are so many things that could go wrong. I really hope that I get this off my chest and for once, breathe easy.

I have been the topic of many conversations, detailing my magic act. They say it was as though I disappeared, literally. And I'm sure, they will somehow relate me to the Mat status. Trust me, a Mat has no blog. What you're looking here is just Zul. In a different version that is.

You know, I try to pour my feelings here and there, in hopes that the problem will go away. I guess it was just wishful thinking. Man, every time I use that phrase, it just reminds me the horrors of my stunt. I'm at a dead end. I don't really know what to do next...

Now, don't think I'm an evil person or anything. I know, in my right mind, that my actions have ultimately negatively affected the people around me. There's no doubt that some damage has been done and these people may never view me as a capable person unlike before. But repair is possible and what I must do is to pick up from where I left off and restart. And yes, an apology is inevitable. Well, I should be able to return to my status of cloud nine in no time.

Well, that is in the 'right mind', also understood as an ideal situation. Unfortunately, I'm in a in-ideal situation.

Right now, I just want to talk to her. I'm totally risking my balls here. I could get rejected for life and that will just cast a life curse on me. But I really do NEED to talk to her.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Perfect is Imperfect!

So, YouTube seems to be a waste, Halo 4 is not on Microsoft's mind and WHEN WILL THE iPhone COME TO SINGAPORE?!

It was really phenomenal when the new iPhone 3G came out. It not only gives faster internet access, it has a much more comfortable feel in your hand. Miles of lines wrapped the blocks and this just proves the underlying cult Apple has harnessed. But it also proves the 'alter' side of it.

No MMS, no A2DP Streaming, no video calling and the worse, NO COPY AND PASTE! Whoa! [I'll put up the link when it's up. Sth's wrong with Cnet.] The iPhone, engineered to be compliant with Microsoft Exchange, has no copy-and-paste? Isn't there a slight hint that the phones will be used by the business power horses that holds conversations in an e-mail! C'mon! Now it's hard for them to quote from a pageful of passages!!!

But hey, let's look at it positively, shall we? I think that Apple is playing an 'exclusive-only' game. I don't think their main goal is to get rich. Well, yeah, it sure is in the long list of agendas but it's not number 1. I think, Apple wants to be small. Apple wants to be the minority. Apple wants to be nimble. Apple, don't want to suffer the celebrity-paparazzi-syndrome. You know what I mean?

Let's put it this way. If Apple do get big, everyone will now talk about them. Spotlights now shine on them, revealing every single detail, their flaws, their weaknesses and eventually, their fall. It's just like Britney Spears; young promising superstar under camera scrutiny brings the dirty side of her. Gosh, blame the media but actually, we are the ones who brought it to our doorsteps.

Apple is now big but not as big as Microsoft. Their market share is growing but it's still an ant. Look here! Look at the big companies. Realize how they have crumbled under their own weight. Viruses attack them, their dirty tricks revealed and their egos unleashed.

And Apple is doing what he can to stop those unimaginable thoughts, and that is to be imperfect. Sadly, everyone wants to be perfect. The road to perfection is awfully evil. Now, before you click that comments button below, I'm not suggesting that Apple products are having 'pimples; or anything. I'm saying 'imperfect' in comparison with the other companies. An iPhone is clear enough. A MacBook that costs $2000+ compared to a Dell that is around $1500. But with Apple taking the road of imperfection, it's no wonder they prosper.

It's this imperfection that makes it so good. It only appealed to some. And because of that, not all 'paparazzis' want a piece of Apple. I mean c'mon, who wants an 'imperfect' product? But to some, that imperfect product is perfect.

For me, Apple is doing what it can to survive. I won't say this is a dirty little trick that Apple houses. If it is, many would have cried foul. But none has. It's really a good move by Apple to target the small community but with its growing numbers, it gotta be prepared for the enormous reception. But looking at Apple's performance of the past few years, I think it's able to overcome any problem.

Perfect is imperfect!

Friday, July 18, 2008

No One Knows

No one. Really Cares. About You. Half the world is depressed but do you think anyone cares? No. You're just another person with dreams that could die out. Her movements are as smooth as silk, and me, slouched by the heavy burdens. And I know that it sucks. And I know that I'm killing myself. And I know no one cares. No one knows.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

C'mon... Do you really?

I've been tempted not once, but twice. But let's just cut the chase shall we? July the 11th makes people like me smile and that is the release of the iPhone. It seems strange that I sense pleasure in the news of its release. Even though that it's far from the sunny shores of Singapore. But it's sleek body and the curved edges makes me tick. Oh my, personifying an object. Thank goodness that it's not a disease. Or else, we would be wound up in an asylum. ALL OF US.

It's new, nice and fast. The iPhone 3G will finally come ashore with Singtel. Pricing is not confirmed but people say that it's not gonna cost more than US$199. Quoted by Mr Jobs himself...

"The iPhone will not sell more than $199 worldwide."

And everyone goes wild that HEY! That's considered cheap! If the 16GB model retails at $299, and Mr Jobs said the iPhone will sell at MAX of $199... Isn't there a bit of misinformation?

Yes, people. So stop procastinating the fact that he got the info wrong. I can remember some errors he made. IT'S JUST AN ERROR!!!!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Homework... for P.E.??

And yes, on Friday, we played Softball and behold, the teacher gave us homework on Softball; The difference between Softball and Baseball. Wow, homework for P.E. Check it out. Pretty cool though.

Comparison of baseball and softball

My group has been playing modified softball where the rules change every time, the ball is a tennis ball and we fair play is nothing. We just play for fun. : ) We've been calling it Rounders lately even though it's not wrong.

Do you know that Rounders is older than Baseball? In addition, Rounders originated from England and Baseball from America. Hah, well we are a British school. Click here.

Dang, I love filling myself with information!

Well, I think I will still call it Rounders but let's add the adjective 'modified' behind.

Yeap, I think this is the only time you see people playing Rounders on a concrete 6 levels up and with a Cricket bat. Cool!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Was It Really?

For a moment I thought, going out with my parents was the WORST idea that could have happened. This is especially when your Mom complains to you about you Dad and your Dad showing no care as though nothing ever changed. I wonder, were they thinking like what I am now when they were my age? Were they of so deprived that they took their learnings and practised them on me? If so, history repeats itself.

It sucks. Seriously.

Get Me A Gun

One day, when the air sports a 35 degree heat wave, when that happens, the air is still bearable cool, and when it brushes my face, I'l say...

"Miss, I got what I really went for."

And tomorrows' paper will read Sixty-three degrees and cloudy in a suburban neighbourhood. That's when you know that I got my old revenge.