Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mind > Body?

I like how the body betrays the mind. His disgusting mannerism to give up and flag a white cloth when things seem too hard. Or is it?

Maybe it's the mind. Maybe the mind is too stubborn. Too demanding. Too stupid. He likes to push things. He likes to be better. He likes to be where the body can't go. Maybe that is disturbing.

Look at it again. The relentless requests that now seems to be 'far fetched'. When will it be enough? Or when will there be enough blood?

Finally, the roles are reversed. The mind betrays the body. If so, what will happen to the heart?

Sometimes, we have to ask ourselves, whether the things in front of us are in fact, things that are really in front of us.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Singapore's Weakness (1)

I was looking through my old Mac desktop when, in the dustiest folder of them, I found an article from an interview with Mr Stanley Tan, Chairman of SIngapore's National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre. And then I saw this screenshot of a  news article on Straits Times:

"Singaporeans’ weak civic responses and an over-reliance on the law may be an unintended consequence of successful inculcation of a key government doctrine: that only a strong state can deal with the visceral pulls and permanent fault lines of race and religion. Distrusting citizens’ ability to talk through differences, some Singaporeans seem trigger-happy in their zeal to police the frontiers of religious harmony. "

That just stuck on me. What is it about our people? Why was this screenshot made? It better be of some great importance. I don't just snip of articles from the newspaper for random reasons. So this has to be it. 

Those 2 articles were written quite some time back. And I could have sworn that I read it a million times just because I could not get a firm understanding of the concepts that they were trying to deliver. So much for speed reading. They gripped me. It was a hold tight that I needed to wrap my mind upon. It had to mean something. 

So I am going to read them again and relive the inspirations that got a hold on me. 

Straits Time article about Mr Stanley Tan

Singapore's weak civic responses

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Short Changed Heroes Prologue


How have you been? Was it a pretty long time since my last post? Got your fix of satanic music yet? Have you decided with your life just as yet? Still rocking that pair of stinky dirty sneakers? Still under the capitalism mindset?

Whatever it is, just be good. Whatever you do, whatever you become, think with purpose, do with reason. Your conviction paves your reasons, that's why when passion supersedes all, your actions become much more meaningful.

Speaking of meaningfulness, ask yourself, what have you done for the past 2 months for meaningful work? Granted, I've been more of a slacker than my current occupation of a research assistant. But what is meaningful work? Hmm.

I just want to let you know, that sometimes, only sometimes, things just work. But other than that, hope for the best, expect the worst.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Maybe I'm just tired."

Greatest lie ever made. Weakness is a solemn way of the body, the mind or the heart indicating its nearing to breaking point. Some say when pain is felt, its weakness that is leaving. But does it really matter?

Get things done. The number one rule that we have to follow: Do with purpose. Think with reason. And without this rule, how could you move along?

So today, no stories. I just want to spend these times with something I found to be real.