Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bleagh The Food!!!

Today was much about walking. My parents and I decided to make our way down to Singapore Expo for the Halal 2009 expo. I thought to myself, "Why not? Building closer and stronger rapport for my community!" Anyway, I knew getting a parking space would be a disaster but my Dad displayed faith. Geez.

Of course, his faith was that he parked at a bend. Which is illegal at any case. I kinda showed him the "C'mon Dad" face but hey, there's another car in front doing the same thing. In the same boat we are!

Wouldn't it be a surprise if most of the demographic that attended was the Malay community. But they were some Chinese who came by. Either the organizers devised an aggressive marketting campaign or the prime weakness of Singaporeans where the sight of a huge crowd is the presence of a bargain. Hey, anything to ease the tough economy.

Outside, a group of cars lined up to please the eyes. A white SUV caught my eye. At first glance, I thought it was another imitation but OMG, it was a Hummer. MAN, that's rare! I didn't get the chance to snap a picture. But it kinda look like this:


The expo, summed up in a sentence, is like an indoor pasar malam. Rows of food booths cover the pathways. The smells adore me as we jostle our way through. It seems there's a celebration at the back. Wedding decorators, antiques, education and even ear candling booths! And I thought the Halal 2009 expo was only about food! I guess it's my prejudice of the Malay community that seems to like food a lot. That's evidenced by the high percentage of obesed malays. Yuck. [I'm not a black sheep. I'm fat too. Haha.] There are quite a number of booths here set up by our neighbours across the highwat. There was one selling pau and another selling ice cream. Another piece of evidence from my community's love for food.

Donut Empire, a donut shop, set up a booth there. The 'new' Pastamania that had recently been given the Halal status. Yay! And one antique shop that featured goods from Africa. In fact, the booth owners ARE from Africa! Haha! Guess it's not all Malay here! I was certainly eyeing at the antique booths. My slums need a boost of 'foreign taste' to complete its transformation. Well, it's only a sixth in. Haha.

The expo, which ran its last day today, was graced by many familiar Suria stars. (Sorry guys. No Jennette Aw or Britney Spears here.) Though, I didn't know all their names. Bleagh. I can't belief I don't support local Malay arts. But anyway, it was kinda nice to see an expo about the Malay community. I think they need more overseas products like the ice cream and pau from Malaysia. Their marketting too has to expand to attract not only Malays but other communities as well. They should market it as a gateway to increasing understanding between different communities. Haha. Do I sound political to you? On a serious note, the expo seems like a launching pad for new food businesses like Pastamania to introduce themselves their Halal certification and open up a new area of foods available for the Muslim community. Dang, we need more French food!

At the end of the day, it's cool. : )

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hawker Centre ≠ Restaurant

[Edit: Video's in. Was just because of a misplaced spacing. Sigh.]

In the light of the recent mishap of a group of American tourists being charged nearly $500 for a meal at Newton Food Centre, Stomp's Point Blank hooked up a spy camera whilst ordering a meal at Newton Food Centre. Call it intrusive but if you managed to stomach the horrendous 'interview' from the reporter, eye in from 13 minutes where the executive director of Consumers Assosiation Of Singapore, or CASE, describes how both parties are at fault here.

As a consumer, you have the right to know the details of the product/item. As a shop owner, you have the right to answer any queries consumers have towards your products. HOWEVER, it's not really mandatory to bring consumers into light about how important for example, the weighing process, is and how things can change when such an area is not supervised. A consumer could just be told about it but in a chaotic and buzzy environment of a food centre, he might not really give much thought. Many shop owners play the 'Never ask lor' game. It includes of pushing the blame to the consumers because they fail to query anything questionable. Of course this is malpractice since the shop owners have the obligation to notify them about the minor details. But what details shall CASE decide that we should be know about? And if CASE decides that it should supervise business practices, won't we all exploit this? And who will supervise CASE? Who will supervise CASE's supervisor? But also remember, consumers too have the responsibility to ask.

I'm sure this is all a misunderstanding. The American consumers failed to query about the weighing process and the shop owners failed to shed light on that process. Both parties are at equal fault since no one wants to be responsible. So what CASE should, and preferably do, is to reinstate the rights of a consumer and shop owner. This is because it's hard to point fingers to blame the downfall of social values in our society where many couldn't care less, especially, for being responsible?

That's what makes human minds so captivating. No machine will replicate us. We live in deep mind dynamics that no matter how many processors you put in a super computer, a human is best. (And also at worst.) Our 'engineering' capability supersedes any computer.

Get everybody to remind themselves that there's no foolproof way of solving this. There's a responsibility in everyone. That is what makes a good person. My only advice, ALWAYS ASK ABOUT EVERYTHING as there's a fine line of what's right and wrong.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

H00ts List.... FINALISED

I kill too many trees this past few days. The collection from the IT Show.

At any rate.

I've been dying to test my new laptop's graphical power. Graphical as in graphics. So don't think of X/Y-axes! At first, I wanted to download a demo of the much hyped FPS game called Battlefield 2142. After 20 minutes, the 1GB file was ready for my entertainmaent. Oh yeah.

After a quick install, I launched it. Only to face by a dialog box saying that I need DirectX 9. It's a driver of some sorts that supplements the graphics card. Not really sure on how it works but I do know that I didn't have that. Bummer.

I've checked my system and I know it has DX10. Hey, since I've the latest one, why can't I run an old game based on an older driver? A quick Googling and I found that DX10 is not backwards compatible like DX9 is to DX8. Also, my long love for headshots and rockets will end since BF 2142 can't run on DX10.

Though, some have pointed out that they could still run the game but their OS was Vista Ultimate. Maybe that matters?

My troubles don't just end there. I had trouble learning the new keyboard since I've spent almost 3 years on my Mac. On the first note, the keyboard is spacious with big buttons. Responsiveness seems quick but lacks the deep satisfying push of a Mac and its uniformed feedback. Some might find those Mac buttons hard to type on but I like that. So, when I 'felt' I didn't register a key, I would press that button again only to see I've misspelled. And hey, that's a pretty small touch pad when the sensitive is relly low at max!!!

With a Mac keyboard, the Control key is conviently placed so that my pinky could use it. BUT, on a Windows keyboard it's placed at the lower left. Bleagh. My thumb-index finger combo won't really work now. Closing tabs, creating new ones and skipping words in a Word document will be a chore now! On the same note, there's a row of Home/End/Page Up/Down keys acting as 2nd function controls for media playback. That's nice but it removes the purpose when the touch sensetive buttons for media playback are just beside.

Using a big keyboard is nice and comfortable but if you're like me who has been spending far too long on a cramped keyboard, you'll take some time getting used to it. Especially when you have muscle memorised your previous keyboardas mistyping seems to get on your nerves. But time will get you in the bandwagon!

Overall, it's a nice piece of hardware. Regarding the game, my good friend Turtle has stopped playing it. So maybe I get a copy of it and test out the installation before I get a new copy that will set me back about $60. Other games? Well there's Left 4 Dead, Company Of Heroes, Counter Strike. I'm not really into much games as I primarily use them to pass time, not fight for a spot at the World Cyber Games. Haha.

Can someone tell me how to use the 6-in-1 memory card slot?

But will that matter with my new printer? WOOTS!!! It can print pretty good pictures anddocuments. It's not really a good bargain but I can sit this printer living it up to it's price. Blah.... $300 is a lot for a printer.

But hey, all those stuff will help increase my productivity. (Except the inclusion of games though)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Unreal Acer, The Rant

It has been eventful for the past few days. So be aware that my content may step on my grammatical prowess. ; P

Saying, "It's what inside that matters, not the outside." is the same as, "It's software, not hardware".

On Sat, I purchased my school laptop for polytechnic studies. It was kinda a good bargain. At 1.7k, you're getting an mid-range processor, HD capabilities such as 720p video and a HDMI output, a decent graphics card, 500GB of storage, 4GB of RAM and 3 years of complete warranty!!! W00ts! BUT of course, there is always the black sheep of the pack, Vista.

At first, I wasn't complaining. After all, we grow accustomed to democratic equality and so it seems no place for being single-OS centric. As you know, my Acer graced upon a problem, rendering my new laptop inaccessible. An e-mail later, I was told to bring it down on Monday for a restore.

Still full with energy and hype from Vista, I happily made my way to Ngee Ann. The thing about this 'emotion' is that it overwhelmed me. So much so that I thought independantly from my common sense. I guess my cerebral cortex decided to take a break and adore the in-campus babes. YIKES. And so, young Zul wondered into block 5, the main IT helpdesk. I don't know what made me to ignore specific instructions from the email to bring the laptop down to NP's Acer booth.

Imagine me all sweaty from my trek, blame it on global warming, going to block 5 and was told by the staff there to go to block 56. WHAT? But can't blame him on that. And again, I wander my way to block 56. Many familiar faces appear. I'm sure they are wondering why I'm there again. A lecturer addressed my problem and after a quick demo of my peril, he suggested that I should get a reset from Acer since it's a software issue.

Now I remember! I thought that the problem was caused by someone meddling into my config which apparently was when the Software Top-Up dudes installed the programs. Remember the anti-virus glitch? Yuck.

You know me, I without fail carried my tired flesh and bones to the Acer booth. I guess there was some desire in me that disguises my rage. I've been with Mac for almost 3 years now and I guess it's that sense of nostalgia that I long that I want rekindle. Thus, I was really hoping to get my laptop fixed. Up the Acer booth, the 'sales men' directed me to the Acer makeshift storage-cum-cash-counter. -_- Mind you, I'm still carring a 2.5 Kg laptop on my back and still sweating!!!

And I thought it was over as I stepped into that room! Passed my lappie to some dude to what I thought was just a simple reset. Nooooo. Minutes later, he called me and said that I needed to make my way down to Acer's Service Centre at International Business Park to get a reet there. MAN, I guess my sweat tickling down my temples and my shortness of breath did not chance upon the slightest indication that I might be tired. RAHHHHH.

I really wanted the laptop to be fixed pronto! I want to immerse myself into Windows and be caught in an OS paradox. GEEZ.

Ok, long story short. I received some help from them on boarding which busses to go there. Though it would be better if they helped more but hey, that's how wide their job scope is. Thanks to Keith and Kok Ming, I was able to cut the waiting line and get my laptop reset in no time. And thanks to Dad too for giving me a lift. Phew!

After which, I made my way to NP again for the Software Top Up just to be told the only available slots start from 3:30pm, a lenghty 2 hours since I returned from the Acer Service Centre. A call later and a pair of wet shoes, damn rain, I was on my way home. And today, after a morning trip to NP,'s Software Top Up, I'm all done! YEAH.

I'm tired now. Bleagh.

Bending the rules

Just finished my software top up... All seems fine. And suddenly, I got the nerve to bend the rules...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

1 Day Left...

Here we go. On Thursday, I peaked into NP for a little hands on with the laptops they offer. I was definitely eyeing for an Acer. Something tells me that an Acer was much value add than the other brands. Fujitsu, Lenovo and Apple to graced that event but a 3rd party company were selling them. I wasn't really particular fussy about that fact but knowing that my product comes from the company itself is much 'easier'.

I wasn't surprised when the presence of loud pumping music and even an emcee came from the Apple booth. After all, it's Apple. I guess they are the only booth that are employed real tech gurus not like those from the other booths that just seem to read off the specs list. But hey, I don't expect 20 year olds to be in the tech market. Just part timers...

Eventually, my 2 former classmates decided to buy the Acer laptop I've been eyeing since their brochures landed in my mailbox. Is it a good buy? Yeap. But what was the stir about Acer in the recent years? It was regarding Acer's chassis, the body of the computer. Some say it had poor heat management. Thus, overheating after a few hours of work. But citing from the 'sales man', the chassis has been revamped with the new Gemstone line up. Am I buying that? Well yeah and literary too. Yesterday, I brought home an Acer.

Since Mr Ho is using a Gemstone too and has been using it for 2 years, it goes without saying the stability of hardware. But of course, it's based on professional results under professional usage.

; )

I'm only worried about the stability of software. That's all. And the undesired became true.

The first hiccup came when I was to install additional software for my course. The wireless system did not detect any wireless networks even though the router was just behind me. Fortunately, a simple reboot solved it. Several installs later, it kept on saying to update my anti-virus. Obviously being handled by Windows n00bs, they decided to reinstall the anti-virus program. Bleagh, it was to no avail. And there I was, sitting there dumbfounded for almost 4 hours. Sigh. If you're reading this Asril, sorry mate! I know you wanted me to accompany you to the IT Show! In the end, it was just simply a error I could forgo. Saying something about Vista Home Premium being unable to 'see'. From my perspective that is.

But the worst has yet to come. Upon reaching home, I turned on my Acer machine to embrace it. Don't get me wrong, I like how Microsoft is able make Vista into a beautiful OS. It is just not as reliable as Mac program wise. And to further drive my point, I got this message upon log in.

I was fuming. Even the sacrifice of time won't allow a Windows machine to survive. Ok, maybe only Vista. Damn you Vista. But for now, I can only wait to Monday and bring it back for servicing. Anyway, At least I have a new pair of pants.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Old Me

If there's one lesson I learnt, I have to put my childish things away.

Oooo,hey I've been travelin' on this road to long
Just trying to find my way back home
The old me is dead and gone… dead and gone…
Ooooooo I ve been travelin' on this road to long
Just trying to find my way back home
The old me is dead and gone… dead and gone… eeyy

Ever had one of them days you wish woulda stayd home
Run into a group of ni&&as getting they hate on
you walk by they get wrong you reply then sh*t get blown
Way outta proportion way past discussion
Just u against them, pick one then rush em
Figure you get jump, yeah that next
They don’t wanna stop there now they bussin
Now u gushin', ambulance rushin' u to the hospital with a bad concussion
Plus ya hit four times bullet hit ya spine paralyzed waist down now ya wheel chair bound
Nevermind that now u lucky to be alive, Just think it all started you fussin' with three guys
Now ya pride in the way but ya pride is the way you could *uck around get shot die anyday
Ni&&as die every day all over bull sh*t dope money dice game ordinary hood sh*t
Could this be cuz of hip hop music or did the ones with the good sense not use it
Usually ni&&as don’t know what to do whith their back against the wall so they just start shootin
For red or for blue or for blow I guess, from Bankhead upto ya projects
No more stray, now im straight, now I get it now I take
Time to think, before I make mistakes just for my family’s sake
That part of me left yesterday the heart of me is strong today
No regrets im blessed to say the old me dead and gone away.

Oooo,hey I've been travelin' on this road to long
Just trying to find my way back home
The old me is dead and gone… dead and gone…
Ooooooo I ve been travelin' on this road to long
Just trying to find my way back home
The old me is dead and gone… dead and gone… eeyy

I aint never been scared, I lived through tragic
Situations coulda been dead lookin back at it
Most of that sh*t didn’t even have to happen
But you don’t think about it when you out there trappin'
In apartments hangin smokin' and rappin'
Ni&&as start sh*t next thing ya know we cappin'
Get locked up then didnt even get mad
Now think about damn what a life I had
Most of that sh*t look back just laugh
Some sh*t still look back get sad
Maybe my home boy still be around
Had I not hit the ni&&a in the mouth that time
I won that fight, I lost that war
I can still see my ni&&a walkin' out that door
Who’da thought I’d never see Philant no more
Got enough dead homies I don’t want no more
Cost a ni&&a his job, cost me more
I’da took that ass-whoopin now for sure
Now think before I risk my life
Take them chances to get my stripe
A ni&&a put his hands on me alright
Otherwise stand there talk sh*t all night
Cuz I hit you , you sue me,
I shoot you, get locked up, who me?
No more stress, now im straight, now I get it now I take
Time to think before I make mistakes just for my family’s sake
That part of me left yesterday the heart of me is strong today
No regrets im blessed to say the old me dead and gone away.

Oooo,hey I've been travelin' on this road to long
Just trying to find my way back home
The old me is dead and gone… dead and gone…
Ooooooo I ve been travelin' on this road to long
Just trying to find my way back home
The old me is dead and gone… dead and gone… eeyy

I turn my head to the east… I don’t see nobody by my side
I turn my head to the west… still nobody in sight
So I turn my head to the north, swallow that pill that they call pride
The old me is dead and gone, the new me will be alright
I turn my head to the east… I don’t see nobody by my side
I turn my head to the west… still nobody in sight
So I turn my head to the north, swallow that pill that they call pride
The old me is dead and gone, the new me will be alright

Oooo,hey I've been travelin' on this road to long
Just trying to find my way back home
The old me is dead and gone… dead and gone…
Ooooooo I ve been travelin' on this road to long
Just trying to find my way back home
The old me is dead and gone… dead and gone… eeyy

[Credit: elyrics (Link)]

Monday, March 09, 2009

Week In Review

Ah... A week has passed... Did I tell you about my 'injury'?

Blister At My Foot Album (Link)
(Please note, it's something you don't want to see before lunch.)

Lesson 1: When you have a this kind of blister, REMOVE IT. Regarding the red ones that annoy you, just Google it. I mean seek real medical help!

Yes. Google became my doctor for the day and it misdiagnosed my blister. GEEZ. If there's another lesson here, read more about preventing blisters.

Like any geek, the sound of bargains and nifty gadgets just weaken my knees.

Lesson 2: Make sure you PLAN, RESEARCH and PRACTICE your bargaining skills before splurging your green paper.

*Well, it's that time of the year again. Ask anyone who attends about that question and they will swiftly answer, "Recession? What recession?" A thing to note, always know what you're buying. Don't be like my Dad. And yeah, dig up those English Conversational Skills to brush up on your bargaining. Believe me, it helps. [Or you could just bring Mr Ho along. Hehe.]


However, I don't think I can help Singapore's economy this time.

Lesson 3: Save money first. Well I skipped that lesson.

*Or just get a job! Oh wait, Mom says that I might "stop schooling as I get heavily influenced to get more money". Zul to Mom: Me no money.


Did I say research?

Lesson 4: Too much is never enough.

*I wanna replace my Mac's RAM to full 2 GB. I wanna get a pair of speakers. A new printer seems nice. (Old one can't print lines. -_-) And of course, if Sony gives a $100 cut to PS3, I'LL BUY IT.

And finally, please see it through

("Hoots" Pic Missing)

Lesson 5: Money, sometimes, make the world go round.

*I'll repost my h00ts for the IT Show soon. I really want a pair of speakers. But printers are a must have for school. Maybe I could 'politely' ask my parents for some cash. Please?

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Awfully Familiar...

THAT post from Saint3.0 looks awfully familiar from my class blog's post (link)! Note: Look who posted it on my class blog. Hmm... Well, the internet is inter-connected. Yikes.

P.s.: At least my Mac hardly crashes! :P

Born In 1977, Part 3: Negative Nostalgia (Only for this round)

Let's switch for a moment. For the past few posts (3 actually as of this post :P), I've talked about the 16-bit games where we all used to love. Maybe this time, let's segway segue (new word!!!) to another item we used to love. Though it's not a tangent! Today, let's adore the reminiscent of Windows. No, not those glass stuff. It's hardly hardware!

This looks really familiar....

HEY! You again! At this point of age, I don't even know what mp3s are. YIKES!

Oh! It's IE 6 and Windows Media Player 9! Ah, fond memories! I do remember now. When I was in Sec 1, I used my Dad's laptop for NJRC. I used to play 1 song I downloaded repeatedly. Ironically, it was Creep by Radiohead (Link). Hmm...

For those eyes that were trained to see the smallest of details, I did indeed used a Mac. But with Crossover's help! It's like Parallels.

There you go. Those pictures sum up my whole day yesterday as I fiddle around my Mac system to somehow use Windows software without learning any programming. (I actually wanted to run WMP 11 for an MP3 player but it became too technical when I tried installing that on Crossover.) But no worries there! I'll be getting a Windows machine very soon for my Poly life. Hopefully, it doesn't suck as my late Windi. It died ALONG with my beloved memories of Sec 1 and 2 life. ARGHHHHHH!!!!

Friday, March 06, 2009

The Human Soul

There are 2 types of secrets. The one you hide from everyone and the one you hide from yourself.

I thought I should share you this link.

Since it somehow reflects how strong a human soul is.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Read My Mind

Did I mention that I need more RAM?

For those who followed me on Twitter (link), here's the picture of the application form of the Alkaff Upper Serangoon Youth Football Club. Believe me, I never saw this coming. In fact, Shadiq, the person who offered me, told me that I should just "join for fun". No great skills needed. I'm still on the fence!

I wouldn't mind. Honestly, I would gladly accept his offer. This marks as a new goal for the goal-less me. But I've received a few objections from my parents, especially my Mom. Or rather just my Mom. I don't plan to hear my Dad's opinion. It's useless. -_-

Yeah, I really think I should join. This gives me another reason to excel and maybe finally strike off one from my bucket list; To play real soccer. Though, that club might materialise if results don't sprout. But which club wouldn't? And also, since it's being managed by a mosque, this could be my chance to grow closer to God. Well, my Mom did nag me to do my praying rites. Maybe this 'escapade' would eventually change me. Positively of course.

Oh, I've received my Laptop Package from NP. It's actually a white Manila folder of brochures. I'm REALLY not interested in getting a new laptop. My MacBook is sufficient enough. However, NP did stress that their software for my course is Windows only. So much for OS neutrality. Looks like I've got to partition my hard drive to run a boot camp Windows XP. I have the feeling that they would be using Vista. Yuck. And then, I will have to get myself a copy of Vista/XP. Erm. And finally, hope that my 1.83 Core Duo processor don't choke up. Nah, might as well get a new one.

After all, my Bro can inherit my Mac. And I would be finally be able to play a game or two. FINALLY. Call Of Duty 4 anyone? Hehe. But of course, I will play only in moderation. I'm in school people!

A ThinkPad looks durable. A W500 anyone? Or shall I sink my teeth (hands actually) on an Acer 4937G? Goodies don't run short on both sides, especially Acer. They pack an upgrade of space to 500GB, 512 upgrade of their graphics card, wireless mouse, notebook lock (handy), carrying case (shouldn't this be standard?) and a $100 voucher of the Aspire One. Looks compelling!

Lenovo? Well, they give just the mouse, lock and case. But I'm buying a trusted brand you see!!! I want my laptop to last 3 years dude! Not 2, 1, NOT even 2 and half! 3 YEARS OK? But you see, Dad is being negative again. He suggests that I should buy a cheap one. Well, I can understand that. The thing that pisses me is that the way he said it. It's as though he doesn't care. BLEAGH.

Speaking of care, I simply forgo care of my feet! Both are suffering from a handful of blisters and a really annoying callus. In fact, calluses shouldn't feel a thing since they harden up to prevent any pain from fatigue. But mine does. Geez, shouldn't have wore those tight shoes!!! ARGH! I gotta get my hand on the blister plasters and callus plasters too. I gotta get myself fixed up before the laptop fair next week! Oh please heal my leg!

That's ought to do it. I'm pretty messed up about blogging. Or in other words, I'm lazy. Zzz.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Weak Speak

First off, a Happy Birthday to Haekal. May your 17th year on Earth be joyous.

Apart from my inter-galactic nonsense, I spent a lovely Sunday morning watching 'The Fall Of A Shah' on BBC Ch 13. MAN, don't Iran have issues? GEEZ. My lazy bum just won't budge even though I had planned to release my fury upon the street soccer walls beside the community club. Yikes. I guess I miss the days when I would tentatively listened to history videos my teacher would play. After all, listening is my forte. (Obvious that my speech is my disadvantage.) I study best when there's someone teaching me. Even if I become so distracted, information will seep thru my brain like osmosis in a cell. It hasn't failed me for the past four years. So kudos to that!

My 'holidays' will abruptly end in a months time. Preparations has started behind my scene. Fees are to be paid. Clothes have to be chosen. And memories must stay as memories. I look forward to learning again. But there's an ounce in me that doesn't feel 'poly'. I don't know where to restart. Hmm.

At any rate, preparations are here. I've done some research. Apparently, I have to purchase a laptop to be in the learning experience. Well, that calls for a new laptop! Woots! However, I do believe my MacBook is sufficient for Ngee Ann's teaching needs. But I will need to up the ante on my RAM. (Left: Looks like my research skills are still there!) I also think that I will be required to run Windows through Boot Camp since their campus is Windows orientated. (Darn you!!!) But maybe, I could use this opportunity to pass my Mac to my brother since he needs a laptop. And then, I could use a new laptop, with Windows, for my school. At the end of the day, I just need a laptop for studies. NO GAMES. NO ANYTHING. Just studies.

Simple e'nuf?

Regarding yesterday, I went LAN to embrace Haekal's 17th birthday. No the most idealistic party but it was worth while since most of us have started school and a handful are working. The working one chanced upon a conversation with me to explain his plans of life. I was taken aback by how he has set himself a set of goals and how he is determined to reach it. That is somethng I'm trying to get. I used to be him. I used to be good.

To drive the point further, a visit to my robotics club brought back fond memories of my school life. Indeed, the club feels fresh. And it is usually this time that we can drive them straight. It is now. Act now!