Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sunday, July 04, 2010

As Mika Nakashima puts it, “We will find the way…”.

Today, we had lunch. After months of delay and rare bumps on the busses to school, we finally met on a Sunday and just had good ‘ol lunch. Domino’s Pizza to be exact! Haha. So many thanks to Kavan and Zhi Hui!!! YOU MY BROTHER YO!

We chatted quite a bit of course. And of which material which I highly recommend myself not to put it in the rundown. ; p

But that’s not entirely the case. A ‘friend’ of Zhi Hui’s popped by! HAHA. It was a blessing in disguise I say! Made me notice the minute details that could point some things wrong. Somehow, I just feel, so jaded. : /

Is it really moving at this speed? I mean, I’ve never hopped on this bandwagon before. So everything is just, so foreign. I can’t feel my insides that much but some have said that it will start churning. And eventually, you will feel an instance of uneasiness. The setting you find comfortable is no more. But, you keep on moving. Keep on until you reached that place you call home. Her heart.

As Mika Nakashima puts it, “We will find the way…”.