Thursday, November 29, 2007

i'm drooling....

I almost fell of my chair when I saw this pic at saint2.0. The Sir got it at SITEX. WHAT!!!! HE GOT IT BEFORE ME!!!!! Oh man.... I gotta get rid of my PS1. I WANT THIS TOO!!! x)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hah, finally! I've purchased my books. For the final time, I take the walk down the corridor to the temporary bookshop and order my books. For the last 3 times, I was carrying heavy bags. This year, to mark the ending of my school live, I come home with just a bag of books and 2 pair of pants. It's not really a moment many will remember but for me, it's just good to remember. Remember the past and laugh about the lame antics my friends and I pulled or the solemn days before our exams or even the repeating last days of school. Only in that case, we know that we are coming back. But this year, it's our last. Our last to smile, to laugh, to cry, to get scolded and to do something. It's the last time.

; )

Don't worry guys! I think worrying is overrated. Everyone worries too much. Too much till they don't think of their future. Now, THAT'S LAME. Well, I really want to go to SITEX this Thursday with Mr Ho just to check out the new tech bargains. But I can't even afford my own books! Just that makes me wonder, will I ever buy anything there? Then it'll be a complete waste of time and money. However, if I don't go, I'll just waste my life at home. So should I go? Maybe I should. Just for fun. Maybe I should focus on finishing my homework and revising my Physics. Hmm. Mr Yeo's timetable must be followed now... I still have to read To Kill A Mockingbird.

Monday, November 26, 2007

To Kill A Mocking Bird

Today was fun. But it could be better if Ms Seah was there! Anyway, let's talk about today shall we? I had my handphone act as an alarm for 2 separate occasions. I had set it one at 6am and the other at 7. I didn't want to be late for my badminton match later at 9. So I was a bit kiasu to set up 2 alarms! Well, I can say that they woke me up but I went back to sleep! Haha! Eventually, I woke up at 8. I thought that I could warm up by running my 2.4 around 7. But I guess I was sleeping then! So I quickly got out off bed and showered in the heater's mercy. [They work!] Fished out a bowl and poured cereal onto my bowl. It's now then I did realised that my milk is almost finished. Enough about that. Played in the hall at 9. Err.. 9.30. MR HO WAS LATE! Well we had to clear out the chairs too. MAN. 9.35... That was the real time we started. GOSH! We played till 12. It's sad... Ms Seah didn't come. :( Well that means that I didn't help her clean her room. One job done! But I had to help Mr Ho! HAHA! His house is in a mess! WHAATT! But the good thing is that he's moving out. So maybe we'll see a bigger house! Hey sir! Don't forget to invite me if you have an open house! Haha! I went to his house, with Matthew, to help out with his own LIBRARY! But his was MUCH MORE messier! [Messier than Ms Seah's homeroom!] Well today was fun. I really wished everyday was today! Then I could play badminton everyday! :D

It looks like my "enter" key is spoilt. I guess I pressed too much on it. Haha. I gotta get it fixed if it gets any worst. Hah, continue this later man. Need to sleep!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Is Google supporting piracy???

Well guess what? Yup, I do think so. I was actually surfing around in YouTube to listen to a song [yes yes, it's a video sharing site. I KNOW THAT] when I stumbled upon this video. I mean it's too obvious that it's title will attract attention. Yes, 1,644,000 + people have been attracted. Check out the video:

This guy here, believe it or not, is not BREAKING THE LAW but to some extent, there's no humanity. Well, someone could at least tell Google that their search engine is helping poor kids get their mp3s. Not only Google is not practising HIP, he is not being a good example! Well you can't really blame Google... Their search engine IS built to be like that. I'm sure MSN has the same 'backdoor' feature but not much publicised. Maybe people are spending too much time infront of the computers exploring the depths of the surreal world of the computer language of 010101. Man, the world is an interesting place. For me, guys, JUST BUY THE ALBUM!

Tonight, it's just me and my room. Everyone is getting emotional [that's an absolute statement] and I'm getting bored. My books will roughly cost me near $100. My dad didn't say about the money part. My mom is... emotional. -_- I wonder how is Mother. I'm sure she didn't die of a heart attack when her house was 'robbed'! Well, we all can be better!

I'm tired...

It's really hard to please people. Sometimes, I think that it has made me inhuman. Sometimes, I think that it has made many hate me. Also sometimes, I think I wished this was just a dream. Yeah, fairy tales ain't true. That's the point. I don't see any realism in my eyes. It's so hard. But sometimes, and only sometimes, it makes me happy that it's prove that I'm still human. Yup, I'm still human. Humans should have flaws. Humans should not be perfect. Humans love their parents too...

which makes me inhuman then?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


First Of All... Pls visit an EShop set up by my friends. CLICK.

I'm bored. I am suppose to follow a time table but since I woke up late today, it just renders it useless. For the past few days, I have been waking up late and all. I'm not really used to wake up around 9am, especially when my timetable starts at 7. Hmm... It's just that when I'm suppose to sleep at 10, my mom is still up, waiting for dad. Darn... Why can't he just come home earlier? Well yeah, like any worried son, I stay up with mom just to give her company. But that is not always the case. Like last night, I was watching an anime called Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid [now that's a mouthful!]. It's something like Gundam Seed but more lighter and has a slap of humour on it. I was watching it on Veoh [something like youtube...] and believe it or not, I watched 10 episodes STRAIGHT! Well, it's just a 20-minute episode after another. So that wasn't really hard at all. Ah yea, I watched it till 1020 man... I'M NOT FOLLOWING THE TIMETABLE!!! I must use the timetable. I must follow it. I sound like a zombie now... -_- Ah yes, I just remembered some things I must do.

1) Find any holiday HW on LMS
2) If have, print and update the class blog
3) Find a malay dictionary plugin for MS Word
4) Print Mom's recipes
5) Cash in my cheque
5) Practice what I preach
6) Wash dad's car

Cya all later... sitex is coming!!! One more thing... I need to fix my dsl...


Teacher under investigation for altered answers in PSLE Tamil papers!!!!
Teh Link

Monday, November 19, 2007

I have a dream

I have a dream. Some say it's far fetched. Some say it's stupid. Some even think that I'm mad just to think about it. However to me, this dream is just like any other dream that I have dreamt. I dream to soar high above the limit. I want to touch the sky, rise above the others and thrust my hand into the realm of no tomorrow. For that is where everything will come true. I want to hold it tight near my heart and tell everyone that perfect is no longer a harmful word. I want to be perfect. Each day the sun sets for each and everyone of us. We must not miss another opportunity. If there aren't, then make one. And we are allowed to think things of this level because we are humans. But don't think too far ahead. This path that some have chosen has been the last for some. Brace yourself. And don't get yourself killed. For many years now, man have searched high and low for the recipe of perfect. In return, it has resulted in broken lives and war. Peace? It has been a long time since anyone has heard it. Once again, man has recognized perfect as a sacred destiny and a curse. What have I done to feed this greed to grow for what it's now? Perfect. It will set you with hands held up high. You now are cornered. And now, we just have only one thing to do, pray and hope.

We are filled with greed and hunger for power. It's like cocaine. Don't worry, we will make it through. I promise.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


It's 3.25 right now and I ain't sleeping. No, I'm not on strike... but close enough. As you can see, I've changed my blogskin and this is the 4TH time I have changed it. [Oh poor blog, hope it's happy with the face lift!] For the past numerous times this guy went to surgery, it had underwent the templates of blogger to a more advanced works of a blogskin. Though I found many interesting ones, I just can't take it any longer but to be simple. And this is the result, a simple one. [I had to choose this! The other 'Simple' was PURE BORING!]

Speaking of being simple, I've really had it with myself being emotional and all. They just take a bite out of me and it makes me SICK! Can we just all live in a conducive environment where all hardships could be forgotten and well just GET ON WITH OUR LIVES? I don't know about that but I'm sure it'll turn out to be a range of answers. Let's just face it, we all have different views.

P.S.: Welcome to my new blog!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Let loose

About a month ago, I agreed to do away with my rough vulgar side. Believe me, it's not easy to get rid of something that has been part of you for a year. Right now, *feeling holy* am proud to say that I've reached the 1 month mark! WAHAHAHA! However, for every action has a reaction, the seal must be released one day to compensate the 'hardships' in capping my vulgar skills. Everyone seems to be in a good mood. My friends are going on a holiday, my teachers, though not all, are taking their time doing their work, [Something you don't see during school] and my parents, they are... WAIT A MINUTE. My father is still working. My mother, still emotional, is just like the other days. My brother is contented. [Though looks may be deceiving.] As for me, i've got a line to describe me.

I felt jealous.

And I'm changing this skin to let it go...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'm happy right now. In fact I'm very happy. So happy that happy is not the right word. Delighted. Satisfied. Loved. Excited. Contented. Exuberant. RAH! Who cares about the word that describe me now! I am just, happy.

I've got one person to smile forever.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Seriously, I think I'm entertain deprived. I don't go out for movies. The only in-gen game console is my first version of Nintendo DS. My PS1 is collecting dust. I don't go to arcades. My parents don't give me a weekly allowance, especially now. My dad is... being on my nerves. At least my mother understands part of me, not father though... Saturday is spent in front of a computer screen. Sunday is nothing. My brother is being offline. It looks like no one love me anymore. It's not that I want EXPENSIVE stuff or anything nor is it the importance of being high tech or anything like that. I just want to be a family. A happy family, with father happy, having a stable job, not making mother cry and coming home smiling. I keep telling myself not to kill myself. Home is not what it used to be.

If humans don't hate their parents, this makes me inhuman.

Monday, November 05, 2007


argh. i am flawed.
so flawed that i can't feel her.
: (