Friday, June 12, 2009

[56K Warning] June of Things.

A lot has happened in the past 6 months.

They taught me how to fish, [How ironic that I have never worked outside before.]
And I teach them all how to fish too. [Why can't we just clean our own stuff?]
For we splurge our skills for an 'old gold' [Havanas found after a tennis fix from Mr Ho. Must thank him for this!]
To shower ourselves in the best knowledge gold can buy [Got enrolled in Ngee Ann Polytechnic for Electrical Engineering.]

And questions rose from the ashes...

Reveal me the truth [or rather a revelation; NEVER EVER SLEEP LATE. Else, you'll get a traffic jam and 30 mins of Dad talk. SHEESH!]
For the past only reveals the future. [Looking for this pair of pliers. IMPORTANT! One of my hard drives has a misaligned contact. VALUABLE DATA HOR!]
But truth's harm will be doused by our laughter. [We danced for fund. No idea why I put this in the run down.]
By our hearts. [Defining new boundaries with help through LEO Club; LEO WAVE Camp was nice.]
By our curiosity [JBL speakers in a bus. WHOA.]
By our family. [Happy Birthday my Brother. Err... How old are you again?]
By our friends. [The Kao Peh 6. Original lineup that is before our 'global' expansion. Haha.CONGRATS to Ken for winning the Men's Doubles!]
And by our friends. [And Sabree's Birthday. 'Nuff said. And new friendships are born.]
Unleash your fury, [On the soccer pitch...]

and you will be given the truth's harm.

To my late Aunt, I will remember you. Hope you remember me too.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Keep The Faith

After a brave fight of her diesease, my aunt passed away with a strong will. She suffered a heart attack in the early hours and now, she is with Allah.

When the call came thru about her passing, I woke up, fearing the worst. I lay still in bed as my Mom picked it up. With the doors still closed, I can hear her cries with tears streaming. I gasped as a sinking feeling grabbed me from inside. Moments later, my Mom walks in breaking the news.

There was a moment where each family member would scatter some flowers around the deceased head and give a final kiss. When it came my turn, I did the same thing. And afterwards, even with my strongest facade, tears would still stream. Even my brother cried.

At that moment, my other Aunts and Uncles were bursting with emotions.

I wonder...