Sunday, June 02, 2013

True Fixie Boy.

So I got a bike. I am known for the no frills, no nonsense and no maintenance culture with my belongings. And as I was looking through pages of bikes, I only had my sights on a fixie.


And in true fixie fashion, I rode with slippers, shorts and a tee. I was not a fan bike racing. I just wanna have fun. Well, maybe I had too much fun because I overestimated my road clearance to turn and went off the pavement ledge. What I got was a trophy for the need for speed and also the obvious indicator that slippers and bikes are not widely recommended when travelling over 25km/h. My right foot went top foot first onto the pavement and slippers being slippers, I got some blood on that right foot. But all is well. Like I have said, it's a trophy.

These few months have made me live a big man's life with big man decisions to make. The PS3 console was one. The surgery was definitely. And now the bike. And I will add in another today. I not usually a fan with big decisions. I normally play a supporting role with a directed approach. But in life, there are no specific role to be playing within. There are no repeats, rewinds and perhaps, 2nd chances. But there are, just the way forward.

So when I was crashing, I didn't think, "OH SHIT OH SHIT." I was more of, "Here goes nothing!" I was kinda more interested in landing and laughing it off. Instinctively, though a little troubling, after the landing, I had an automatic response to check on 3 things. First, I looked at my fresh wound on the top of my feet. Second, on the bike. Finally, if anyone had caught my clown act. The last one would really be detrimental. Haha.

Oh by the way, in true fixie fashion, the flesh wound was just cleaned and left naturally open. Some kind of bad ass eh?

Ever since this big-decision-making-life phase has started, I became more real in life. Things will get rusted. Mistakes will be made. Scars shall be placed. But, all of that in exchange for, experience. You see, the rust or scratches on my bike don't make it less of a bike. It makes more of a unique bike, my bike. That tool mark on the top tube, oh that's my bike. Scratches behind the seat tube, mine! Oh a scar on my left abdomen? Ah! I remember that surgery! Cute doctor by the way.

So I will be ready to make mistakes. I will be sure to make most of the mistakes and be enriched with the lessons they will offer me. You see, when one is on a bike, one thing is for sure, you will lose your balance and fall. What keeps you 'balanced' is that you keep paddling and moving forward. Much like life. I just wanna have fun doing things.