Sunday, March 14, 2010

What I Want To Be Is To Be Ready

It has been far too long. But I will do whatever I can to keep this blog alive. But of course, I must not forget to tend to the other matters that surrounds me. An average post is about 300 words. Covering a basic day that usually involves something significant. If not, why would I write it? Yeah, throw all that describes a boring, lame day. Stop complaining about that bus which comes every 20 minutes. Stop procrastinating on your work just to watch some anime flick. Stop that excessive facebook-ing. She won’t like it that you look at her photos every time you go to sleep! (Or maybe she does?) And a post could detail something you really don’t want to forget. Like a dream where you wish you would dream forever. But that basically defeats the purpose of dreams; They make you sleep.

Something significant? What about the time I turned 18? Read up my previous post on how the 3 best-est bunch got me a present. I can blame myself for all I want, not noticing their ‘sleazy’ moves OR I can say that, “Man o’ Man, they just SIMPLY rock!” Haha. Thank yous’ are never enough. But if I have to say something, YOU ALL ARE LIKE A BRA TO ME. Comfortable, uplifting and fits me WELL. HAHHAHAA.25136_361941451924_697091924_3798046_4135678_n

How can I forget it? I would have imagined me being literary suicidal. Just standing at the 7th floor of my former school, preparing to jump. But nope. I didn’t. I never saw an end. Maybe it was faith that held me or the presence of my loved ones that reminded me or just the very fact that the human spirit is one awesome dude. Showered in regret but awake and well. Right now, my road, my challenge, my mountain, my everything all comes together. I will perform to my best of ability. And I will see to it that my men don’t falter. I am ready. LEO CLUB, THROW ME YOUR BEST PUNCH! BOOYEAH!

You know what, I shall end here. Tomorrow (or rather today) Leo Club of NP will be working together with Lions and Leo Club of SRC for the Wealth of Love fundraising event. Along with over 250 volunteers, we will be in the heart of Singapore where we will be accepting donations of any kind. And to not forget the generous contributions, for every $2 donations, a specially designed door hanger will be given! Proceeds will directly benefit the Lions Home for the Elderly and the Lions Befrienders Service Centres.

Head down to Orchard road and you will see yellow jacket clad volunteers embracing the support for Lions Home and Befrienders. So pitch in your support!

Venue: Along Orchard Road (including Chinatown)
HQ Venue: SMU School of IT
Time: 9am – 6pm

WOL Ah Ma Ah Kong!