Monday, May 31, 2010

Blackbird. v1

How long has it been? BAH. Too long for that matter. I am not even familiar with my current keyboard. It just feels so odd. Now my fingers are telling me to give up. How dare they. You will serve me for ever more until the end of my time. It looks like I have a lot of things to do. For once, I have yet to send out the individualised emails. Secondly, my tutorials are piling higher and higher. Thirdly, there are some that are starting to pray for me, so that I will not break.


I will not break. I will never be broken again. But I need to fight to live. Right now, I am just a figment of an idea. I am just tomorrow’s wishes that will never come true. I must work harder, faster stronger. If I don’t reach at that state of rest, I will become mad. So mad that it will eat me up. Forget expectations, forget goals, forget ideas. Remember, just remember to live.

It looks really hard because it is! So don’t flatter yourself with “motivational talk”. What you need is just pureness. Something that can only be achieved if you really truly desire.