Monday, December 28, 2009

Make good of it boy.

A waste?

Went to Toa Payoh Hub after school today… AND I BOUGHT NOTHING!!! Wasted my trip! Zzz. I mean, hold on man. Remember what Leroy said in the camp? Mindset determines your outcome. So it's a waste ‘cause YOU think it's a waste! Think of the good things out of it! Well…

Firstly, the trip gave several things to think about. For one, there are 3 shops to find a bargain. In addition, they are just next to each other. So we just need to comb one at a time to find the sweetest deal. Ooo yeah. Secondly, there are many things you could buy. Shampoo, face wash, moisturiser, toothpaste, cologne and many more. The list just goes on. But, I do have to admit. There are several caveats. When going through the shelves, I could only find a limited range of brands for a specific product. For instance, I originally wanted to purchase an oil controlling toner. To my surprise, I could only find the Clean & Clear product in a single shop. I did not really checked through the other shops. I simply could not find another brand that do the same thing. But hey, the price beats the last time I saw that very same product! At my neighbourhood mini-mart. I saw the bottle going for about 3 bucks. AND I SAW IT AT $1.35!!!!!!!

Forgive my indulgence in such a debate. Somehow, I kinda found the need to at least get rid of the pimples on my face. GOSH, they are irritating. Also, my face tends to be ‘shiny’ moon in the afternoon. And especially when I have a bald head, I will look like the moon! HAHA. Looking at the arsenal of facial/body products my brother has in his cupboard just amazes me. I mean, it is quite an investment you know! A facial cleanser costs about $8. Then, you have the facial moisturizer. Don’t forget about the toner! Followed by pimple cream and if you can’t seem to get your itchy hands from scratching them, you’ll need the pimple scar cream. AND quoted from my friend, that could cost as much as $30! WHATTTTT??? Oh, and I’ve yet to start on the hair products! Shampoo, hair moisturizer, hair gel/wax. THAT’S ALREADY A LOT HOR!!! Bringing the total costs to about… near $100? Oh my.

I think it’s cool that my brother has all these stuff. I mean, I could just pop by his room and ‘borrow’. Hehe.

On a serious note, keeping good hygiene is just essential for everyone. Don’t ever say that the girls are just so beauty conscious. I mean, for men too, we do have a dress/look code to reach. Oh c’mon, would the ladies look at an oily, sweaty, pimple-full and lethargic face OR will their eyes befall upon the complexion of a man that truly shows his confidence and might; Sharp, smart, smooth and clean? Think. Buuutt… I still need a solution to my oil field face. I’m sure some Abu Dhabi investor would be interested in my black gold. Pure disgusting man. My nose would shine in the afternoon like some… ugh. I can’t even explain!

Anyway, I thought of getting my physique back. Maybe do a set of 2.4 runs everyday. My trip to today’s gym was pretty insightful. At the end of the day, the best way to shape your body is to, well, run. Not that hard. As you run more. Your body and mind seems to synchronise to develop a kind of sports orientated lifestyle. You’ll begin to work your muscles and more than ever, run and run some more! Running is cool. I focused on my upper body build, doing bicep curls, seated pull downs and concentration plus hammer curls. There’s a lot to learn when heading down to the gym. It will be beneficial since you learn more about the development of the body muscles. Pretty cool.

Currently, I need my back to be in tip top shape. Then slowly, I’ll develop my biceps, triceps and forearm muscles. At the same time, I want to get my quadriceps in a better. But that will require more cutting. So more running! Haha. It’s good la. I mean, I’m working towards a goal here! Maybe her too? Hmm.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


FINALLY, I got something I wanted. I had to come back for a second round before my parents finally gave the green light. Maybe due to the fact that my holidays are ending in a weeks’ time and so they think that it’s enough time to re-grow? Hmm, good point. At the end of the day, I got it. Fellas, I am officially BOTAK.

I actually planned to have my head shaved a while back. Since like a week before my common tests, I had thought of getting a fresh new look. Well it wasn’t the freshness that made the decision. I had always wondered how I’d look being botak. And in addition, being botak has this perception of total discipline and control. Stereotype? Nah. If it is, why do balding people tell me that they are getting old? (And in some cases, they have a flashy sports car parked beside them.) Just wow.

I mean at the end of the day, there’s no harm. My hair will simply grow back. I could gauge how fast my hair is growing ‘cause when I was in SA, had to visit the barber every 3 weeks or so. If not, I will be seeing the Discipline Master instead! Also, like I’ve said earlier, it gives a sense of discipline and demands a great something. And it probably is good. I am, after all, LAGGING in my assignments. So it’s a great thing to have an extra motivational source. Wheee-eow.

Being bald isn’t that bad actually. For those who said that you get a lighter and cooler head, give them a pat on the back. It IS feeling lighter and cooler. And for the record, I still look handsome!!! : P

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It’s 12:52 am now. AND I’m at Loft@94! I’m currently having a training workshop which is suppose to aid me in the “stressful situations arising from constant competition pressure”. Hmm. Nice.

Normally, I would just laugh all the stress off and cut all ties to it. I mean c’mon! It’s just stress! It’s just there to poke fun of you. AND if you blame it, you will not get things done! But you see, the essentials of a great person still bares down to it’s positive productivity.At the end of the day, people still want to see things done. Result orientated; Majority tend to initiate when the initiated product brings results. Thus, that is why we generally have a ‘see how’ attitude to most things. And even though it seems unfair, that’s what the MAJORITY are feeling. Which brings all the important debate of majority vs minority back into our arms. But nah, let’s do things slowly will ya?

I took part in the WorldSkills Singapore Competition a while back. Received an email about some extra module that will aid me in the diploma plus selection ‘CAUSE honestly, I just wanna the dip+. : P

I wouldn’t even cared to do much research about WorldSkills. Googled that name and it didn’t garnered much results. So yeah, I thought it was some unknown competition. Or so I thought. I wasn’t too keen in much joining competitions at first. After all, I had Leo Club in my things-to-do list. I had hoped to really push for community service in my years in NP. It was kinda a win-win situation anyway. I love helping others and others want to be helped.

But the 1 week crash course evolved to a 1 month training stint in Industrial Control. The instructors and teachers briefed us more of the much-recognised competition where Singapore will be sending a team down for my batch. Hmm… WorldSkills is firstly held nationally in Singapore. WSS makes up of pretty much 20-25 skills/categories where participants can compete in but we call them ‘trades’. The champions of the trades will represent Singapore in WorldSkills Competition (WSC) which is held every 2 years. Here, it houses over 100 trades and participants from all over the world come together and test their skills with pride. The victor becomes the best in the world in that trade. NICE.

And for my trade, NP and SP will be the only 2 that will fight for the top in WSS. ITE does take part but they have a weaker foundation in programming. WHICH brings us to a whole new conclusion, I’ve just typically increased my chances in representing Singapore. WOW.

Nice la Zul. Talk about NLP’s reframing.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Monday, December 07, 2009

Hey Superman!

Wake up yo! It’s nearing 1am right now. I’m still wide awake. I was actually doing my CommT’s CQ Analysis of several advertisements. I was suppose to deduce the consequences or wonders of CQ applications in such areas. My task was just to look at failed advertisements that instead of advertise the product at hand, insults a lot of people. Boohoohoo.

I’m not a big fan of analysis since I’m much geared to Mathematics and Sciences. Analysis comes hand to hand in Humanities, which I entirely lack thereof. And that’s why my syllabus included Interdisciplinary Studies where I learn some are of study that is… outside of my study! Haha. After all, a well sought-after employee is someone that can do many things. Oooo.

But that, later. I had to burn the midnight oil. The presentation is on Tuesday! And I’ve yet to do my slides! What’s worst is that I’ve stumbled a slight hiccup in our chosen ads. I can’t really apply much CQ in the ads. There’s one that especially talks about prejudice and racism and all. BUT so what? What does that ad discuss about that involves CQ? Did it offend people? What faux pas did it commit? What? WHAT?

Yeah yeah, you can safely say that I should have started earlier. But I couldn’t. My mind has been sketchy. It’s sometimes here and sometimes there. I lost my only focus. ZZZZ. Assignments began pilling up. Datelines missed. I am being stretched to my max as I tried to salvage all I could. I told myself, “Wake up, this’ no time to slumber!” I don’t know. I just lost my edge. Ahhh, that made me such a fool. Was I too optimistic? Was I too cavalier to let my ego burst into it’s own form and take me to a roller coaster ride? Where was my focus? Where was my discipline? Where was my self?

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

As my assignments build it’s own kind of “roller coaster ride” for me, it’ll be a shame to ride it and  see it go at the same time. Sigh. Hey, what’s life with no action?

Speaking of which, I am interested in what you think. Though you barely speak to me and will hardly listen to my thoughts, at least know that I will keep a pair of ears for you. Whenever. : D

for you, i will say yes.