Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cheap and Nasty Fakes.

I am selfish. I am unkind. I am ruthless. I am me.

Spent the day well but ended in a whammer mood. Just did not expect these things to happen so suddenly. Work aside, I guess the worst of all was that I had a feeling of loathe so much.

How could one be so carefree on something so morally affecting? This is not about playing God. It's toying as God. That's fucking sick. You hover over the lines as though there were none at all. I guess the most radical thing I find is how unmoved one is about such matter. It makes you weak. I just displays your uncertainty. It suggests your cowardice.

I shall not hide the fact that I myself am not being a role model. But I just can't believe that our selfishness is this sickening. It's fucking sick.

We are such cheap and nasty fakes.