Monday, January 29, 2007

jimmy gets high

actually, blogging wasnt my kind of thing. it's a bit hassle when u have to update it continously and u have to design a blogskin. or else, no one will read your unattractive blog. but the good thing abt blogging is that it helps to bridge invisible connections. it lets me express my veiws. so these unexpressed thoughts wont be inside till the end of time, collecting dust. i just like to free my mind. i dont want to be entangled in the web of confusement. or is it that i like to write?

i had a board meeting today. the important figures, or rather figure, were there. my trusted man squid and the cock-ful of stories friend were there. making the total to 3. we managed to half-stocktake 3 boxes. if tmmr, today?, gets another meeting, i'm sure we'll be able to clean the junk room we sasrobotics call home.
problems have rose out of the dark curtain. the chief programmer is not doing his job. he's acting as though he has no time for robotics. i shld be the one saying that. but i'm still trapped in the expectations of others. so i cant get out of this sticky web. i dont know whether i'll survive this horror of power struggle. but i do know that if i fail, Redux wont be happy.
i love photography. i dont really know why i love it so much. a picture paints a thousand words. this just paints 2 numbers.
which one looks nicer? with flash or without?

haha...i guess that's shld be enough b4 i lag your internet! well here's the last one!


Sunday, January 28, 2007

hard to survive

my blog is sure dead. no one has been visiting it since the last few days except for me. my tagbox is dead and my links are broken. 48 posts, 1 crap post and 47 lame posts. no wonder ppl are not visiting this blog.

life has become more harder. being a chairman of the club that i got kicked out in pri 4, it's not an easy job. so many things to do yet so little time given and even lesse effort must be used. my first meeting as the official chairman didnt turn outthat well. but it also turn out to be much more fun. the new sec 1's are quite enthu. [they are quite small in size too] they just need a bit of steering and their on the way to robotics. i did my part till i lost my voice. the pr manager did...well what he's suppose to do... talk ... the seniors were kind enough to help out. i really appreciate their help. especially with advice on how to run the club well. thanks freind. the senior knew that i'm still fresh and will diffinitely need a hand. but that's not the end. i still have loads of work to do. this thing wont die without any blood shed. got to do a lot of planning this yr. many comments after that meeting were negative. they said that i was too 'playful' with the sec 1's. i mean i'm telling them that robotics is all fun and work. not all work. but maybe i was a bit off. i dont know what is the right thing. maybe i was a bit too lame... whatever it is, i cant stay still for long. i gotta do sth. the metal cupboard needs to be cleared. motors must be found. we need to install RoboLab in all coms. and order must be put back into the club...too many things...cannot think straight...

i'm currently talking to togu and betting him abt this english error. "the calling feature in MSN is just like VoIP" So is the calling feature VoIP? loser must be like L for a week!!! i better not lose!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


my mom has came back frm the hospital looking happy and strong. the operation has gone smoothly. thank you doctors. strangely she has an MC even though she doesnt work. for those who prayed, thank you.

i talked to Redux today.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

no woman no cry

i have just returned frm TTS hospital. my mom has been admitted for the swelling of some parts of her right thigh. as i'm speaking now, my mom is undergoing the operation that should end around an hour's time. i really wanted to be by her side but she insisted that i shld rest for tmmr's school. if everything goes well, she should be discharged in a weeks time. i'll pray for her everynight.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


my 512 kbps is faster than my 10mbps. i guess 'size' doesnt matter eh? i got my chem quiz paper back. i got 3/15 for it... T.T and whats more harder to believe is that it's only on chemical formula. this sucks man. am i really lagging behind? well i dont wan to care that now. i've got bigger fish to fry.

camp was nice. and wet and dirty and exhausting and ants full and a-river-flowed-thru-my tent. first day was a wet day. after calling ourselves Bollywood [yes we called ourselves that name], we were spilt into 2 groups. mainly spilt by our characther differences. it's obvious that one group is where all the so-called-cool ppl are. But i dont care whether they are cool or not. everyone there is my friend. like i have said, it was a wet day. one activity had as to cross a pond [they called it the river challenge eventhough it was just a deep pond -_-]. it was nothing really hard. we just had to tie the ropes given to form a line so that we could just pull ourselves across. but it was still wet when the instructors rained that murky water on us when we had crossed o_o talk abt invitations! but of course the most fun and memorable one was none other than the mud passage. i went in white but came out black...lols! i nearly got my shoe stuck there! i guess i shld have heeded his advice... "TIE YOUR SHOELACES!" i had my face all mud-ded up and geez! now i have pimples all over my face! food was satisfactory. after a long day, we had a plate of rice, vegetable gravy and a piece of chicken. it really doesnt matter as i was starving. nightsky fell in place and the tents all disappeared behind the darkness. slept for quite a while but woke a few times due to some of my tent-mates' snoring...GOSH! afterwhich, at 4am, ants started to invade our humble tent...of all tents, my tent...damm ants...

day 2 was dry. was a bit unwell due to the lack of sleep. but managed to be on top form. YEA!!! it's rock climbing! but managed to only scale the wall was damm hard lah. nth much to talk here other than that I HATE ANTS!!! n ya, my tent had a river at night. it was raining like siao lah.

well that's that. i've gotta slp. but mayb a snack b4 i slp. darn hungry lah. mom was unwell and couldnt cook. then i had to clean the house. after that i had to iron my clothes which i dont know a shit abt. well i also would like to say

GD LUCK to SMART team that is participating in FVC! Jiayou!!

Monday, January 22, 2007


tomorrow nvr comes. it has been 2 days and i havnt blog abt my camp life. geez...i'r really that lazy. it's no excuse for the first day. i was exhausted and weary from the camp. a night's rest should have been sufficient to write it in the morning. is it because that i'm lazy or am i too ignorant that i don't take note of my surroundings?

i failed my chem test. i got 3 out of 15 and it only tests on chemical formula. i find it hard to believe that i could fail such easy tests. so easy that some consider them trivial. 3/15. i know one thing abt the day before. i didnt revise. i was even clueless abt the topic tested. i feel bad. i really feel bad. but i cant just sit here and cry over silt milk. there's a chem test tomorrow abt balancing equations. i've just had tuition and i made a point to ask the tutor to teach me how to balance the equation. it's quite easy after all. togu was right. i just need the concept and i'm halfway there. well that's good news :)

Friday, January 19, 2007


i'm just tired...damm my internet so freaking unstable.
haha...i guess i'll talk abt camp tmmr. tired now, wan to slp xP thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

the cold war...pls make me warm

why is it raining? it's so cold here. pls spare me...all my long pants are being washed. oh what the heck! at least i'm no getting frostbites...speaking of which...can you just think of those homeless ppl. surviving the rain and mayb getting frostbites. oh bitter cold take me instead! what wrong have they done to be deserved this?! no wonder ppl afix the cold with bitter...

bitter cold

so many ppl have problems. check this out it's my friend's blog. i'm just worried abt my freinds, especially when they need of help. no wonder it's raining...too many ppl are facing's a shoutout to those who are suffering now...

Don't worry guys! I'm always here for all of you! There is nothing i can't fix! If u'r sad than i'm sad because i'll get sad when u get sad n if i get sad many ppl will get sad so i'm telling u don't be sad because i've sacrificed 2 lines on my blog to help u so don't be sad ok?

and also wad's the deal of writting in small font???? i'm forced to use my specs just to read togu's blog.......mayb this is a bad time.... ><

HAAAAAAAAAAAA! finally cca display has come and gone...mayb it wasn't a good one but at least it's done. 13 new ones has singned up with us so it's still ok. better than nothing! rite? wadever it is, i got one unknown senior helping me...


but thanks to him [or mayb her...who knows?] i got a better grip at robotics now... =) so to him/her...


ok i'm goin crazy already. maybe i shld start of the week thing...than mayb reveiw it...
Music Of The Week!
I'm now actually listenning to it now... their tunes are a bit old but their words are moving...especially helpful when in a crisis...well my favourites are none other than Borhemian Rhapsody, Another One Bites The Dust, We will rock you and of course, We Are The Champions! don waste your time reading this...just borrow it frm me


don prank call me or else...

well that's that, i gotta finnish my homework and my NJRC report... RAH!!! so many things to do!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


being the new chairman is sure hard. i got a never ending list of tasks that stares at me every time. so how can i avoid that? you all shld know by now that tmmr is SAS CCA Display Day. as the name says, it's the day where the respective cca's show off their glamour. well it's bad for me as i'll be the one doing most of the shit... and what a better way to start the year.... -.-

well at least i could wear the flush shirt to school! =D now that's cca display! [but too sad.... togu didnt print it with 'SAS ROBOTICS' on them... tsk] tmmr's the big day n i still havn't finnish half of my plans....

1) Showcase of NXT
- one bot done...the other still 'naked'
2) SprintBot
-the map has yet to be drawn on mahjong paper...well at least it has already been planned...
-the robot done already. this will be fun...hehehe
3) Poster
-if pop in my sch tmmr, you wont see a single robo poster...tsk...i havnt print...
-1 thing for sure is that togu's posters wot take the walls tmmr! lady boss rejected it! but still must pay him...fuck...junior also must charge....he volunteered some more...what a......
4) picture slideshow
-i'm unsure whether he wans me to make a movie out of it...i heard power point...
5) NJRC mock up Robotwars
-well at least it's still ok...

i'm gonna work like siao if i want all these above to be completed...damm...mac's keyboard is not sensetive... yup! got my mac back! my router is also alive!!!

(no title)

HOORAY!!!! my wireless is up and running! more time on my macbook!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Oppulent's Tragedy Part 1

i cant believe it... when u buy an album, u must pay a whopping 7 bucks for a set of lyrics for those songs in that album... seriously WHAT THE HELL...

back to delta
man, life totally sucks. especially when i have so many trapped things. i got some expectations to acheive and u shld kno how i am. i dont like to dissapoint ppl... fuck it's killing me....

how the hell u get that bloger bar hidden?? it's killing my blog...well not saying that ppl arent visiting [well in some days...tsk...] or my page takes a forever to load [sry to those dial-up guys...need flash.... >.< ] it just kill my blog's image... damm it...

yea the 1st paragraph is true. i bought the U218 Singles [which i've fallen in love since] last wk and to my surprise, it has no lyrics booklet. And today, i went to CD-RAMA and the same album w/ the lyrics' booklet cost 18.90.... mine cost 11.90.... -.- wth...lyrics also must buy...

i'm stuck in a moment i cant get out

CCA display day has been scheduled to this friday. I dont hav much time at hand to 'dress up' my club. So i hope there are many hands out there. well i must also remember abt my upcomming O's... i'm thinking of requesting to have it this year... crazy me huh?

Friday, January 05, 2007



that was my 2.4 timing today. MAN! that is slow frm my 12:20 frm last yr's nappha-thingy. my muscles are a bit shaky though. dont think that's a gd sign. i think it's better if i run everyday. HECK! pain no pain, i gotta retain my 1st position.

first day of sch has started n i'm sorta lonely in my new class ['s full of smart ppl...don think can top it again...tsk] but overall, it's a funny class. we have the bublly vice-chair which makes a joke of himself. haha... it's just makes my day [a past of me huh?]

nth to love like

its really tearing me apart...i just wish to shout it all out to my heart's content! RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

-.- ok that may be too much.... i;m just shy to say it all out... i'm just scared to fall infront of u all... well recca's isnt the only one having a bad day!

changed to the new blog....

nth to talk......

need to sleep.....

listening to dave matthews' band.....

shld i kill time w SS??? [got koh yong mong, a.k.a KYM, btw... a real least not as bad as DA...]

nid to fix my singtel's killing me's as though i sound damm unworthy.... -.-

i wan MOTORED!!!!

i wan someone...............

i wan a desktop...

i dont wan to dissapoint ppl...

i just wan to be simple...

i just wan to say it all out b4 it eats me up... is killing me...

damm....1 more thing...

this is my first albulm! xP

nite guys nid to slp...

Monday, January 01, 2007

the first post of 2007

Yea...the season of giving has passed and frankly speaking, i wasnt the guy i supposed to be. my plans of giving were not launched. and now, as 2007 steps in, i still have his irritating problem... well no worries, someday [it better be, it's eating me inside] i'll fix myself. well here's wad i got this year...

Thanks to Togusa for this wonderful bleach cup! well it'll indeed help me in my tough nights! cant live without coffee!

and yet again! thanks togu for my mount fuji... -_- it's delicious!

well again frm togu! thanks a lot for this... though i'm ok with the gst... i wonder if it fits my bike?

my dad sorta gave this to me...err it's an mp3 player. yes i kno it's an iPod rip off. u kno me! i cant live without music! [geez.. my dad is sure smart! bet that his thinking of getting the real nano...tsk...]

well that's that n i cant believe it but 2006 has been the best yr. yea i kno i got into some trouble but it's totally defeated by my friends! thanks guys! u all are the best!