Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Intro- One Man Country

Thanks is for her who had been in my life for the past two years. Thick and thin, you are still there. I made you cry and made you laugh. Those times we'll not forget. Thank you, my love.

Just came back from Sim Lim Square which is a synonym to 'TECH HEAVEN'. Computers, handphones, laptops, mice, wireless routers. Anything that you see on Hardware Mag, you see it here. Recently, I told my Mom that I was in need of an external hard drive. I needed to store my music, games and my other stuff in it. It must be mobile and shock proof. Space is not on my mind [How odd..] but 120 GB sounds nice. Well, you know me, I'm the kind that will not fall for the 'Buyer's Regret' trap or any traps for that matter. So here how it went. I knew abouy Network Attached Storage. They are just like servers but much more consumer oriented. A wireless router and a hard drive combined. That's how you should see it as. On the same network, you could access it. Now here comes the cloudy part. I'm not sure how but with an internet connection, you could access it form anywhere with an internet connection. Now, I've heard about them but not much heard on how to configure it. This is something that I must research on.

And so, SLS became my hunting ground. I still needed a HD but looking at Time Capsule, a new NAS product by apple, I just had to want it! Priced at $459 at 500GB, it's at Sg's pricy range. I'll still look out for other stuff but it I do get Time Capsule, then I must go the Apple way. So, in prep for that, I introduced my Dad to iMac. A virus free comp that will last a decade. With Leopard's Time Machine, it'll be the perfect companion with Time Capsule. Let me explain.

Time Machine autmatically backs up the hard drive every few changes. So let's say I wasnted to undelete a file that I had 'Remove-from-recycle-bin', I could easily just take it from Time Machine. It's like going back in time. Wow! So, with Time Capsule in hand, it backs it up wirelessly and doubles as a router. Nice.

Now you know why I want a Time Capsule? Oh yeah, the Apple way. If I am to get Time Capsule, ain't it better if my remaining comps on Leopard? And thus, my Dad's intro to iMac. So it he wants to change Windi, there's iMac! But at the end of all conversations, there is always a topic that will never be left out. How much. So here's The Apple Way's price breakdown!

Time Capsule: $799 (1TB)
iMac: $2488
Vista Home Premium (TBC): $200
MS 2008 (TBC): $300

Total: $3787

Geez, might as well get Mac Pro!

And yeah, check out my upcoming project, One Mac Country.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Yesterday. I celebrated my crummy birthday. Or rather not. I was too fixated on the road I'm now on. Festivities like these is just a waste of my time. So for the whole day and night, I just kept quiet to myself and did my own work. Even my parent's beckoning did not budged me. I wouldn't care less about my birthday. It would be just a waste of time. And today, I have a lot of things to do. From studying for my upcoming A.Maths and Chem Test to completing my D&T work. This life is just to real. It seemed like it was just yesterday that I was sitting for my PSLE, but now, with just a few months to go for my O's, this is no dream.

Sometimes, I feel distracted. Distracted by this flaw I have in me. A flaw that even the greatest doctor nor the best surgeons could fix. This flaw has been my source of distraction ever since my 3rd year. Slowly, it consumes me under my nose. Then, at its' climax, it strikes like a cobra. This wild world can't be no distraction as well. It truly was an eventful year but too much events fall under the negative category. Well, I really hope January this year would be a good month. Though I would like to point out that she's still a distraction to me. Haiz.

Of all people, why her? The deadly mix of kindness and beautiful look just drags me into the dark cold abyss. And then the results, me. Some say that I have an attitude problem. Well, you're right. Let me share you my secret, the deep ones. I do have an attitude problem, but I'm more towards the kind that... I'm an attention seeker. Happy? Yeah, you don't probably understand why but that's me. Can't be perfect.

I'm starting to talk more jibber jabber. My english is not compact and I'm starting to become emo. Not again, my english is not compact. Haiz. On the last note, I would like to thank anyone who had read or currently IS reading the blog, Thanks guys, you give me a reason to blog.

Haiz. I do love her. STILL.

Friday, January 18, 2008


An all-in-one printer: HP Officejet Pro L7680
A new wireless router: Apple's Time Capsule
A new mouse: Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse
A new desktop: Apple iMac OR XPS One w/o Blu Ray

Or just maybe not. Don't want to celebrate anyway.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Robotics Mentor. AFGM. Student. Son. Human.

They are just a few of my many priorities, or rather 'occupations', I have right now. I'm beaten up. Too much beaten up. TODAY, I went to Ngee Ann Poly's Open House together with my class. And I thought my school was the only one there but it looks like they invited the whole nation! It was pretty packed, and so many goodies just outweigh that! That further proves that Ngee Ann is rich. Their open house is in such a HUGE scale! Also, they had this CCA Fiesta, or we call it in SAS CCA Display Day. It's just so much more organised and so much BETTER than our CCA Display Day! We also had this SUPER DELICIOUS donut! OMG!!!! I WANT ONE MORE! Wow! And the best part is that this event is run smoothly in 5 days! WOW! Ok enough about admin stuff.

I'm pretty much, more or less, informed about the available courses in poly. It just takes a whole new concept to the thinking that JC is much more better than Poly. With a variety of diplomas to choose from, Poly is now a more considerable choice. But my question still remains. What do I want to do?

I can go towards teaching. Though not much or no polys offer that path. JC brings you to uni where then, you can take it to teaching. Or should I go towards Psychology? Or maybe Digital Arts like Film And Media Studies or Info Comm Tech? Temasek looks like a good choice for that. So?

Well I'm still stuck. I thought I was on clear path to teaching? What happened to that? GEEZ...

I'm so distracted...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Too Much To Handle.

Too many things have happened. The Sec 1 Camp and the CCA Display Day just passed yesterday. Homework will forever rule the pile of work. My future is shrouded with fear. The blood that runs thru me is flowing with denial. And there is still too much to talk about.

The Sec 1 Camp was supposedly organised by the Panel Of Prefects, Saints' Sports Leaders and the A Few Good Men (AFGM). However, the Prefects had little to no reception towards the camp. Manpower wasn't only the problem around. The SSL's took the lead despite the fact that AFGM was supposedly in charge of camps. After all, the AFGM already had a camp themselves. But no one had any comment except for me. I can't just go on strike alone and neither I have the right to call for arms. Especially when the time is against us. In my honest opinion, with no hold on anything, I believe that the camp was not a total success. My grading system is measured on the amount of places that the planning team can improve on. And for that, this camp had a lot to improve on.

It was planned. But too little details. I won't say that it's under planned. Under planned refers to too little main ideas. Our camp plan is under detailed. Technically, there should be a system in planning but following it formally is not necessary. But the basic layout must be present. In our case, we didn't follow that. Everything was in a mess. The objective of the camp was not on our mind: To promote bonding in between classmates and students. Yes, games did their work. But that's on day 2. Far too late? What about the other area? Safety, manpower, activities, organization, participation? These are just some areas that we could improve.

Manpower is indeed limited. AFGM members were a short of by half. The prefects didn't even come. The organization was a real pain. Student leaders was not told specific details. (Under detailed again) Communication took a bad hit here because of this. Activities were plenty but not a lot to deal with. Safety and administrative work were limited but SJAB was there, a solution to the safety.

Yeah, there was nothing to compare it with. But still it could have ran a lot smother. The standard was just not there. But now a question remains, will it be better ran with me taking the lead? This is nothing easily answered. It's not the content of the camp that could make this possible. It's the people who we work with.

A team is always necessary.

But, nice work guys! From start to end. It's all done! : )

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I guess you're right...

Today I shouted. 
I shouted with might. 
That might. 
That might that made me proud. 
That might that made you listen. 
That might that makes me strong. 
That might, is a double edged sword.

Cut myself with it.
It is the one that made me bleed.

Don't stop.
Don't stop. Why are you stopping now?
Just go.

I guess he's right."Make alterations and just go! Just go!" Those words made more affect than it should have. Just go. But what he has said is true. Just go and do it. What benefit, what good, what humanity is for one to stop and ponder about the pasts. Why? Will it come back to life? Will you be able to change it? I need a motivator. I need someone who can push me on. Yeah, I was suppose to be in normal. BUT I CHANGED IT! Now, am I going to dwell in my seas of pasts? Should I stop thinking? Well, no. Who cares about me. Just blame this on a rush of blood to the head. 

I'm too emotional? Well, that's just is too bad!

Saturday, January 05, 2008


A lot of things are going thru my mind now. Too many things in fact. My aunt has just met with an accident earlier today. She was on her taxi home after she had met with my mom. No news of her yet but only that she has been hospitalised. It has been raining so I guess it made the road wet. The irony, as expressed by my mom, was that the taxi driver walked away safely. Well DUH. He was wearing a seatbelt when the car had its' uncontrollable minute! Unfortunately, my aunt was wearing one. I'll be waiting for any news of her. Hope she's well.

School has started about a week ago. Nothing much happened. The just-ordinary things happened and that made me a chairman. The list consists of my jolly-oh form teacher. Not only she is physically laughable [short, I mean], I'm sure if you spend some time sitting down at the far corner and notice all her actions, she is quite a teacher the MOE had in mind. A teacher, just a teacher. No emotions, may I suggest that? Or Just that she's private.

Well, my PSYCHOLOGICAL skills are sure on their best behaviour! On another note, I don't feel like me anymore. Just like the word 'anymore'. It's now ANY MORE. Man! There's a spacing? Anyway, I'm just not myself any more. I don't have any good memories and that just makes me worthless. Sigh. I'm just worthless.

So much for start afresh.