Monday, August 14, 2006

finally back to my normal self

back from the den
Hi guys, i'm back from my long absence! I took a break for the gone but to be return CT. It has been 2 weeks though. XD NDP was dissapointing. That is from my perspective. If i'm not wrong this year's theme was about 'youth'. The acts were predictable but of course, the fireworks were awesome! It almost lit up the whole of S'pore! *i'm being lame again...-.-* It really summed up the whole thing.

the clan
i hav decided to form a clan which consits of the top of the line competitors in 2E 06. After all, y be enmies when u kno u could be friends?

am i a failure?
wtf....i have failed 2 subjects, by a margin...-.- i'm at a lost now...ladybird will say that i did not priortise. Yea, right...want to check my notebook?! lady water will draw the same face she drew when jw got his results. one junior of mine is on my nerves. *hey! pls DON be lame!* lady water n jw has given me the 'steering wheel'., i'm on 3 battlefronts; 2E, robo n studies. wish me luck guys....nite

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Condition Red

OMG! I'm SO tired! It's 9:37 and i hav yet to revise sci! NOOOO! ALICE has been elavated to condition red(losing hope at 3% per day). 2day, Ladybird n me are closer. *yaaa!*. LadyBird is now more open towards me. "zul, gd job" a voice in my head 'praised' me. Ladybird is one of many who makes my life worthwhile. Let me conclude: worned out frm 2 competitions, the heir to the 'throne' n leading myself to a life of men, i DIFFINITELY need help.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Today was ok, i guess. I was quite energetic today that sent me to the bad side. Humph! Skipped ALICE for robotics. LOL! Talk abt commited! Whatever it is, i brought trouble to my doorstep which caused me this bump:

Haiz, why zul why!!! So whoever (not telling his/her name) i'm sorry for today. Well for now, ALICE has elavated to CONDITION YELLOW (2nd higest of urgency). It's now or never. Finnish it now or regret, i guess. Well that's all, i'll be mugging for maths :)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blog, Blog N more Blog!

Yes, my blog sucks. I agree but I have no choice for now. So quit complaining people! Of course, everyone is invited to create a skin for me. Nevertheless, back to buisness. Let's talk on why all of us are blogging. For me though, I believe that blogging can improve my EXTREMELY poor english. Well that's why I try to avoid singlish words! Also, blogging is never always abt people's life. Some are like mine, talking on one particular topic. Blog may be a tedious task that needs to be updated every now and then. Look at the bright side for a moment, you'll get to improve your english. Not only that, you get the opportunity to express your opinions. I mean keeping your thoughts forever would be a pain. It will all be released one day. Well that's all folks except for my pestering classmates who constantly ring me up for any HW. Just imagine durr this week's CT. Sigh, can we say life is a pain?