Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Daily Riles

Fellas, it has been 2 months. It has been 8 weeks. It has been 54 days. It has been one hell of a ride. And guess what, I AM STILL IN ONE PIECE. Police National Service is doing good for now. Thought I did draw some comparisons from the nearby company that hosts regular officers. Or as one of my good buddies put it, "The ones who are courageous enough to sell their soul, to the DEVIL." Courage? Maybe. Just maybe.

Training is simple yet effective enough for me to lose 4 waist sizes down. The lack of sleep did definitely help somehow. I just got this feeling that the training is just not enough. Obviously everyone loves to have a toned and well built body. So when NS came by, I had the idea that we would return to society in 2 years with the body of what media deem fit. I just expect too much huh?

Maybe it could just be that I'm still 'sour' from my mono-intake enlistment. You can't simply regret getting enlisted into Police. It's equivalent to striking big in a casino. But maybe, it could be the joke? For me though, I'd rather have a go for Army. It's like a ritual you see. So many stories of Army all around you, one definitely just have to get the rift of it. I've been so put through the NS 'publicity', under the impression that NS equates to Army. Oh why not? All the pre-NS talk were all about Army. Little did I know that Police was my fate.

I don't regret my assignment here. But I do recognise what a missed opportunity it is to not be in Army. Imagine the conversations of the times in the mud, the sergeant who is more of an ass, and the laughs of some dodo in the platoon. Memories, that I will never make.

Food just received a major upgrade. As I put it in tweet, the food transformed from prison to near-hotel grade. Now, who wouldn't think this as a chalet now huh?! And this drew some discussions on whether the quality would sustain for the coming months. It's like how we always dress our best for the best day of work. But as days become weeks become months, out perfectly ironed shirt is substituted to a New Balance dri-fit shirt you got from a race you slept through. Now now, where is your pride in your work?

"Make it worth, Zul." -Lasting words from a great friend.

True, 2 years is long, so make it worth. If you are going to just be sad all day because you don't like what you are given, then, I'm not gonna hang around you. Your negativity vibes is a killer. I want to surround myself with good people. Crying all day won't make it worth your 2 years. Doing what you don't want to is also not going to make it worth your 2 years. But can we at least try?

You can take this NS as an experience to be part of the government workhorse agency. You can try to be fitter and get into a Jason-Bourne-isque assignment/vocation. You can sharpen your leadership skills. And my favourite, you can have just loads of fun in NS.

The world is following a formula of 'success': Study assiduously, chase the big bucks, become "mortgage slaves," quickly get married, and have a kid.

Really guys?