Thursday, October 28, 2010

You're Special.

I don't know. But one conversation I had led me to this: I want to fight. Fight for a girl that I really care. As I alighted the bus home, I kept this in my mind.

Okay, that's not the point for this post. It doesn't matter what we did. It doesn't matter how much we have done. All it matters is that we did something for the right reason. You see, if I could, I want to give Domino's Pizza some points too! Because if had there not be that branch, we would have not met. And had we not met, we wouldn't have meetings. :)

There was a point when our great-o Advisor asked if I would want to take it up. But I knew deep inside I could have said no. But I want to say yes. Because I has zero experience in this and I was scared if what I did could mess it up. I was just not up to this standard yet! But I took it up. I knew with you and ZH and YW and Fel and everyone, I would be taught and I could learn. And together we did, learn, teach and laugh.

You stayed up for me. : )

You made sure my stomach wasn't growling. : )

You bought a drink for me. : )

I don't care whatever you did. Don't care what productive or whatever. You came and made us smile. You made me smile once again. You made me remember that I can smile again.

You're special.

So come on, let's go eat Fish and Co okay?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not. Exactly. Feeling. Well.

Not. Exactly. Feeling. Well.

My throat is itchy, my cough is dire, my eyes are heavy and my head just wanna explode. And to imagine I spent the whole afternoon of yesterday cleaning my room up. With dust and dust and more dust, how am I suppose to get back up?! Damn.

My Acer laptop came back in one piece. Though I noticed that it was missing the cover for the card reader. Didn't exactly check it beforehand. But hey, nothing more than an aesthetic aspect that's missing. And also something to protect it from dusts and many other projectiles I put my Acer laptop in harm's way. Haha.

They said that the "thermal module was replaced". OH, YOU MEAN IT OVERHEATED?! And that salesperson assured that the "new chassis has fixed this issue". Righttttt. The repair report detailed that the fan was not spinning. Thus, the machine did not exactly cool down as per normal.

Maybe it's a better idea not to place the air intake vent UNDER the laptop where little air is available. Maybe you (Acer) would like to put it like... AT THE SIDES? OR MAYBE LIKE THE MACBOOK HUH? Man, somethings don't really stick huh?

And of course, with my room, AKA my store room, being a dust prone living space, no wonder that Acer was having 'asthma'. My room has been a place for many things. But primarily, a place to study. Hence, the Study Room. My conditions of a place to study is pretty audacious. Or demanding.
  • quiet
  • spacious
  • 'sterile'
  • simple
  • well lit (and well equipped)
  • space for 2. always.
But that is actually my bare minimum. It has to be quite. Else, I can't concentrate much.

When it come to personal space, I hardly have any. That's why I always love to go back to school in a journey that can cost me about an hour of precious work to just sit down and work. An inconvenience much taken rather than spending my time in this mini-junkyard. Oh yeah, that's how much I really hate my room.

I even thought of renting a room downtown just to escape my space worries! Ugh. And it certainly not smoothing things when Mom comes in complaining about my lack of clearance when knowing full well that 45% of her stuff are in my room; New rice cookers, vacuum cleaners... WTF?! Its my room Mom. And to my brother, GET YOUR STUFF OUT OF MY ROOM. Has the emphasis of MY been enough?

I need to move out from this mess. Literary. If you have a place to 'offer', not a room la, just a place to spend my effort best at, please let me know. For this goodwill, I will amuse you for a limited time only! :)

At the mean time, I have to rest. But if I rest, how can she talk to me?!

Haha, hush.

her smile brightens the night sky

she makes me smile everytime. : ) always.