Saturday, September 30, 2006

MONTHLY TOPIC POST: being short aint that bad

Well hi guys, welcome to my MONTHLY TOPIC POST. i'm not being lame lah. it's just that i like to think of stories. [how odd! i had always disliked thinking...] ANYWAY! the main reason is that i've, in reality, nth to talk abt. BUT i always find a reason or 2 for me to blog....LOL! well then, lets get on w/ it!

well then 2day, let's talk abt SHORTFORMS. basically, we teens hav revolutionised the English Language. We hav created many SHORTFORMS to fit our everyday sms-ing. [jus for the sake of a few characthers]. well in 2day's special post, let's review on the known n not-well-known shortforms!

  1. w/ with *i think this was started by me....i mean w/o is w/?*
  2. [all words w/ ' like can't] *it'll save us 1 character in our sms....i got only 160 characters... -.-*
  3. hav have *c'mon long as it sounds the same can already*
  4. nvr never *same like the 2nd space*
  5. nvm nevermind *3 letters v.s. 10 letters....wad's yur decicion?*
  6. frm from *i think it looks much more cooler as frm*
  7. afk away frm keyboard *a Maple Production*
  8. ks kill-stealer *a Counter Strike Production*
  9. smo someone *a Zul Production..... lol!!*
  10. sth something *frm the dictionary one!*
  11. de the *same as point 3*
Well that's all! tag me if you hav anymore!

Friday, September 29, 2006

da*m tired...super -.- day

Yawnz! Wad seh. 2day is an exhausting day. sch has become borring, especially when my class is now learning chp 6 of science.... -.- sexual reproduction...IT'S DAMM FREAKING BRRING LAH! n the class proved my point by getting "excited" over this. Wtheck... ANYWAY! went to np todae after sch to return some of the frs parts. i was surprised that ms regina still remembers me...0.o..but hey, i am the one who will be leading Team Think of frs 07! =) [provided sajc don steal our name cos the creator is inside...-.-] we chatted for an hour or two b4 we, turtle, togusa n me, made our seperate ways home. togusa was like rushing cos he's late for tution! lol!i reached home jus to find dad bought ms office for mac. i was blowned away. he got the cash to get that but not for my proposed diy. -.- that's not fair. not only that, he even got the guts to ask me to install. wah piang...i'm already half dead lah. some more the mac belongs to my dad. [it rightfully belongs to mom but she gave it to dad] now [currently blogging] i'm preety much tired..bleagh...well that's all folks. watch out for tmmr's's the MONTHLY ISSUE on shortforms...hahaha! i kno, i kno...i just need to escape frm my life!!! ARGHHHHHH!

gd luck for exams every1....nitez

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

the battle for faraday's mountain

well every1, the battle is finally here. sad for me, it'll be the 1st n last battle b4 i go to senior mode. had english paper 1 yesterday. i don think i can make it lah. so mus cheong on paper 2. i MUST not be like this or else i'll lose to green. he's my rival btw.
ANYWAY! i'm goin to study my Mother Tounge (malay). i think i can survive that. i mean i jus need to memorise some proverbs and remember ALL [around 3] letter formats. shld be ok one!!! =)
MAN! my room recks of smoke! -.- *it's not that i DON think otherwise!!!* i think it's frm the nearby construction site. it wont be long b4 i start to miss the morning sunrise! [super nice lah...] i mean it's TOTALLY blocking the sunrise. Argh!!! Nevertheless, back to work!
Sch was ok. da*m sad lah. my fren's MP3 n handphone was stolen durring P.E. I mean it is always held at the street soccer court outside my school. it's partially his fault lah. he nvr jaga his things properly. abit borring in sch. my class is goin to hav a crash course on maths T.T...there's TONNES of info needed to remember for sci lah [dun think my brain can take it] but we mus not forget abt hist...another brain-demanding subject [lucky there's no geog! phew...] ... n when i thought that would be the end of my list, there's lit. it's freaking wan us to think! -.- nid to wear ThInK shirt...shld try red...can bring gd luck! lolz!!! well i think that's all, got eng hw liao...goin to cheong on malay tonite! n ya parents on rocky mountains already, so DON IRRITATE ME BY ASKING ABT THEM!

that's all folks...keep smiling!

Saturday, September 23, 2006


*crack*...there goes my back again. da*m...i think i'm aging pretty fast. anyway, LadyBird has helped me pull out the sword that sticks in my heart. i think i'll get stabbed my parents are fighting again. it's on 'n' fighting in a war where both cant see each other...i cant be bothered by this [a crack can be found on my heart] year exams are just around the corners. went to sls w/ ks today. i bought a usb wireless adpter for my celeron laptop. walked around for an hour b4 i could find the ideal one. he jus came to advice me...-.- oh wad a great friend...he did not buy anything though. we saw a graphics card that cost a bomb...$1000+. i was like wtheck. 1k jus for better graphics...-.- c'mon lah, waste it on the other stuff. went lan-ning after that. stupid noobs...don kno how to play...ks n i owned the others on our way back, we discussed abt DIY desktops. i'm thinking of getting 1. well now i'm blogging...n also configuring the usb wireless adapter. da*m, it's not working. 1 more thing, gd luck for your exams!!!

nitez [got 2 study later]

Thursday, September 21, 2006

a sword is still stuck through my heart

when i had thought that all the swords had been pulled out, one still remains, deeply nested in my heart. some1 help me. w/ people leaving my life, i cant see myself out there. i hav failed all of 'you' countless times. Am I a failure to 'you'?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

MacBk + High-tech mind = temptations

Yipee!!! My dad got a macbook! well it actually belongs to my mom...'borrowed' by dad. darn it! it's da*m good! *currently posting with a mac* i like the cd slot...slick! the interface is alright...i really like's the internal webcam...super nice...but of course, there is always the downside.... safari needs touch ups, i wonder y they did not add a right click button for the internal pad....a.k.a "trackpad" can be abit noisy in the optical drive...the keyboard is abit spaced out...i always get the arrowkeys wrongly...not forgetting mis-typing!...but overall, it's a nice toy fo thoes media-builders...well i that's all folks...nid to study liao...nitez

Sunday, September 17, 2006

kena tagged liao...

walau...tag me. Haiz...ok lah here i go!

1) Do the following without complaints.
2) Choose 5 persons to do this after you have completed yours.
3) Leave a tag on the person's tagboard to say he/she has been tagged.

Favourite Colour : i like every colour...
Favourite Food : i cant make up my mind...
Favourite Movie : i don watch DVDs extras some more
Favourite Sport : SOCCER!!!
Favourite Day of the Week : Thursday...a.k.a robotics meeting...
Favourite Ice Cream : no idea...
Favourite TV Shows : anime...

Current Mood : happy...check my msn next time...
Current Taste : i'm hungry...crap...
Current Clothes : some "save the dolphin campaign" shirt n long pants
Current Desktop : the create a post page on blogger...
Current Toenail Colour : black... [jus kidding]
Current Time : 1o30 pm
Current Annoyance : my eng marks...haiz
Current thoughts : OceanBlue...Robotics...Homework...

First Best Friend : u noe who u are
First Crush : i think she knos...i guess...
First Movie : like i say...i don watch movies but i like anything w/ comedy...
First Lie : i lied too much lah...lost count liao...
First Music : the ABC song?

Last Cigarette : i have not smoke yet.. so how can last?
Last Drink : coffee..
Last Car Ride : taxi back home...i mean 2 ppl hitch w/ me lah...ended me paying the ride -.-...that's
Last Crush : got onli no last...
Last Phone Call : YuM....he's da*m irritating
Last CD played : Green Day -American Idiot

Have you ever dated one of your best friends : not yet...
Have you ever broken the law : duh...
Have you ever been arrested : ~.~
Have you ever skinny dipped : No...
Have you ever kissed someone you don't know : i have not..

5 Luckiest People :
- JW
- squid
*i think that's all,serious!!! if not then...*
- gerache
- decoder
- zul

practising ENG summary

GOOD MORNING/EVENING!!!! *zul stretches, u can hear a crack sound frm his back* Geez, my back is getting worse by the day :( ... Anyway, how long has it been since i last posted? A month? Well i'm back from my sleep *yawn!* ... To tell u the truth, 1 post won't be able to cover wadever had happened. SO...i've come up with Zul's List Of Events!!!! v1.0 Alright! Here we go!

  1. Won 1st in ALICE-In-Action...ya!!! $250 is in my pocket!!!

2. My NJRC team kena*t! all hopes of getting into the finals are gone....*sob sob*

3. NJRC: My sumo kena the 3 motor rule....this is like they don want SAS in!!!

4. SprintBOT lost only by a least we got to the 3rd round....^_^

5. LadyBird n I are ok!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

6. but OceanBlue is not ok with me...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! tsk...1 go up, the other go down..tsk

7. Steve Irwin...n...Elizabeth Choy...People who revolutionized the world had passed on...

8. well i think that's all...except that i'm suceeding JW

well, i think that's all. ALOT of things happened n all i got to say is Move Along...haha! GdLuck for your exams guys! n gals...