Tuesday, October 31, 2006


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Friday, October 27, 2006


...that's rite, it's 3SB. that's my new class...to tell u the truth, i was expecting better out of me. i cant believe this man...i was suppose to be the best...but i think i wasnt...but hey! look at the bright side! i'm 2nd in class, 66th in level [out of 196], got into the 2nd best class n i'm still standing. but it was really devastating when the truth unfolded. i felt like breaking down in tears but somehow, my heart just stopped me. as though i was reluctant...as though i had no heart...my teacher seemed ok...but breaking a vow...that's not cool...[vowed to be top 10 in lvl]
well, just finished my badminton training w/ squid...pretty much near his lvl but not there yet...man...i got no mood to do anything...
moodless...sry togu...i'm super moodless...i just hav to say that i'm moodless...
walau...somemore got freaking loads of problems...fll no $$$, wireless adapter sth wrong...messenger cannot work...my thumb is like blistering...fuck...just fucked up

Saturday, October 21, 2006

bleagh................n dotz......

damm...not feeling well man. my nose is super red. i think i'm alergic to lego parts. whenever i'm around them, i'll get tired n sneezy in 2 hrs time...argh. i was actually doin a robot for Bull's Eye. some competition where the "dart" is yur robot n it "travels" to the center of the bull's eye. bleagh...cant finnish if i'm sick man...

u kno wad happens when i'm sick...i sometimes get emo...RAH!! okokok...no more. i shld blog more actually. i havnt blog for the past few days and my blog is like dead lah [alomost dead]. i went for this leadership camp last monday n tuesday. it was PURE torture. i had to piggyback a 35kg guy up a hill n boy! my back was aching throughout the night! the instructor reccomended us that we blog more w/ perfect english. pls note perfect english. -.-" c'mon! who blogs w/ perfect eng!!! but, my blog's archive is not thick so why halt on blog?

as the days passed, hist had made its' mark....ok, i'm being emo again. if u hav been reading my blog [hopefully], my results sucked. i broke my vow man... yes, rite after the mid-years, i vowed to be amongst the top 10 in the whole lvl. looks like i'm not.....EMO ALERT!!! ha...i'm always talking crap. 1st i'm lame. 2nd i talk crap. 3rd i suck. 4th i just keep dissapointing ppl. 5th i rarely think. 6th i'm nvr up to it. N 7th being simple is hard.

watched deathnote the other day [thurs]. ok lah. not bad for my 1st movie that i've watched T.T. i aint a anime buff [geez, does it count when i watch GSD, Bleach, Samurai X all at 1 shot?]. ok lah, mayb i am. deathnote [in my view] is trying to mimic the anime version. 'L' is like the, ok, some will say that he's cool, but he's like in the anime. RAH!!!! i dunno wad i'm typing man.....this is bad. as u kno, i got 'lost' in Plaza Sing. i was like -.-"" the gang [togu, turtle,ks n briana] just walked past me n i didnt notice them a single bit. ok, that was super tiao. -.-""

ah, FINALLY my blog has been updated. darn it, sth's wrong w/ my blog's link. there's a gap between 2 links, argh!!! [safari doesnt show it] if u guys see a gap between briana's lin n tricia's link, tag me. getting a new phone ^_^. mayb a xbox..lol...haha...well then i guess that's all. gotta do the FLL proposal. but feast yur eyes w/ these pics!

the yellow spongebob, my leadership camp group

my 1st movie!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

haha...another =D

ya!!!! exams are over!!! Phew!!!!! haha...man! cant wait for the good old holidays! well i was suppose to blog on the last day of exams but i guess that i'm busy uh. final paper was art. can say easy 'cos results are OUT!!!!! RAH!!! [darn...i'm getting hooked to this anime lang]. well then! let's start w/ the marks....T.T

1st period started w/ DnT. got 40/50 for it. [haha, i was damm shocked lah. wanted to burst out!] it seems that i m the higest! [yaaa!!!] i mean i went thru it and it was like all ticks. LOL...got lit after that. i felt that it was not bad getting 32/50 for it. i mean it felt like the day was getting better each time. BUT...1 guy just had to spoil my day. that ruthless sarcastic idiot. he came up to me asking for my marks n the next thing i knew was that he was laughing his head off, self praising that he has beaten me.... -.-.....i felt like punching him lah. [i would if it wasn't for the badge on the left chest] he's like damm stupid lah. u got the highest so wad!!! c'mon lah, at least don laugh infront of me. ok, after some quite moments, i got a hold of myself. then i scurried down to the HIstory Room. [it was air-conditioned btw] i was feeling calm then untill i received back the paper. 43/80....overall: 54/100. WAD THE FLUSH!!! [no offence SASflushers!]. somehow, i wanted to break down but my mind just stops it. strange for me though. i was just sitting there quietly but in my mind, it was like a war zone. i mean hist was like suppose to be all memorising and i just missed flunking it by 4 marks. seriously, wtflush. though i thought the 'war' would stretched to the end of the day, it mesteriously vanished w/ the victory of a soccer match. HAHA! after that got art [did well there], followed by eng [yaay! i passed] n finally maths [top in maths liao...A2 =D]

well now, i'm actually chatting w/ togu,turtle,briana n ben....N i'm the last to log off! gonna spend a bomb tmmr! T.T

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Man! last night rox! when my art paper ended, my heart just filled with outmost joy. went out after that. woohoo!!! actually i went to a Robotics Demo. i actually got lost at Somerset MRT LOL! n ya i waited for turtle at the MRT [like he said "meet me at somerset"] BUT he was late! or rather he nvr came at all!! anyway, Togu called me [unexpectedly he came {altough he got O's}]. FINNALLY i know how to get to Orchard Cine [seminar held there] man, every1 frm the RoboticsSg Forums came i was like who is who??? the seminar talked mostly abt a new organisation [like SSC]. Not only that, they talked abt the new NXT n boy! it sure looks cool! [n costly too!] n only after that Togu helped me intro me...haha. well we went for dinner after that n we like literally camped at KFC n talked..haha. we didn't thought an hour had passed right after briana told us [she saw us n went lan-ning and then back to kfc n saw us!]..haha...man it was SUPER nice lah. goin home at 11pm, walking arnd Orchard n talking w/ the forum guys. haha...cant wait for another 1!


As requested, here are the ans!

the fakes

5. attended a course for it so cant say i dun kno how to play!
7. haha...i guess this is pretty obvious
8. if i can i'll be a monkey instead!
9. i almost had but u kno protective parents! Arrgh!
10. i NVR like to shop. If i ever do, i'll go for ULCA. It's a brand.

Actually i hav 2 more almost fakes. i'll tell u wad. Since my lunch was spared [i was suppose to post this a month later], if ANYONE can find ANY 1 of the 2 remaining fakes i'll buy u not only lunch but dinner too! [TOTAL COST MUST < $10!!!]

Sunday, October 08, 2006


darn, my eyes are getting heavy man. esp when i listen to Daniel Powter's Bad Day. It makes me wans to kick out my shoes , lay on my back and DAY DREAM!!! [or rather night dream!] went shopping 2day. got myself a pair of street soccer shoes. [finally!]

i had been anticipating it for quite a while now. N i cant believe that my dad got it for me! Yay!!! also, i went to Seiyu to gear up for Hari Raya!!! got a Billabong T-shirt and a pair of cool black pants. Cool...i mean 2day, i'm super tired after walking around for 2 HRS!!!..my legs are abt to dop off seh...now back at home, i think i shld go n syudy now...not feeling well though, N u kno wad happens when i get sick...

early bed for tmmr's maths...nitez!
keep smilling!!!

7 in the morning...-.-

yawnz* wah! i cant believe it but i'm blogging at 6 in the morning!!! lol. the haze seems as though it has receded. i kena tagged liao... -.-"...again...haiz, here i go again!

One. Think of 15 short bits of interesting stuff about yourself. And they’ve gotta be true.
Two. Come up with 5 false statements regarding yourself, but for fun's sake keep them in the threshold of believability.
Three. Jumble them all up together and list them in any order.
Four. Post them and let people guess which the five false ones are!
Five. Get 5 others to do the same.

1. I like to run.
2. Won 1st in X-Country.
3. I lurvve Jap Music.
4. I daydream…ALOT!
5. I can play the guitar really well.
6. Sprained my ankle…TWICE!
7. A girl kissed me accidentally.
8. Jumped frm the 2nd storey to a tree.
9. 30% to be a geek.
10. My attitude changes thru time.
11. I was in boxing b4.
12. The 1st song I dlw was GSD ending –River
13. I was caught by the cops once…T.T
14. I like to shop.
15. I now hav 3 nicks.
16. I don like to think.
17. I hav a liking in Digital Photography.
18. I hate being tagged.
19. I am a failed project where i shld hav been a follower, not a leader.
20. I ALWAYS smile! : )

Haha! okies…there u go! 15 true things and 5 fake stuff! [actually it’s damm obvious]
if u guess all 5 correct, i'll buy u lunch! [i'll post the ans in a months time]
keep smilling ppl!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

being even


2day's MT paper seems easy. But i just had to screw it all up...tsk...it was like i wasn't in the mood lah. the sitting arrangement really made my mood bad. it was damm hot man. the fan did not even touch me lah. F-lah. i was sweating all over. the school is so stingy! they had set up the air conditioner but they do not want to use it! Humph!

Well after that, i gathered my clan and organised a history study group. i mean studying history alone is downright sian. jus imagine me stuffing all the facts. moreover i am left with one day to study!!! ARGH!!! it was not really productive in the study group but at least some info got in =P

went home just in time for my break fast. to my amusement and shock, my dad bought 2 digital cable [yes!!!]. 1 in the living room n the other in my bro's room [ya!! can watch animax now!!] well at least i'm happy...for now

goin offline soon [actually i shld hav been offline a week ago!]. i'm just addicted to the Macbook! gotta study for lit n history tmmr.

nitez =D

remove you all!

NO MORE CENSORING!!! bleagh...i'm damm tired. i'm fasting n i'm gonna sit for my fye in 3 hrs time. damm it lah, i can NEVER think when i dont eat...wad to do...it's my religion wad.... lucky the paper scheduled after sch...better for me. moreover, it will waste up to 2 hrs. meaning that my day wont be all sleep. can make it for sure. 2day's paper is MT 1. i just need to memorise the letter writting format n i'm done [MT has nvr been my taste]. BUT nevertheless, i shld at least try to score well at it. well tmmr will be the same. a monotonous week i must say. wish me luck guys n also


gd day =D