Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our State of Ambiguity

Oh no. I’ve upset some equilibrium balance. Not suggesting my definite change is making this imbalance, it should be the main cause of this change. But nevertheless, this change should not upset this balance so much that it tips the bowl.

It’s getting harder to talk to him. Every time I exchange an idea, he focuses on my weaknesses and ensembles words that could nearly cut my throat. Even if I tell him that it it is “not cool”, it still persist. You know what, I will accept that. It’s him for that matter.

Or is it me that is being hard to talk with? I used to be the one that racks up crazy ideas. They are always near absurdity but never it will forget the roots of reality. Shall I just turn that tap a little towards close? Since it is hindering. So I assume again.

Maybe I talk too much. I should be just real. No lame jokes. No absurdity. Confront nothing but only with the truth is this world. Drawing ideas from nothingness should be deemed meaningless.

Maybe I think too much. Maybe I should just consider the other side. Hear those thoughts and implement them at once.

But of course, there will be this question of virtue. It challenges whatever I have taught myself. But has I taught myself in any way?

OKAY, this is way to confusing. Or just a state of ambiguity?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

iPhone 4: OMG? Nope, rather Meh.

(Photo credit: James Martin/CNET;;thum)


Ahhhhh, nope. Not for me.

Pardon my nonchalant attitude but that seems to be like it. As announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple unveiled their latest product, the iPhone 4. If you still are lost in gaga, get your sitrep at cnet’s coverage of WWDC at this link, 

But I’ll be honest, I did not stay up to catch WWDC just because of a new product. Yes, yes, it is a wonderful device. 2 cameras: 1 forward facing for video chat, another sports a 5 MP to capture high-res pictures and also do HD video. That is preeeety to me. Another upgrade would be the ‘retina’ display. Whatever numbers you throw into the resolution, a 3.5 inch display is never a movie screen. Engineering aspect, the physical appearance has changed. For one, it has more aluminium ascents wrapping the sides of the phone. Definitely looks much studier. Apple claims that this chassis is a new leap as it doubles as an antenna. Don’t know the real schematics behind this but sounds pretty rational: Metal + 2.4 Ghz signal = AMPLIFIED. That’s pretty much it. MobileMe

So, okay, what was I really staying up for? Well, for once, I predicted that Apple, being primarily in the hardware industry, would shift gears and be in the software market. To be precise, the cloud computing INTERNET market. I was expecting Apple Inc. to replicate the results of the iPhone mania, in a form of some internet-related idea. This would directly go head on with internet giant Google. I was really keen on the idea of making MobileMe free. With that, Apple’s stake in the leading internet giant, Google, would go deeper. You see, with a total of 50 MILLION UNITS sold, allowing these 50 MILLION USERS to use take advantage of MobileMe would be a huge hurt for giant Google.

But looking back, maybe it was a good idea for Apple to not release MobileMe to the masses. Not just yet.

MobileMe, is a collection of cloud-based services that serves as a sync hub for all the computers. Calendar, contacts, files and all. And if you look at Google’s set of tools, Google is winning hands down. What MobileMe is offering can’t exactly contest what Google is offering. If Apple’s fighting chance is in MobileMe, it has to be more robust. And on a side note, why fight it when you can side it? :) Bottom-line, Apple is not ready to grab a huge part in that internet pie chart. Not just yet.

I guess the biggest step we should look at in this internet age is to how we can make that internet another familiar dimension in human communication. Let’s make it real. Collaboration tools, video chat, instant message, secured networks. All these words are erupting from my mind right now. And as I develop a linking towards the workspaces, working together never had a whole new meaning.

SO Apple! When will you sit beside Google? Oh and Microsoft, err, you just stick to what you do best in the workspaces. But if my tales do come true, Apple will be chasing that tail along with Google.

Sunday, June 06, 2010


Take a look:


Simply put that to force yourself to be quiet all day will be a challenge. At one point, one can’t just control the urge.

Laziness is not because you are born with it. It’s because you are exhausted. Exhausted of being disciplined.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Blackbird. v2

Today was fascinating. I learnt a few neat stuff about the various role in social communities and experienced the very basis of one true saying; Never judge the book by its’ cover”. Those words should stick in ones’ mind forever.

Leo Club isn’t the only appointment I received. Flag Football also approached me to be their Logistics Manager. At first, I was taken aback. As ideally, I addressed my concerns and hoped that they could find someone else that is much more capable. However, the previous president said that my lessened commitment through FFB will not be as dire because my responsibilities just lie in the equipment. Well, what followed was my inaccurate forecast. In my mind, I believed I could juggle both. AND I knew that with 2 appointments, I will be like a rock in a pond, sinking to an abyss or sinking in deep knowledge. AND I knew through past experiences, the very gravity that will pull me down without mercy.

And I still accept.

So now, I am faced with challenges. Right now, I am juggling. Juggling it well but not effective. (Sorta that paradox) But are they beyond what I can hold? NEVER. Strength from within is further enhanced harmony is achieved between the uke and the tori. And only when this is achieved, we can begin.

Aikido seems to get the better of me. Ever since the recruitment drive, I’ve been more inclined to be disciplined and to be accurate. Initially, I wanted to get into Taekwondo. Just to continue the tradition of Leo Club. HAHA. But it seems that the reason for the presence of martial arts in ones’ life is beginning to appear in front of me. I do not believe that one enrols in a martial art just to learn to attack, or just learn to defend. There is some rewarding factor which is both menacing and taxing but effective and long lasting. A passive teaching that not taught by any sensei or master or anyone. But rather taught by oneself. Discipline.

Simply marvellous.

I write more often. I do my work diligently. Tasks are made sure left with a completed check mark. Words and thoughts coincide much more readily.

Nice. But reaching there is just a step. Maintaining on the other hand, is a whole new ball game.