Friday, December 10, 2010

Fucked Up

Fucked up attitude.

Suddenly, everything I did felt so fucking worthless. Such a fucked up attitude of mine which constantly forgets my own progress and trade in my joy for something I can’t use. Seriously, there is no use trying when everything is just plain useless. It’s just the same when everything turn to white ash.

No point in everything to do anything.

Today sucks. Yesterday sucks. Everyday sucks. I got nothing done. And deadlines mount up ever higher.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Nerd-ness of Electricity

I just nerd-ed out for the past half hour to a set of websites that cover about every engineering measuring instruments by FLUKE. And then I downloaded a set of references about True-RMS, Clamp Meters and their usages. WHOAAAA.

Don’t like that lar. I’m in the market for a current clamp actually. A month back, I had to fix the plugs of a water heater. It was in a devastating shape. The heater produced a high current which kinda melted the socket and plug together. My brother and I figured that since it was a home heater, it wouldn’t have these kind of effects. Okay, time for ELECTRICITY 101!

In household electricity, there are 3 things you should know about. VOLTAGE, CURRENT, RESISTANCE. And of these 3, they have a mathematical relationship as such; V = I*R. I’ll be as brief as ever here. Voltage is always 240V in households. Resistance is dependent on Before I nerd out again, of all these 3, CURRENT is the most dangerous.

High current CAN kill you. High current occurs when the RESISTANCE is low and VOLTAGE is high. Since voltage is constant in a household, resistance makes a difference. HIGH current makes high heat that can melt stuff.

Normally, most household appliances can tolerate up to a current of 13 Amps. Special appliances like washing machines, air con units, electrical kettles and water heaters produce up to 15 Amps. And Plugs and sockets usually tolerate till 14 Amps. Thus, my water heater made such high current that it melted the plug!

A little maths and I found out that my heater was producing more than 13 Amps that we originally thought. Uhoh. But maths is not enough. You will really need to measure the current. So here’s where the current clamp comes in.

I really wanted to buy one when I actually found out when one actually costs $200 minimum! WHAT THE. Electrical engineering, expensive business.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Emotions and Heart

Oddity fills the room when a sense of de javu comes to life. You start to question yourself, and then you will realize that at the end of it all, this was what you wanted in the end. But, it is hidden for now.

EMOTIONS are channels for one to express oneself. They range from a mean faced bully to a wide smile of a beautiful soul. They bring out a message to be broadcast to the world. FEELINGS which stem from the HEART run much deeper. They make emotions superficial.

It’s like when you feel sad, you express a frown as an emotion. Emotions are contagious, generally. And it is usually associated with the drive of a person’s passion. But rather, it’s not entirely true. When you are driven, it’s not the emotion that sets the pace. It’s the feeling. It is THAT feeling that grabs you from within as you shout out with emotion.

Feelings bring out emotions. Never has it been the other way around. Many documents have bring out artificial feelings by brewing emotions onto one. Effective at only a short period of time.

To be emotionless is nothing as compared to be heartless. Like throwing your phone out for a day and be contact-less. You will not die. However, a heartless one will reduce the self to a state of either awe or rabid disgust. Some state that it draws similarity to something inhuman. Some just say, it is something no one would want. Or is it really?

Is it really worth to be heartless?

To be heartless differs you from humanity. And isn’t that what you wanted in the first place?