Friday, December 10, 2010

Fucked Up

Fucked up attitude.

Suddenly, everything I did felt so fucking worthless. Such a fucked up attitude of mine which constantly forgets my own progress and trade in my joy for something I can’t use. Seriously, there is no use trying when everything is just plain useless. It’s just the same when everything turn to white ash.

No point in everything to do anything.

Today sucks. Yesterday sucks. Everyday sucks. I got nothing done. And deadlines mount up ever higher.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Nerd-ness of Electricity

I just nerd-ed out for the past half hour to a set of websites that cover about every engineering measuring instruments by FLUKE. And then I downloaded a set of references about True-RMS, Clamp Meters and their usages. WHOAAAA.

Don’t like that lar. I’m in the market for a current clamp actually. A month back, I had to fix the plugs of a water heater. It was in a devastating shape. The heater produced a high current which kinda melted the socket and plug together. My brother and I figured that since it was a home heater, it wouldn’t have these kind of effects. Okay, time for ELECTRICITY 101!

In household electricity, there are 3 things you should know about. VOLTAGE, CURRENT, RESISTANCE. And of these 3, they have a mathematical relationship as such; V = I*R. I’ll be as brief as ever here. Voltage is always 240V in households. Resistance is dependent on Before I nerd out again, of all these 3, CURRENT is the most dangerous.

High current CAN kill you. High current occurs when the RESISTANCE is low and VOLTAGE is high. Since voltage is constant in a household, resistance makes a difference. HIGH current makes high heat that can melt stuff.

Normally, most household appliances can tolerate up to a current of 13 Amps. Special appliances like washing machines, air con units, electrical kettles and water heaters produce up to 15 Amps. And Plugs and sockets usually tolerate till 14 Amps. Thus, my water heater made such high current that it melted the plug!

A little maths and I found out that my heater was producing more than 13 Amps that we originally thought. Uhoh. But maths is not enough. You will really need to measure the current. So here’s where the current clamp comes in.

I really wanted to buy one when I actually found out when one actually costs $200 minimum! WHAT THE. Electrical engineering, expensive business.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Emotions and Heart

Oddity fills the room when a sense of de javu comes to life. You start to question yourself, and then you will realize that at the end of it all, this was what you wanted in the end. But, it is hidden for now.

EMOTIONS are channels for one to express oneself. They range from a mean faced bully to a wide smile of a beautiful soul. They bring out a message to be broadcast to the world. FEELINGS which stem from the HEART run much deeper. They make emotions superficial.

It’s like when you feel sad, you express a frown as an emotion. Emotions are contagious, generally. And it is usually associated with the drive of a person’s passion. But rather, it’s not entirely true. When you are driven, it’s not the emotion that sets the pace. It’s the feeling. It is THAT feeling that grabs you from within as you shout out with emotion.

Feelings bring out emotions. Never has it been the other way around. Many documents have bring out artificial feelings by brewing emotions onto one. Effective at only a short period of time.

To be emotionless is nothing as compared to be heartless. Like throwing your phone out for a day and be contact-less. You will not die. However, a heartless one will reduce the self to a state of either awe or rabid disgust. Some state that it draws similarity to something inhuman. Some just say, it is something no one would want. Or is it really?

Is it really worth to be heartless?

To be heartless differs you from humanity. And isn’t that what you wanted in the first place?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Water vs Air

Lyrically, it must make sense. But what attracts one the most are the tones, the bass, the voice. But most importantly, the lyrics that relate to the listener. It connects oneself into a world.

Musical Revelations.

Watched some Korean drama. Initially, it seemed very cliché. It involved bombastic romantic scenes where boy meets girl. Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. Blah blah blah. I don’t know why many still fall for the same old story. Geez.

But, at the end of the episode, it showcased a scene where boy sings girl to sleep over a phone. It was adorable. Even in my aspects.

Sometimes, I wonder when I could do that. Or even walk her home on rainy days. Or have long phone calls and talk about all things under the sun. Or just burn time sitting at a park whilst falling asleep beside each other. It kinda reminded me all the small things that made me smile for her.

All the small things. They matter. But things that matter to me didn't matter to you.

I did many bad things. But those don’t qualify me as an evil person. It did set me off course and I will have to get back on it. First up, I will be preparing myself for an Overseas Immersion Trip to China. While doing that, I will develop the right mind set for California Challenge.

Sounds not a lot. But add in the Club’s transition phase and under-developed plans. It’s like building a building without a solid blueprint. I need that blueprint.

But there’s only one architect. Damn.

As they put it, if being lighter than air won’t cut it, be like water. Bruce Lee got my back alright!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fake Plastic Hearts

She and I rarely talk. Or rather, we don’t talk anymore. Say 4 weeks strong? Yeah something like that.

Totally missing the feeling nowadays. I’m acting without thought. I’m thinking without cause. I’m beating without a heart. I can’t feel my heart let alone her heartbeat.

I don’t think I like to talk anymore since my words don’t even make sense. But if I do talk, bet it’ll make sense. After all, no one will care to hear my undirected words.

I can’t feel my heartbeat.             

Monday, November 01, 2010


I don’t exactly talk to her anymore. And a lot of made up conversations have I played in my head, questioning the very morality of this decision. I don’t know man, I just can’t get my own vibe back. She’s there. And there she stands. If I walk up to her, with my palms awaiting hers and if she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t want to. That’s all I can say.

So you’re giving up? They say, experience is the other name of mistakes. And that is true. I have a friend that follows by this defined path of Experiential Learning. Which in today’s context, not at all wrong. But when will enough be enough? If what you experience is not learnt, what position do you have to call it learning? But it doesn’t stop there. And what if we take advantage to an extent that we reject old ideals because we can. Old ideals that resemble in the form of our seniors who are experienced and wise. And to even say that they have never been in these exact situations is just unheard of. It’s like saying that our fathers and mothers are unfit to be what they are because before giving birth to us, they have never been fathers and mothers before. That’s where grandpa and grandma comes in right? 

Plain disgusting.

So am I giving up? No. I have to sit down and think through. Thus, single and unavailable. Whoever thought that there are no stupid questions but stupid answers obviously forgot that there still in existence the sort of entity that still leads to stupid questions. It’s the stupid things we think about. So you can say that for the past months, I’m nothing but trouble to her.

What now? Good question. Maybe finally put on my mask of Gameface. Maybe forever. Because until I realise her importance in my life will I start to understand. For now, I’m just plain useless.

You know Bob Marley? Yeah, he had this belief that Man should be in ‘one piece’. So when he had this cancer that requires him to amputate his leg, he said NO! So when it comes to seat belts, he also said NO because he said that by wearing one, it makes one believe they will be involved in crash and in evidently await for his death. He doesn’t want to predict his death. He wants to be in ‘one piece’. He wants to accept life as it was given, nothing more, nothing less.

This, I call the Seatbelt Story. If you truly would mind, relate to the rejection of help. Some would refer accepting help as a form of anticipating your failure and demise. I used to think that way. But rather, I now think that accepting help is my way of accepting that I suck at that and I’ve zero experience in this. I mean, that is the basis of requesting help in the first place. Because you don’t know what to do or you’ve done much harm than good or you just are so lost.

Oh for Bob Marley, in the end, his cause of death was related to his un-amputated leg.

I can’t ask for help too much. But just sit beside me sometimes and that’s all I need. And maybe a hug or two or a pat on the back. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

You're Special.

I don't know. But one conversation I had led me to this: I want to fight. Fight for a girl that I really care. As I alighted the bus home, I kept this in my mind.

Okay, that's not the point for this post. It doesn't matter what we did. It doesn't matter how much we have done. All it matters is that we did something for the right reason. You see, if I could, I want to give Domino's Pizza some points too! Because if had there not be that branch, we would have not met. And had we not met, we wouldn't have meetings. :)

There was a point when our great-o Advisor asked if I would want to take it up. But I knew deep inside I could have said no. But I want to say yes. Because I has zero experience in this and I was scared if what I did could mess it up. I was just not up to this standard yet! But I took it up. I knew with you and ZH and YW and Fel and everyone, I would be taught and I could learn. And together we did, learn, teach and laugh.

You stayed up for me. : )

You made sure my stomach wasn't growling. : )

You bought a drink for me. : )

I don't care whatever you did. Don't care what productive or whatever. You came and made us smile. You made me smile once again. You made me remember that I can smile again.

You're special.

So come on, let's go eat Fish and Co okay?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not. Exactly. Feeling. Well.

Not. Exactly. Feeling. Well.

My throat is itchy, my cough is dire, my eyes are heavy and my head just wanna explode. And to imagine I spent the whole afternoon of yesterday cleaning my room up. With dust and dust and more dust, how am I suppose to get back up?! Damn.

My Acer laptop came back in one piece. Though I noticed that it was missing the cover for the card reader. Didn't exactly check it beforehand. But hey, nothing more than an aesthetic aspect that's missing. And also something to protect it from dusts and many other projectiles I put my Acer laptop in harm's way. Haha.

They said that the "thermal module was replaced". OH, YOU MEAN IT OVERHEATED?! And that salesperson assured that the "new chassis has fixed this issue". Righttttt. The repair report detailed that the fan was not spinning. Thus, the machine did not exactly cool down as per normal.

Maybe it's a better idea not to place the air intake vent UNDER the laptop where little air is available. Maybe you (Acer) would like to put it like... AT THE SIDES? OR MAYBE LIKE THE MACBOOK HUH? Man, somethings don't really stick huh?

And of course, with my room, AKA my store room, being a dust prone living space, no wonder that Acer was having 'asthma'. My room has been a place for many things. But primarily, a place to study. Hence, the Study Room. My conditions of a place to study is pretty audacious. Or demanding.
  • quiet
  • spacious
  • 'sterile'
  • simple
  • well lit (and well equipped)
  • space for 2. always.
But that is actually my bare minimum. It has to be quite. Else, I can't concentrate much.

When it come to personal space, I hardly have any. That's why I always love to go back to school in a journey that can cost me about an hour of precious work to just sit down and work. An inconvenience much taken rather than spending my time in this mini-junkyard. Oh yeah, that's how much I really hate my room.

I even thought of renting a room downtown just to escape my space worries! Ugh. And it certainly not smoothing things when Mom comes in complaining about my lack of clearance when knowing full well that 45% of her stuff are in my room; New rice cookers, vacuum cleaners... WTF?! Its my room Mom. And to my brother, GET YOUR STUFF OUT OF MY ROOM. Has the emphasis of MY been enough?

I need to move out from this mess. Literary. If you have a place to 'offer', not a room la, just a place to spend my effort best at, please let me know. For this goodwill, I will amuse you for a limited time only! :)

At the mean time, I have to rest. But if I rest, how can she talk to me?!

Haha, hush.

her smile brightens the night sky

she makes me smile everytime. : ) always.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rough Landing...

I have a pre-camp tomorrow from 8 to 12pm.

I have a lunch tomorrow with my old mates at 130pm.

I then have a pre-camp to return to by 6pm.

I should study tomorrow for I have an exam at 9am on Monday.

Rough Landing...

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Just because you can.

I screwed up big time. I was trying to recover my tempo but I ended up losing my step and completely fall out of line.

So I can just sit there and look at all those fuckers laugh at me. Or I can get back up, and get back into the line.

Of course, you would wish to end it all. Who wouldn't? You would want to just drown yourself just to suffocate that sorrow. You would want to drain all that blood so your evils will just die with you. But seriously? Just because you fell off, you wanna end it all?

Don't pussy out. If I were you, you would fight. You would fight just because you could fight. You would shout just because you could shout. You would continue just because you can. SO don't let that mind fuck up.

Yeah yeah, and don't spout such reckless statements like "Oh but I am only human." WHO THE FUCK CARES? Muhammad Ali is human. But he became a well known boxer, a dyslexic boxer. That Judo kid has only 1 arm. But he won a championship with that. So what is exactly the lower limit of humans? Nothing. All we are taught are the upper limits. There's no need of lower limits. We are to succeed the only upper limits. That's why no one cares if you fail. But everyone will lend you their hand if you get top. We are meant to win.

You will fight. I know you will.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Holding On.

I dreamt something today. It was really weird considering that I slept with a thought, started the dream with an idea and finished that dream with a lasting wish. I hope she's doing fine.

My blog has been stripped to the bare bones. The music player has been removed. The tagbox is filled with outdated tags. My previous post is dated more than a month ago. My blog is near dead. Or is it?

I just got the urge to type this out just today. Usually I would load up a blogging client on my Windows 7 machine but ever since my Acer is giving me total BS performance, I am kinda really reluctant on working on that total BS machine. BAH, IT MAKES ME MAD. 

Thus, that's why I've revived my MacBook. That first good looking 2006 model revision. It's all I need but of course, no games, no hardcore image editing. C'mon, this dude falters even at the process of MS Word! WHOA! But one thing it does great is that it is bare bones, just like my blog. All you need to know, all you need is just there. Nothing extra to bog you down or nothing less to worry about. No worries, you will see more posts from me both random and unforeseen.

No need for extravagant comeback parties. Just need to make sure she's doing fine. :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sunday, July 04, 2010

As Mika Nakashima puts it, “We will find the way…”.

Today, we had lunch. After months of delay and rare bumps on the busses to school, we finally met on a Sunday and just had good ‘ol lunch. Domino’s Pizza to be exact! Haha. So many thanks to Kavan and Zhi Hui!!! YOU MY BROTHER YO!

We chatted quite a bit of course. And of which material which I highly recommend myself not to put it in the rundown. ; p

But that’s not entirely the case. A ‘friend’ of Zhi Hui’s popped by! HAHA. It was a blessing in disguise I say! Made me notice the minute details that could point some things wrong. Somehow, I just feel, so jaded. : /

Is it really moving at this speed? I mean, I’ve never hopped on this bandwagon before. So everything is just, so foreign. I can’t feel my insides that much but some have said that it will start churning. And eventually, you will feel an instance of uneasiness. The setting you find comfortable is no more. But, you keep on moving. Keep on until you reached that place you call home. Her heart.

As Mika Nakashima puts it, “We will find the way…”.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our State of Ambiguity

Oh no. I’ve upset some equilibrium balance. Not suggesting my definite change is making this imbalance, it should be the main cause of this change. But nevertheless, this change should not upset this balance so much that it tips the bowl.

It’s getting harder to talk to him. Every time I exchange an idea, he focuses on my weaknesses and ensembles words that could nearly cut my throat. Even if I tell him that it it is “not cool”, it still persist. You know what, I will accept that. It’s him for that matter.

Or is it me that is being hard to talk with? I used to be the one that racks up crazy ideas. They are always near absurdity but never it will forget the roots of reality. Shall I just turn that tap a little towards close? Since it is hindering. So I assume again.

Maybe I talk too much. I should be just real. No lame jokes. No absurdity. Confront nothing but only with the truth is this world. Drawing ideas from nothingness should be deemed meaningless.

Maybe I think too much. Maybe I should just consider the other side. Hear those thoughts and implement them at once.

But of course, there will be this question of virtue. It challenges whatever I have taught myself. But has I taught myself in any way?

OKAY, this is way to confusing. Or just a state of ambiguity?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

iPhone 4: OMG? Nope, rather Meh.

(Photo credit: James Martin/CNET;;thum)


Ahhhhh, nope. Not for me.

Pardon my nonchalant attitude but that seems to be like it. As announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple unveiled their latest product, the iPhone 4. If you still are lost in gaga, get your sitrep at cnet’s coverage of WWDC at this link, 

But I’ll be honest, I did not stay up to catch WWDC just because of a new product. Yes, yes, it is a wonderful device. 2 cameras: 1 forward facing for video chat, another sports a 5 MP to capture high-res pictures and also do HD video. That is preeeety to me. Another upgrade would be the ‘retina’ display. Whatever numbers you throw into the resolution, a 3.5 inch display is never a movie screen. Engineering aspect, the physical appearance has changed. For one, it has more aluminium ascents wrapping the sides of the phone. Definitely looks much studier. Apple claims that this chassis is a new leap as it doubles as an antenna. Don’t know the real schematics behind this but sounds pretty rational: Metal + 2.4 Ghz signal = AMPLIFIED. That’s pretty much it. MobileMe

So, okay, what was I really staying up for? Well, for once, I predicted that Apple, being primarily in the hardware industry, would shift gears and be in the software market. To be precise, the cloud computing INTERNET market. I was expecting Apple Inc. to replicate the results of the iPhone mania, in a form of some internet-related idea. This would directly go head on with internet giant Google. I was really keen on the idea of making MobileMe free. With that, Apple’s stake in the leading internet giant, Google, would go deeper. You see, with a total of 50 MILLION UNITS sold, allowing these 50 MILLION USERS to use take advantage of MobileMe would be a huge hurt for giant Google.

But looking back, maybe it was a good idea for Apple to not release MobileMe to the masses. Not just yet.

MobileMe, is a collection of cloud-based services that serves as a sync hub for all the computers. Calendar, contacts, files and all. And if you look at Google’s set of tools, Google is winning hands down. What MobileMe is offering can’t exactly contest what Google is offering. If Apple’s fighting chance is in MobileMe, it has to be more robust. And on a side note, why fight it when you can side it? :) Bottom-line, Apple is not ready to grab a huge part in that internet pie chart. Not just yet.

I guess the biggest step we should look at in this internet age is to how we can make that internet another familiar dimension in human communication. Let’s make it real. Collaboration tools, video chat, instant message, secured networks. All these words are erupting from my mind right now. And as I develop a linking towards the workspaces, working together never had a whole new meaning.

SO Apple! When will you sit beside Google? Oh and Microsoft, err, you just stick to what you do best in the workspaces. But if my tales do come true, Apple will be chasing that tail along with Google.

Sunday, June 06, 2010


Take a look:


Simply put that to force yourself to be quiet all day will be a challenge. At one point, one can’t just control the urge.

Laziness is not because you are born with it. It’s because you are exhausted. Exhausted of being disciplined.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Blackbird. v2

Today was fascinating. I learnt a few neat stuff about the various role in social communities and experienced the very basis of one true saying; Never judge the book by its’ cover”. Those words should stick in ones’ mind forever.

Leo Club isn’t the only appointment I received. Flag Football also approached me to be their Logistics Manager. At first, I was taken aback. As ideally, I addressed my concerns and hoped that they could find someone else that is much more capable. However, the previous president said that my lessened commitment through FFB will not be as dire because my responsibilities just lie in the equipment. Well, what followed was my inaccurate forecast. In my mind, I believed I could juggle both. AND I knew that with 2 appointments, I will be like a rock in a pond, sinking to an abyss or sinking in deep knowledge. AND I knew through past experiences, the very gravity that will pull me down without mercy.

And I still accept.

So now, I am faced with challenges. Right now, I am juggling. Juggling it well but not effective. (Sorta that paradox) But are they beyond what I can hold? NEVER. Strength from within is further enhanced harmony is achieved between the uke and the tori. And only when this is achieved, we can begin.

Aikido seems to get the better of me. Ever since the recruitment drive, I’ve been more inclined to be disciplined and to be accurate. Initially, I wanted to get into Taekwondo. Just to continue the tradition of Leo Club. HAHA. But it seems that the reason for the presence of martial arts in ones’ life is beginning to appear in front of me. I do not believe that one enrols in a martial art just to learn to attack, or just learn to defend. There is some rewarding factor which is both menacing and taxing but effective and long lasting. A passive teaching that not taught by any sensei or master or anyone. But rather taught by oneself. Discipline.

Simply marvellous.

I write more often. I do my work diligently. Tasks are made sure left with a completed check mark. Words and thoughts coincide much more readily.

Nice. But reaching there is just a step. Maintaining on the other hand, is a whole new ball game.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Blackbird. v1

How long has it been? BAH. Too long for that matter. I am not even familiar with my current keyboard. It just feels so odd. Now my fingers are telling me to give up. How dare they. You will serve me for ever more until the end of my time. It looks like I have a lot of things to do. For once, I have yet to send out the individualised emails. Secondly, my tutorials are piling higher and higher. Thirdly, there are some that are starting to pray for me, so that I will not break.


I will not break. I will never be broken again. But I need to fight to live. Right now, I am just a figment of an idea. I am just tomorrow’s wishes that will never come true. I must work harder, faster stronger. If I don’t reach at that state of rest, I will become mad. So mad that it will eat me up. Forget expectations, forget goals, forget ideas. Remember, just remember to live.

It looks really hard because it is! So don’t flatter yourself with “motivational talk”. What you need is just pureness. Something that can only be achieved if you really truly desire.

Friday, April 30, 2010


Nothing beats notepad.

With Lucida Console as its font, and the unmistakeable bleach white background, the Windows Notepad remains one of the best tools to... take notes. No need for formatting. No need for rulers. No need for colour. No need for alignment. Just your spacebar, your enter key and your letters.

That's all.

Though, I wished that it had a spellchecker and the ability to skip whole words (by pressing the CTRL key and directional keys) were available. A workaround would be holding the SHIFT key. That highlights them too.

Nonetheless, this remains one one of the, if not among, the best choice for writing. Because when you want to just write, all you are are your ideas.

Classes start at 8am. So i better make this quick.

Here's what gonna happen tomorrow.

I end classes at 3pm. By then, I've already took my lunch. So I'll head down to the nearest Famous Amos and get some cookies. No, shouldn't I wait till later? I don't want the cookies to be cold. Okay, so maybe I'll leave for cookies at 4? and then get them before 6 or 7?

ALTERNATIVELY, I can just get them from Subway. Maybe I should ask them for a batch order. Like, "I need 36 cookies. I WILL COLLECT THEM AT 9!" Yeah, maybe that's a better idea.

OR, I could just bake. HAHHAHAHHA.

Alright, with cookies at hand, I will make my way for dinner. Or I could just skip that and proceed for the meeting. And then my cue for a few words. After which, we shall talk.

Yeah, "HTHT".

All along, I wanted to be something. Something different from your ordinary package. Something unique. I wanted to be special. Years pass by, as this thinking deteriorated my mental stability. It corroded me. And eventually, this just made me half the man I used to be.

Half man, and half machine.

Not heartless, just emotionless. But today, I somehow got pass that thinking. Being the President, is a tough job. All these expectations begin to fill your inbox and you fear. You fear that you can't meet them.

In such a case, you become resistive. Rejecting everything. Instead, you procrastinate and delay the pain. All because you want to meet expectations. But truly, are these expectations that we meet? So, every time you fall down, you alone fall to pieces. And never your team is there. They need no leader who fears himself.

They need a leader that fears not.


I can only offer words.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

What I Want To Be Is To Be Ready

It has been far too long. But I will do whatever I can to keep this blog alive. But of course, I must not forget to tend to the other matters that surrounds me. An average post is about 300 words. Covering a basic day that usually involves something significant. If not, why would I write it? Yeah, throw all that describes a boring, lame day. Stop complaining about that bus which comes every 20 minutes. Stop procrastinating on your work just to watch some anime flick. Stop that excessive facebook-ing. She won’t like it that you look at her photos every time you go to sleep! (Or maybe she does?) And a post could detail something you really don’t want to forget. Like a dream where you wish you would dream forever. But that basically defeats the purpose of dreams; They make you sleep.

Something significant? What about the time I turned 18? Read up my previous post on how the 3 best-est bunch got me a present. I can blame myself for all I want, not noticing their ‘sleazy’ moves OR I can say that, “Man o’ Man, they just SIMPLY rock!” Haha. Thank yous’ are never enough. But if I have to say something, YOU ALL ARE LIKE A BRA TO ME. Comfortable, uplifting and fits me WELL. HAHHAHAA.25136_361941451924_697091924_3798046_4135678_n

How can I forget it? I would have imagined me being literary suicidal. Just standing at the 7th floor of my former school, preparing to jump. But nope. I didn’t. I never saw an end. Maybe it was faith that held me or the presence of my loved ones that reminded me or just the very fact that the human spirit is one awesome dude. Showered in regret but awake and well. Right now, my road, my challenge, my mountain, my everything all comes together. I will perform to my best of ability. And I will see to it that my men don’t falter. I am ready. LEO CLUB, THROW ME YOUR BEST PUNCH! BOOYEAH!

You know what, I shall end here. Tomorrow (or rather today) Leo Club of NP will be working together with Lions and Leo Club of SRC for the Wealth of Love fundraising event. Along with over 250 volunteers, we will be in the heart of Singapore where we will be accepting donations of any kind. And to not forget the generous contributions, for every $2 donations, a specially designed door hanger will be given! Proceeds will directly benefit the Lions Home for the Elderly and the Lions Befrienders Service Centres.

Head down to Orchard road and you will see yellow jacket clad volunteers embracing the support for Lions Home and Befrienders. So pitch in your support!

Venue: Along Orchard Road (including Chinatown)
HQ Venue: SMU School of IT
Time: 9am – 6pm

WOL Ah Ma Ah Kong!


Monday, February 15, 2010


Dated 17 January, that is about a MONTH of writer’s block we’re talking here. HAHA. I think it is inevitable to contract this ‘disease’. Anyone is bound to get it. But the real question is how fast you recover from it. So far, I’m not that fast. A month of motionless thoughts lay stagnant in my head. TIME TO FLUSH IT ALL OUT. I guess I owe you a month’s worth of posts. Let’s see how it happens.

Jan 18
You know what? I initially wanted to remove my birthday info. And see how many people REALLY know me. But I kinda will feel sad knowing ZERO people know my birthday. HAHA. That actually sucks. In the end, more than a handful flooded my Facebook wall.

Those wonderful 18 years have passed. Which subsequently translates to my ever near National Service? Oh my. Tertiary education has treated me well. The environment in Ngee Ann is just ‘wow’. Seriously, you might think that Singaporeans would just ‘mind their own business’ but hey, there are quite a number who would voice it OUT.

And of course, what is a birthday… without a celebration? Well yeah, about that. Haha. My parents kinda burned me. They originally wanted to have a dinner with me so I cancelled all my plans with my mates. BUT THEN THEY DECIDED NOT TO GO. wth! So yeah, many apologies to my 3 peeps: Daren, Alvin & Jiayi. I love you all.

I LOVE YOU ALL. Really. Gosh, they got me a present! It’s like my FIRST EVER PRESENT from anyone man! Haha. My parents don’t really pass me presents for my birthday. In fact, they usually use the reward from my exams in Nov as my present. Talk about killing 2 birds with a stone. BETTER STILL, saving money on gifts. I don’t really like gifts. Gifts just last as long as they are made. But a card or a call to say Happy Birthday, that is just golden. : )

But aww man, many MANY thanks to you 3 peeps. They got me this pair of headphones. Just in time actually. My white Audio Technica became faulty after I ‘borrowed’ from my bro. Err, don’t tell him please. It could be fixed. It’s just that the cable has become loose and it’s not giving a good sound. Or no sound for that matter. Open it up and re-solder and it’ll be good as new!

 So yeah, on Sunday, we went out minus Jiayi. I just wanted to go out. Never in my mind had I guess that those 3 peeps were planning anything for me. In fact, I didn’t even tell them it was my birthday! And Daren over here pulled some trick whatsoever… GOSH. He told me he wanted to get a pair but in fact, he was getting it for me! He knew I was pretty into audio technologies (life of a man sitting in front of a laptop covers many, many other stuff hor!). I didn’t really see through his motives and because of that, I was like WAHH. They were under my noses all along. GEEZ! But kudos to you all. Looks like I have a workaround.

HE LIKE HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT HEADPHONES LAHH. “Oh I heard that the jack has to be gold or something.”


They rock. They just do.

My day doesn’t end there. In school, my class wanted to smash some cake. OH SORRY MATES. I’m super aware of my surroundings. And I have pretty good reflexes too. Big thanks to Krithe and Eileen for the cake! NO THANKS to those who hijacked my laptop. !!!

It's nice. Thanks everyone. To Daren, Alvin and Jiayi, for TRICKING me! Haha! To A23 peeps! Thanks for the cake! NO CAKE SMASHING ON MY BIRTHDAY! HAAH. To Sophie, thanks for being the first person to wish me! HAHA. (Coincedentally, the last one was Alicia)


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finding Those Words

She just had to say those things…

I went out today, hoping to get things off my mind. But was kinda reluctant when my parents wanted me to go out with them. BAH. I had went out with my friends last night so when I used it today, it didn’t really stand. HMM. Either I have to find better grounds to FIGHT FOR MY RIGHT TO PARTY (as quoted from the Beastie Boys!) or maybe realise that I am a sucker for time management. My Mom was right, I had went out last night, came home late and Mom DID NOT say a thing about it AND I WENT OUT knowing full well that Monday creeps near. Oh my timetable, why must you start at 9 for a Monday???? But hey, now I’m home. I should set Sundays as my family day. In fact, I came home at 9. Didn’t really do much. Was kinda expecting a little control on my funds today. But spent it on an hour of LAN. And a KFC meal. I think my body’s rejecting it. ESPECIALLY MY BICEPS. I knew I did the curls wrongly! Damn! Uhhh…

It was pretty fun. I went out with Alvin and Daren. FINALLY got Alvin to play LAN with us but of course, NOOB ALERT. Bah. Oh I should have taken of Alvin’s outfit. I will be committing a gentleman sin here. Commenting on one’s attire is a selfish NONO. But no way will I see this fashion disaster happen! I couldn’t believe Alvin came in sleeveless sports attire, black fit shorts and slip on shoes. WHAT THE fish! Super super whoa. I would have probably ditched the ‘sleeveless sports shirt’ and went for a long sleeve collar tee. Maybe I could rolled the sleeves up or leave it as is. It will make one look pretty buff. Eyes will fall on the top first but the legs will get much attention too. So it’s recommended you build your legs when wearing this. HAHA.

But the bag was a killer. GOSH. Slinging from his right shoulder, across his chest, the rectangular piece of… ERR… was just making it really… gosh. The bag reminds me of my Sec 1 and 2 days. HAHA.

So yeah, we went LAN. Saw him with his notes and I told him, “Maybe you should take a break or something?”. Heh, we did. An hour of LAN at Colosseum@Iluma. It’s apparently the biggest LAN centre. Pretty good stuff there. It’s like e2MAX without the $3.50 price tag. Actually, it uses the same software as e2MAX to manage the games! WTH!!! Pretty cool stuff. You have to be a member at 16 bucks to get the discounts. $1.50 for weekdays. $2 for Fridays and Saturdays. $2.50 for a Sunday. THAT TOTALLY RAPES e2MAX’s rates okay! Like I’ve said, pretty cool rigs there. Razer Krait, Razer Tarantula keyboard, a headset (pretty sucky for my standards but hey, it works!) and a really nice 21” screen. MAN o’ MAN, the screen is just BE-EE-A-U-TIFUL.

Daren got a pair of shoes. Don’t know why he had to buy. Then a pair of headphones. ALSO don’t know why he had to buy. I should have told him… GET AN iPHONE larrrr. Ohoh, we went KFC. Wanted to buy the Family Feast. But considering a new hack Daren learnt, we grabbed the 3 piece meal instead. It was superrrrr PAI SEH man. WE HAD NOT ENOUGH MONEY!!! Eventually, Alvin saved our ass. Gosh. Lucky us.

Well, Iluma was fun. They should get more shops there. Found a particular shops selling albums and all. They had some kind of a musical box up for sale. Really tiny. You had to wind it and it’ll play a song! Haha. Or rather the tune of it. Really cool. Alvin’s idea of a gift sparked some thoughts of it as a gift too. HMM. I also saw this.



Saturday, January 16, 2010


I love my Mac. It has been 3 years and now, it still goes on. Gosh, I love you. The keyboard still feels fresh. And even after having my Acer machine for almost a year now, I still can't get around the nifty layout of a MacBook.

Supposedly, I am to finish up up my Engineering Economy presentation. But I have hit a ditch. That goes to show, when you're not listening in class, you are in deep shit. I'm waiting for a classmate of mine to send in his copy. Hopefully I could make sense of the numbers. Nominal vs Effective. PW vs AW vs FW. Compounding Period and Time Period. Ba, just too much. Also, I gotta brush up on my Analogue Electronics. All the Bipolar Junction Terminal crap is just... yeah, you know. Not forgetting my long due tutorials. Alternative Current Circuits, AEL, Engineering Maths 2... and the list goes on...

Like I've said, SUPPOSEDLY. The email has yet to reach me. I can't open the slides for AEL. I've certainly no mood count and looking at circuits make me wanna puke. To top it all, I have CCA business to do. So without further ado, lemme do my work peeps!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

I AM READY. And we will be more than what we are suppose to be.

We will.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


“For what it’s worth, it’s good. Always good and never bad.”

Those words keep playing in my mind like some endless movie reel. I guess I picked that up some time when I was in the post-Os’ dilemma. Fronted by choices that, will affect everything I did. It also represented one of the many lessons I had learnt in SA, mind over matter. Cementing it further, your mindset determines your outcome. It just reminds me how intrigued I became to Psychology. Gosh, such old memories.

I’m sure by now you notice my blog posts appearing in Facebook. Like any hardworking student, I was making sure I was up to date with my friends’ activity, always having my index finger on the F5 button. And then I saw people posting their blog posts on FB as notes. At first I thought,”Whoa, you all could stand the writing interface of FB’s notes?” Well, that was WHAT I had thought. Little did I know, on the right side of the page lies the IMPORT BLOG button. Haha.

So yeah, gave that a spin and… there you go! (Writer’s Block: What is the speech expression that suggests “Here you go!”. Sounds like ‘wah-lah’ or ‘voi-lah’ phonetically. Anyone?) But anyway, looks pretty decent. If you think that you’ll get more traffic overnight, you’ll be disappointed. I don’t see my visitor stats jumping by the hundreds. In fact, I think I have bots trolling my page as unique visitors! Haha. However, I personally tried a service where it grabs the RSS feed of my blog and updates my tweets whenever a new post rolls out. In turn, I have this FB application that allows my FB to be updated by Twitter! Haha. But looks like the service is down or something. Can’t seem to get it up and running. Give it a try, think it’s called Twitterfeed or something. Check it out (Link). Guess this “Import Blog” feature brings more good than harm. Brings a whole new medium and chance for you all to poke into my life! Harm? Well, now my teachers can see this rant. Oh dear.

Speaking of which, I know it is a bad idea to post such some thoughts here but since this is my space and my blog, all goes out here. No explicit stuff here, kids. Haha. Anyway, find your worth.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010