Tuesday, August 02, 2011

When smiling seems harder nowadays.

Try to smile more. Just try.

I've found a better and much conducive place to hang my thoughts. It used to be the Alumni Clubhouse until it was infested with old people. Always bad. Haha. And then the clubroom was my next best. Only to be shortlived as I kinda became accustomed to the setting and grew too comfortable with it. And sometimes it reminded me of stuff.

I was shocked when a friend of mine considered me "emo" and suggested that I smile more often. Really? I don't smile? Yeah, think back and ask yourselves, WHEN was the last time you genuinely smiled? Like you smiled out of sheer ecstasy. Like you couldn't keep those 15 muscles tamed as they grew from end to end. Yeah, when was the last time you smiled?

And with the notion of 'karma'. When was the last time you gave a smile to a person? Must you give one to receive one? That kinda sucks right? I mean, it's not like CCA points where they are so dispensable. Smiles need a little ignition. A little more reason. A little more effort. So if we have to take a look at this way, don't you think it's a possibility that the threshold of allowing a smile is higher? Maybe we need more reason and more effort and more ignition for smiles to happen.

Now, ain't it complicated to just give a smile? Haha.