Monday, February 15, 2010


Dated 17 January, that is about a MONTH of writer’s block we’re talking here. HAHA. I think it is inevitable to contract this ‘disease’. Anyone is bound to get it. But the real question is how fast you recover from it. So far, I’m not that fast. A month of motionless thoughts lay stagnant in my head. TIME TO FLUSH IT ALL OUT. I guess I owe you a month’s worth of posts. Let’s see how it happens.

Jan 18
You know what? I initially wanted to remove my birthday info. And see how many people REALLY know me. But I kinda will feel sad knowing ZERO people know my birthday. HAHA. That actually sucks. In the end, more than a handful flooded my Facebook wall.

Those wonderful 18 years have passed. Which subsequently translates to my ever near National Service? Oh my. Tertiary education has treated me well. The environment in Ngee Ann is just ‘wow’. Seriously, you might think that Singaporeans would just ‘mind their own business’ but hey, there are quite a number who would voice it OUT.

And of course, what is a birthday… without a celebration? Well yeah, about that. Haha. My parents kinda burned me. They originally wanted to have a dinner with me so I cancelled all my plans with my mates. BUT THEN THEY DECIDED NOT TO GO. wth! So yeah, many apologies to my 3 peeps: Daren, Alvin & Jiayi. I love you all.

I LOVE YOU ALL. Really. Gosh, they got me a present! It’s like my FIRST EVER PRESENT from anyone man! Haha. My parents don’t really pass me presents for my birthday. In fact, they usually use the reward from my exams in Nov as my present. Talk about killing 2 birds with a stone. BETTER STILL, saving money on gifts. I don’t really like gifts. Gifts just last as long as they are made. But a card or a call to say Happy Birthday, that is just golden. : )

But aww man, many MANY thanks to you 3 peeps. They got me this pair of headphones. Just in time actually. My white Audio Technica became faulty after I ‘borrowed’ from my bro. Err, don’t tell him please. It could be fixed. It’s just that the cable has become loose and it’s not giving a good sound. Or no sound for that matter. Open it up and re-solder and it’ll be good as new!

 So yeah, on Sunday, we went out minus Jiayi. I just wanted to go out. Never in my mind had I guess that those 3 peeps were planning anything for me. In fact, I didn’t even tell them it was my birthday! And Daren over here pulled some trick whatsoever… GOSH. He told me he wanted to get a pair but in fact, he was getting it for me! He knew I was pretty into audio technologies (life of a man sitting in front of a laptop covers many, many other stuff hor!). I didn’t really see through his motives and because of that, I was like WAHH. They were under my noses all along. GEEZ! But kudos to you all. Looks like I have a workaround.

HE LIKE HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT HEADPHONES LAHH. “Oh I heard that the jack has to be gold or something.”


They rock. They just do.

My day doesn’t end there. In school, my class wanted to smash some cake. OH SORRY MATES. I’m super aware of my surroundings. And I have pretty good reflexes too. Big thanks to Krithe and Eileen for the cake! NO THANKS to those who hijacked my laptop. !!!

It's nice. Thanks everyone. To Daren, Alvin and Jiayi, for TRICKING me! Haha! To A23 peeps! Thanks for the cake! NO CAKE SMASHING ON MY BIRTHDAY! HAAH. To Sophie, thanks for being the first person to wish me! HAHA. (Coincedentally, the last one was Alicia)