Saturday, December 22, 2012

We say oh we oh we oh we oh.

"Maybe, just maybe, if we wait long enough, we would see each other."

Hope is what we tell ourselves when we don't get something we can't get, something we don't work for, something we don't deserve. But hope is something that keeps millions of peoples' lives up and running. And ruining millions of peoples' lives is something that we can't have in our circumstances.

SO I got myself a PS3. I am pretty rad about my purchase. I have been prancing over the idea for almost a year now and the PS4 is going to come out soon enough. But I say, "Hey, you don't get it now, you're going to dwell with that idea and you will be going through that same thought process to convince you to buy that. Just go for it. No holding back. Pounce on it."

Well yeah, there is something called the right time. But there is also in existence a handful that just sit on their hands and do nothing. So I say, just go for it.
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do."  -Mark Twain
This simple quote captures the beauty of trendsetters, of risk takers, of ball-less-beastly-brave men.

But I do realise that there's something about being ball-less-beastly-brave and being stupid. You can't simply go by just your feeling but 'feeling'. You gotta know when to pull the trigger. Yeah, there are times where information is limited and your decision is far from decided. What I am saying is the acts where we become completely detached from the brain. There are those in this world where they machine gun their way in. Man, don't they run out of bullets soon?!

There is the natural instinct that guides you when your decision making moments get clouded. It is the hunch, it is that feeling. That urge. That tick. That voice. Most importantly, that surge of confidence.

One thing's for sure. I don't want to regret the things I do. So I make sure I put in my 100%. And today's soccer fix wasn't my 100%. BAH.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Kill Time in a Civilised Way

About 2 years ago, my feet won't touch the ground.

A year later, I was knee deep in something.

This time around, I plan to walk on water.

Of the things to come, it is hard to give up the ways of the old. In fact, I am culturally acceptable of this culture. So it makes it hard to kick this 'habit'. You know what they say right? When in Rome, do as the Romans do. There is no glory to be had if you oppose this currents. Truthfully speaking the only glory you might be able to find is when the currents go your way. But then again, this business is not about glory. It's about value and meaning. More importantly for me, it's about worth.

Then again, we should start running.

I want to lay back on the haystack. But I can't find one. So instead, I lay back in words. I sink deep into much of literature. By no means is this an enrichment for the mind, more of my natural response to kill time in a civilised way. Ironically, I have a book that seems to be months into my reading. It just doesn't click well with what I do nowadays. Today is about fighting for your mind. Finding meaning and value and worth and your place in that society. Tipping Point is about epidemics, the look of spread of ideas. I hate it when I force myself to read. It's like forcing myself to pee into a cup. Bah.

Recently, I have a marred perception of the people around me. Just that, everyone is complaining nowadays. What the flying ferrets is this? Look, I will hear you out. I will make sure that I will hear your every words. But if you keep on complaining day in and day out, I don't think it works best for you. The problem will still be there. I am complaining about the complains. Ironic.

Maybe it is closer to whining but I always associate that to kids. And maybe a particular junior I have in my club.

Here's my advise. Stop complaining. Start fixing. Though you can be assured that even if I feel mortally disgusted by your words of an auntie who didn't get her way when she was queueing for a discount, I will still hear you out. Why? I know how it feels when you are not listened, it's a lonely World.

Can I tell you something? For the love of cats, dogs and all the living things in the World, don't give up. If you do, I hate you for not loving cats and dogs and all the living things in the World.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Art of Flight and Fright

Sometimes you just get the better of yourselves. Really. One day, you remind yourselves of the duties and the services for the betterment of your cause and another day, you just lose it and blame the whole world. Honestly, I’ve stared down that path. And honestly, we need less of these people.

We need highly motivated people for the right stuff. No time for time wasters, no time for nays, no time for losers, no time for sucker. Real work needs real dedicated people. So that’s why when a man so passionate for his cause comes by, we become so mesmerised by his presence. We get hooked on his smell of success that inhibits our soft skulls.

And that’s good because it now motivates us to do something. Unfortunately, we do things for the wrong reasons. After digging our toes into this quest, we realised that the path a motivated one took is much more harder than it seems. We tremble and we kinda give up. Boohoo.

So that’s why we have this problem; We get the better of ourselves. It’s not due to our flamboyance when we are defined of success but it’s because we can’t reach the top. We get cranky. We blame the whole world.

And so I say, for the love of God, do with reason.

There are just too many people giving up these days. No shit.