Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's a big jump.

I've been wanting for a soccer boot for the past 2 years or so but I just did not find a good enough reason to buy them. I mean HOW frequent do I play on a grass pitch or even a turf pitch?

Well, Flag Football gave me a reason. (And my Sunday football matches in SA.)
At $59, it's pretty decent comparing that it is a multiground boot which means that it can play on grass and turf pitches. Booyah. I think it's a model 2 generations back but I just need something to wear on a pitch. :)

I asked for a 4 buck discount, hoping that I could buy myself a congratulatory drink for FINALLY getting a pair of boots. But nah, the economy is soooo bad that a man can't get his thanks. SIGH.

Today was kinda yuck. Let me give a flash back. I joined this Co-Corricular Activity called LEO Club or Leadership thru Experience and Opportinuties. OR we can just call it a volunteering club. Since the club is event based, the first that came knocking on my door was Pledge of Silence organized by the Action For Aids. It describes how people with AIDS are discriminated and have to live with this stigma of being in a negative community. Mainly due to this, AIDS victims refuse to 'go out' to the outside world and live in the dark. Some even refuse medication and are even suicidal.

AFA decided to organize PoS with feeling to be silent about your disease to feel their sacrifices and their concerns. With PoS, we hope that more awareness are brought upon and that this could initiate a paradigm shift on how we view people that are less fortunate.

If you'd ask me, it's really weird and fascinating how the human being is always leaning on one side. It's rare to find a community that shares openly and judges accordingly and does not lean on any side. Honestly, I wasn't really enthusiastic about this event. In fact, I thought that it was just a one-off event like flag day or something. But when I received the email that I was chosen to be in an interview for the committee team of this particular event, I was shocked but grateful that someone has realized the possibilities working with me. :P

At any rate, this event will be carried out nation wide on 30th October with ITEs and other Poly's. So, you would think I have a long time to go? Think again. My project manager is part of the AFA PoS committee team and she's like all over the place to keep this event floating. Lol?

SO going back to today's meeting, it seems that I always take things to light EVERY TIME. But do know yeah? I have this horrible disadvantage that I am egoistic due to my unaltered mindset of leadership (Blame on History's Communism here) and my laziness. I'm just not good. HOWEVER, if I ever fall, I'll pick myself out and shout, I'M NOT PERFECT YO!

We can't really help it. People judge people continuously. That's why Communism sounds so ideal at first. Everyone just need to face the front, and no where else. But as we limit creativity this way, we are also limiting the evolution of the human mind. 3 years back, I'll make sure you judge me good. But now, judge me as I am for that is what I am. Which one is correct?

Man, that feels great to let that cat out of my bag.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Cool New Way


How long has it been since my last posting? A month or so? Haha, I hope you guys still visit my blog else I'll just be clogging the internet tubes. ZEESH. The reason for my lack of blog postings is largely due to my school. Unlike secondary school, everything is planned out. You wake up at 6am, be in school at 730am and end school at 2pm. No more, no less. But here in 'tertiary' life, everything is unexpected. I can end school at 5 just to realize that my CCA needs me throughout the night. HOWEVER, if you say that life of a 1st year is busy, you'd better pull up your socks as when the second year comes around that bend, it will be disastrous. But it's fun like a roller coaster ride. :)

The solution? Do what is needed and then do it well. One thing I can see in students is that they are easily distracted. (Or is it just me?) On my half that is, I'm constantly talking about the opposites with my guys, gossiping about the latest scandal. Is this really what it feels to be in a mixed school? Or is this just one of the false impressions? It's really different. In SA that is, we do talk about the opposites but I can imagine the number of times a female teacher would come into mind. I guess we were just confined in a small box. A really small one. GISHH! Stop it already!

When I left SA, I always thought that girls NEVER (or rather realistically speaking, RARELY) speak about such a taboo; Sex. But take my mighty Action For Aids committee team for example, in the company of 3 ladies, we are talking about what I see as a sin to a gentleman. GOSH. In SA, it's just different. Everyone feels like home as we grow out of this hard shell that protects us from harm. As we grow, our body begs for room, our minds begin to wonder off to a state of no return and our hearts change. Like melons growing in a glass bottles (link), we take shape to whatever we conform to when young only to realize that life is alive as well.

OK. A little info about me. I'm in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING at NGEE ANN POLYTECHNIC. It's about AN HOUR'S bus ride from my house. The reason I chose NP is that I'm still in that 'glass bottle'. I'm chipping away as much as I can, breaking free from this confinement. Will someone be there to help me out and hold my hand? Oh how I wish there were strings on me.

Beats me too. : /

So that's why I updated my FB saying that when you walk today, treat each step and breath as your last. This is more than survival. It's a new way of living. :)