Thursday, February 28, 2008

It was a pleasure knowing you.

People people! Lay your eyes on me. Lend me your ears for only once. For today, is the day I dine in hell! [Spartans go!!!]

I've crossed the line. Jumped over a moat. Escaped the dangers. And defied gravity! I'm going down so DON'T FOLLOW ME!

Goodbye. It was a pleasure knowing you.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

See You On the Other Side -Prelude

Yeah. Just finished doing my long overdue HW. They slipped into the file with ease as I sigh a sense of relieve. That's just a battle won but the war still wages on. My things to do list keeps on climbing. It won't be long when it becomes the twin of Mount Everest. My DnT WS is done. My Physics WB is done. Now, I'm just waiting for the other HW to start. Eh? Ain't I suppose to start it? In any rate or whatsoever, doing HW reminds me of the time that I was in Sec 2. It brings back great memories. And then, out of the blue I ask myself; Must I hate her?

Huh? Was I even hating her? I don't recall that. I just simply avoided her to an extent that almost garnered me a soup of trouble. That also created some jaw-droppers by my classmates. Finally they say, a Mat doing his Mat job. Neh, I'm not a Mat. I don't do those unruly stuff. I'm just simply avoiding. Why? Good question. Well, I always see myself as an evil dude who every now and then practices the weird tradition of self-praise. Well, every now and then, it did its job as a motivator. Perfect seems to describe my Sec 2 year. But all of that came crumbling down when I made that fatal mistake.

I'm a failure.

Now, living with a suicide sign, I am plagued with all the mistakes on that very day. It was her. I made her cry. And ever since then, I see myself as an impure. She doesn't need to talk to me. I'm just a waste of her time. I couldn't be perfect for her.

Man, all these writing sounds like a replica of a thriller novel. Well, I guess that's my life. See You On The Other Side.

Friday, February 22, 2008


I could have been a better student. I know some of you have been asking me. Oh why was I looking down and why ain't I doing my work. I would like to assure you that nothing is wrong guys. I'm pretty much ok here. There's not much change to the fact that I've become isolated or hostile or even evil. Don't worry, I'm ok.

I've got some people sink in curiosity because of this. I think it's normal since that I have been skipping classes and not doing my work. Geez, what happened to me? In any rate, skip or no skip, I don't care. Earlier this morning, a teacher approached me, questioning my doubted attitude. He offered his helping hand in whichever way he could. I appreciate that. Not many teachers are able to sum up any courage to do this. many feel that it's just a waste of time. Of course, I rejected his help. I say:

"Man is a foolish animal. He whose problems are started by him shall only be ended by him."

Pretty true if you ask me. I believe that if a problem is yours to keep. It's yours to stop it. Yeah, others may help out but it's your mind that determines what you do. And of course, that teacher, in no tone of hostility [He's quite good in delivering ideas in an effective way..], threatened me that IF I EVER SKIP CLASS, I WILL BE SEVERELY DEALT WITH. Man, where's the hostility?

Anyway, I'm is such a state of distress that I am even questioning my own motives. Why do I have to hate her? Why do I have to avoid her? Why does it have to be her? Why didn't I make it up to my expectations? Why am I not being perfect for her? I say:

"Man; Believes in no perfection for he is neither perfect."

Nah, too bad. I don't believe that. Perfection is impossible in the eyes of no possibilities. When there's a will, there's a way. ENOUGH CRAP. So should I skip class next Mon? Err, I don't know man. Is it worth it? Why am I skipping again? Err.. not only that right?

Oh wait, I'm just distracted.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Material Galore.

Materials' Wishlist 2008 [v1]
1. A Bluetooth headphones.

2. A sports armband for my N73
3. More storage space for my macBook
4. Mac OS X Leopard

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lost some stuff..

I came back from school, hoping my stationary would sit comfortably on the table top. Now that's not true, I asks myself, "How am I going to do my Common Tests tomorrow?". And now, I post a missing 'individual'; A black pencil box that is made from a synthetic material. It gives more than 1 possible ways to conceal your items with 3 zipped pockets. The main pocket holds numerous pens and pencils. Now, they are vital instruments for me to pass my time in school. If you have seen it, contact me ASAP!

The last time I saw it was today morning. I was finishing my diary's entry. I remembered putting the box into my school bag and then zipped it up. Then, after the exhausting first 2 periods of PE, during A.Maths, I was stumbled to find no sign of my stationary. And so I thought, maybe I did NOT put it in my bag this morning. Maybe it was left on the table. Of course, my mom would figure that it belongs to me and voluntarily put it in my room. Home I reached, realised the bitter truth. It's not there.

Searched my room inside out, outside in. Nothing in sight. Even my mom didn't see anything of similar shape. One thing's for sure, it's not in my house. So if I really brought it to school, someone might have taken it during PE. Well, that's when my class all dumped our bags at the Big Steps.

One thing's for sure, I DON'T CARE. EVEN IF I AM TO FAIL MY CT. That person has a lot of nerves to take it a day before CT. He's so dead.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let's Jaming..

Doing away with life now. I'm bored right now out of my skull. Actually, I'm suppose to do ALL my homework but I just don't have the mood to do. Let's see, I have tonnes of work to do. E.Maths WS to do but I didn't get it from Ms Lee. I also need to revise my work, especially my Physics and Chemistry. It's obvious I'm falling behind there. My Malay Language is pretty much ok. I just need to practice. So am I practising? NO! Ah, A.Maths! Don't forget about that subject! Yeah, I need practice in that too. History is much about memorising and HOW TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS! SBQ and SEQ to be precise. Again, practice is the root of any goodness. But I anin't doing any. Why?

I need to buy too. Buy a lot of things. I need upgrade my MacBook's hard drive (storage), its RAM and its battery? Nah, the battery is all right. It's just the storage. All my files are clogging the system. So with the storage extended, it'll be much more cleaner. Also, I can convert my old hard drive into an external storage. Much like a thumb drive but it holds more capacity and file transfer rates are much more higher. Cool. Buying the hard drive would set me back about $150. That is maybe 250GB of storage? Or maybe it's the other way around? 0.o Also, I need to buy an 'enclosure'. We can't just leave the hard drive just naked right? Furthermore, it has open wires! Yeah, so that enclosure will set me back by maybe $50? Yeah, I need to check it out. So just to be save, I need to save up to about $250. Just for the storage. RAM can come later. It would be about another $250. Man, no money man.

Well that's over. Now, what should I do now? Oh yeah, I need to increase my religious knowledge. Geez.. My mom says that I need to know some 'chants' so that I would protect myself during my stay at Pulau Ubin. Well ok. Oh yeah. I'm going for OBS this coming March. Pulau Ubin will be my stay for about 5 days. Hope it'll be fun! ; ) I think.

Drop dead man.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Happy Chinese New Year guys! Time really pass by SUPER FAST! I remember the time I was in Sec 3. Now, all grown up in Sec 4, time will once again pass by fast. My 'O' Levels will be in a few months time. After that, I should be in a JC, if not Poly. I don't really favour Poly because it doesn't really direct me to being a teacher. JC won't be easy but I figure I can make it. I hope.

Moving on, I'll be going shopping again. Now, let's see what's on my list.

1) External Hard Drive
2) BH 503; Nokia Bluetooth Headset

It looks quite empty but I really need the first one, Ext. HD. My MacBook is filled with a lot of crap and this makes it LAG. Maybe I also need a stick of RAM.

3) RAM

Now, with the list is much more 'filled', it acts MUCH more like a list. ; ) Let's see. I'm a little short on cash. Hmm.. Parents?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Don't Fry Your Balls

Yeah I know, I'm a bit vulgar. From time to time, you see me spilling my knowledge on things that do not actually deserve that much scolding. Partly blame it on the environment I'm in. Ask anyone in my school and I bet you lunch that they know the F-word. Oh wait, I can't bet. Partly blame it on me. My carefree attitude allowed me to learn these words. My degrading loyalty for my faith further rusts my armour against the ever influencing outside world. Many people have tried to eradicate this very existence just to live an undisturbed live of pure good. One good example is M. Night Syamalan's The Village. A group of people who suffered such unspeakable misfortunes gather to build a community, rid of modern's evil. In short, they live in a bubble. Good idea but it's like an country, NOT hitching onto the wave of globalization. Yeah, yeah. That means your economy's a stone in the water and your people are considered dumb comparing to the brains of people like us. Geez, they may also not know when Judgement Day will come.

But c'mon, life is like a river. Trees may suck you up. People bath in you and sometimes pee on you. But one thing is for sure, you don't stop flowing. It's WHAT YOU GONNA DO! For example, your friend talks about porn. So what do you do next? Go home and find the next web about it or tell him that it's wrong and he shouldn't talk about it. If you can't fight it, man, you totally suck. It's what you think that matters your next move, not what others think. One misconception about this is that some of us, think that our actions are not good enough. We lean on others for their opinions but deep inside, they power our actions. In this case, yeah, their thinking affect our next move, but it's BECAUSE that we think that their's matter more than us, we are SO easily influenced.

Now, I know I'm talking too much here but just remember this. A river keeps flowing. Don't stop trying. Understand the world and then tackle it.

Same goes for me, I could leave this house if I wanted. But the problem is a challenge, it provokes me to solve it.

Bad day, everyday.