Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Murderer of Our Children's Minds

I stumbled this from one of my FB friends. And there's really a good point here. Education is indeed a murderer.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Google Group Help FTW! Blogger problem solved!

SingNet, you son of a gun. Apparently, SingNet is somehow mis-rendering the Blogger pages. As a fellow SingNet user, I'm not alone on this boat. I had to rely on the Google Blogger Help Group and indeed, Google is the answer.

According to the poster, he reassured me that it's not a case of Google Blogger misdemeanour or anything. It probably gotta do with how my ISP is handling data packets. In fact, he pointed out that Singapore Blogger users have encountered this problem way before.

Anyhow, a few clicks deep and I'VE FOUND THE SOLUTION!!! Here's the link.

Don't know what is happening but if you do a server re-cache (or a CTRl+F5 in the web page), the Blogger page will render properly! Woooohooooo! Props to nitecruzr of Google Help Groups for giving me the links. GOSH! I just love the internet... which is Google apparently. :o

That's why I am posting right here, right now! Mwahahaha! Though I really wished I was posting at home. Sigh. Darn you World Skills!

Monday, September 07, 2009


It is a PAIN. PAIN I SAY! Dang you Blogger or Firefox or... ARGH!!! I thought it was caused by the new editing tools Blogger has rolled out but that is an opt in. To my surprise, I wasn't 'opt in' and so, just checked the opt in to give that a spin. With hopes up high, so high that nothing else (from the morning breath stench to the mucus that's suffocating me) could possibly drown it...

Well, at least I could type properly now.