Thursday, October 17, 2013


So we got stuck in one place. Now I've managed to summon an external source of support, it is INDEED time to begin. 

I used to be that guy who was strong. With time decaying anything in its path (the mind in this particular case), I was out and about being a person of everything. Whatever you throw at me, I can be your answer. Those days of being a mercenary are long gone. Today, I am a factory worker. 

Naturally, I can't be dissing everything in the past. What I did take away from those days were a set of valuable skills that I still hone today. The inert ability to ignore and suppress pain, constant on the ball dedication, adaptive and swift recognition, inclusive participation for those around & a keen eye for connections. 

Then again, time rots everything. 

The current 'me' wants to have a ball and biscuit and take his sweet time about things. Not exactly harmful as this is in the line of appreciating life deeper. Lol?

Let's embrace those skills again. Not to revert to the past comfort levels but to play around in today's context. I wanna be "ball and biscuit" right? Might as well "ball and biscuit" on something of value.

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