Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Beauty Chaos

I am always intrigued by human nature. We seem to have developed a complicated system of our lives for our easy nature and simple living. What happened?

Being in love with something or someone naturally means you will be spending more time with it or him/her. Not the other way around.

However, this concept of first love doesn't exist in this materialistic and fast paced world anymore. 24 hours is all we got to absorb so much and sink in methods, materials, languages, ideas, dreams.

You see, people used to love things. And that in turn make them masters of what they love. These days, we don't have that similar capacity. We choose to spend time like it is currency. And the more we spend, the more we invest, the more we hope to fall in love.

Take this example of the tuition scene. Parents spend thousands of dollars on each subject, so that their child would be exposed to more of that subject and be able to excel.

Yeah, practice makes perfect. But perfect practice makes the real perfect.

Has anyone wondered if the child has zero interest in Math tuition or classes that he dreads the slightest look of numbers? Has anyone even considered his love of arts, language or music?

Truly, where is the love?

So it makes me wonder, if this girl I am fancying, is she the product of me falling for first love or falling because I grew to love her?

Isn't it obvious enough? But does it matter now?

Ultimately, I will do what I love. And I love to spend hours with people to just strike a conversation. At the end of that, they will just leave. And all it remains is just an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone!

Though that's not me.


Sincerely, I hope to be able to tell her how wonderful she is to me. And that is thru my actions and never my words.

Besides, I am never good with words.

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